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Ketchup Cakes

by Nick Vitrano

Breakfast: hands-down the best meal preparation of the day. Breakfast foods are so tasty...any time of the day. I am shocked that fast food places don't universally offer breakfast 24/7. I'm sure there are a bunch of studies that show that the profit margin is not sufficient to satisfy demand and training and all that, but if I could eat breakfast all day, I would.

Some foods are easier than others to prep - eggs and sausage...no sweat. But pancakes? Yeah, about that. Not only a little more labor intensive to prep on the back end, pancake batter is not always the easiest recipe to halve, so if you only want a little or if you're in a hurry, you probably won't make 'em up for yourself. Plus, cooking pancakes or waffles can be annoying - mess all over, uneven scoops, goofy edges. A soup ladle works pretty well to control the pour, or you can get sucked into an as-seen-on-TV product for one easy payment of $9.99 (they work just fine), or you go the route of Nick's Tip:

The perfect pancake is just a ketchup bottle away!

A cleaned out ketchup bottle (squeezable kind) works on multiple levels: it allows for perfect distribution of batter, and it permits you the luxury of pre-making batter and storing in the fridge for that any-time cake craving.

Leftover batter will thicken in the fridge, so you might want to thin it out just slightly with a little milk if it's been in there for a couple of days. But that's again the genius of the ketchup bottle - just drip a little in there and shake it up. Mmm...a pancake any time you want one.