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In defense of Howard Wolowitz

by Jack Taylor

Who doesn't like "The Big Bang Theory?"  Last night's season premier, two half hour shows, was entertaining to say the least.  Maybe not milestone, but good.  The writing is excellent and the cast gets better every year.

Jim Parsons won, yet again, a best actor Emmy last weekend.  Deservedly so because his timing is impeccable and his dry delivery is spot on.  

Others on the show have been nominated and won Emmy's.  But not Simon Helberg, aka, Howard Wolowitz.  Helberg has never been nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor.  What an oversight!  Helberg's timing is every bit as good as Parson's.  He does voices and his range of emotions is much wider than Parson's martini-dry wit.  He's the only cast member I've seen play an instrument on the show, a love song on the organ to Bernadette.

Helberg did win the Critic's Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor which doubles as a doorstop in his Hollywood mansion.  Big Bang cast members have been twice nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award but lost, which is a bit like kissing your sister even if you win.

The Emmy nominating committee must no longer ignore Simon Helberg.