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8 Tips for Kicking Your Soda Habit

by Corey Carter

Have you ever watched what happens when you mix Coca-Cola and milk? It ain't pretty.

For sure you have heard that you can scrub your toilet using Coca-Cola, instead of toilet cleaner.

This stuff can't be good...right? Even diet soda can have some potential very negative effects on your health.

Lots of sugar. Artificial Sweetners. Caffeine. Extra money spent.

So, why not stop drinking it??

BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD!! (Trust me - I know...there was a 3 year stretch in my life during High School I would wake up every morning and the FIRST thing I'd do was SLAM a can of Mountain Dew, because I thought I needed it to wake up!)

It's not easy to kick this habit, but I found this article to be extremely helpful from MyFitnessPal blog:

"8 Tips for Kicking Your Soda Habit"


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