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6 Weeks til Race Day!

by Christy Taylor

Avera Race Against Breast Cancer in Sioux Falls happens May 10th!!

Are are you signed up??!

We have 6 weeks to train--PLENTY of time to get yourself ready for the 5 or even 10k.
I'm right there with ya. I made it a goal to do the 10k (extra motivation to look great on my wedding day 2 weeks later!) So I've been hitting the treadmill...my poor toes aren't so happy--but once you start, I promise you'll feel amazing!

(time for some new running shoes!)

Anyway, if you're just starting out, you've gotta check outthe Couch to 5k ap .

Just search 'couch to 5k' on your smartphone, it'll come right up! It's a free download and it will walk you through what you need to do each day to be in race shape come May 10th! Or, find the same info at c25k.com.

And remember the meaning behind the race! So many women are in the fight for their life--show your support in the Fight Against Breast Cancer...and get registered!