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To everything there is a time and season...And having too much STRESS is NOT one of them!

by Angela Anderson

First off...STRESS is any mental, emotional or physical strain caused by outside pressure or overwork.  Too often people don't realize the huge impact stress can have on the way we look, think and feel.

Now it's true that day to day cares of life will naturally create some pressures. But, believe it or not, some pressure is what keeps us functioning.  However, constant stress can increase emotional and physical health risks like: insomnia, anxiety, depression respiratory issues & other infections, stomach & headache problems, indecisiveness, auto-immune issues and unexplained weight loss or gain.  STRESS can also cause a strain on friend and family relationships...because the one experiencing it often disconnects or lashes out at those who are closest.

When stress becomes overwhelming, the notion of obtaining a happier and healthier life can fall very low on the list of priorities. But...by being open to relief strategies, brighter days are possible!

So...take regular "ME TIME" moments. Learn to think and speak positively, delegate responsibilities, start an exercise plan, eat healthier, take up a hobby, take nature walks, learn how  to meditate, get regular massages, take mini vacations, take power naps and don't take everything so seriously...learn to laugh more!

Until next time...take care! I'm Dbl A~  And that was a Health Nugget to chew on!