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  • Booze + Horse + Gun = FAIL

    Posted by Mojo

    We are surrounded by stupid criminals.  Sometimes they even become more stupider (yeah, I typed that).  Check this story out about a guy who was hammered, bucked from his horse and then.........CLICK HERE

  • Lord Of The Rings Weather

    Posted by Mojo

    I have never seen the Lord of the Rings.  

    Sounds like the weather can get whack.  

  • Now EVERYONE Thinks They Have HUGE Stones

    Posted by Mojo

    We've heard a ton about Felix Baumgartner who jumped out of a balloon at 24 miles above the Earth.  That was awesome.  This guy on the other hand has won the "Oh Sh*%" award.  Still ballsy.

  • Ryan vs. Biden (Different Look)

    Posted by Mojo

    Time for another Presidential Debate tonight at 9.  How about a "different" look at the recent V.P. debate?

  • Pres. Wolfman...This Is Whack

    Posted by Mojo

    It's election time.  Someone had a ton of time on their hands.  It's my WTF of the day, that seems to be a thing that people are doing.

  • Tower FAIL!

    Posted by Mojo

    Tower demo gone wrong.  If you are going to do this make sure it goes the right direction.

  • Big Stones Award Goes To...

    Posted by Mojo

    He is trying to set a free fall record...question is, if he is successful how will he fit his "stones" in the car to get home?

  • Bad Lip Reading - Mitt Romney

    Posted by Mojo


    Since it's "debate" day I will be fair and showcase "bad lip reading" from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.