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Monday's Odd Item In The Den-Body-painted Models Sell Fiat Cars

by Jennifer Taylor

If you wondered what’s the best way to sell a Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio, the answer is painting up a dozen of naked women, of course. You are probably already familiar with this concept, it’s the one previously used for a certain Motorbike campaign. If you look closer you will see there was no actual photoshopping involved, instead ad producers hired a local circus performers, artists, contortionists and a renowned body painter (#Craig Tracy) to adorn and configure the women into a shape that resembles the Fiat car.

The most ambitious and the most interesting and the most fun shoot I’ve ever been on” – Craig Tracy

It took 40 people working together as a team to create this complicated shot. For reference, here’s the car itself:

By  Mighty Optical Illusions