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Detroit Red Wing Fans AreThe Best...Go Boston

by Jennifer Taylor

Win or lose, here are some examples of fans that just cannot be beaten. Unless you count getting kicked out for smuggling in an octopus as getting beat. Then maybe.

They start young. And play favorites.

They start young. And show no mercy.

Everybody’s a fan. Seriously.

Taylor Lautner just LOSING HIS MARBLES

Even fictional famous people.

Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

And NFL players, too.

Suh got to Zamboni. Needless to say we’re pretty jealous.

But the best part is their fierce loyalty.

…even without a friend to stand with.

They say what needs to be said.

…and Sidney Crosby’s a bitch.

…and sometimes with fervent emotion.

All of Detroit sports the spirit for playoffs

Even the Tiger.

…where are you guys getting these huge jerseys?

They make sacrifices for the Wings

…sometimes more serious sacrifices

But what would we do without the occasional octopus?

Photoshop and meme, of course.

Anyway, shout-out to all Red Wings fans out there, and reminisce on some of this series’ great moments before allowing the sorrow of the loss to kick in. Thanks, Wings!

By BuzzFeed.Com