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Monday's Odd Item In The Den-Body-The Most Amazing Driftwood Sculptures You Will See Today

by Jennifer Taylor

Using only salvaged materials like driftwood, roots, burls and natural found wood; Jeffro Uitto creates astonishing works of art and furniture. Since high school Jeffro has used wood as his creative outlet. He has since opened his own shop, Knock on Wood, in Tokeland, Washington, where he works on custom orders, commissions, and personal projects.

Every sculpture and furniture item seen below is made from salvaged materials Uitto has personally collected. He tells the Daily Mail that he finds most of his pieces in the winter when storms move the wood around. In fact, finding the right material is tantamount to the finished piece and akin to a big treasure hunt for the artist.

Below you will find a small selection of Uitto’s amazing work. Be sure to check him out on his website and Facebook page for the latest.

1. The Sea Horse

2. Driftwood Eagle

3. Assorted Chairs/Thrones

4. Look Hear

5. Salvaged Redwood Sculpture

6. Driftwood Giraffe

7. Breathe – Salvaged old growth cedar

By TwistedShifter.Com