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Don't Miss a Thing!

by Christy Taylor

Remember way back when disposable cameras were a 'thing' at wedding receptions? The bride and groom would leave cameras on each table and ask guests to take pictures throughout the night. GENIUS concept! Of course now, there's an ap for that. (and it's really pretty cool!) We did this at the wedding and now have a great collection of pictures from our guests.

It's called WedPics , and it's super easy!

Here's how it works:
-sign up for your album at wedpics.com

-follow the instructions to start your albums

-then invite your guests! The website will send an email to all the people you'd like to invite to upload and share your photos. It will include links to join online and info to download the mobile ap

-for the reception, you can also print off cards to put on the tables to remind guests how to log on and share their favorite moments

-and, just for fun, you can also print off a photo scavenger hunt! We used one from wedpics, and made up a list for another of our own!

If you start early enough, you can get great pictures from your bridal shower, bachor & bachelorette parties, dress fittings, the rehearsal dinner, etc