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  • January Is Mentor Month

    Posted by Mojo

    January is "Mentor" month.  The C.A.U.W. has teamed up with Big Brothers Big Sisters to help recruit mentors.  Kids need mentors, if you have considered being a "big", take a listen to the podcast to get more info about how you can help.


    January Is Mentor Month

  • Harlem Globetrotters Paid A Visit

    Posted by Mojo

    The Globetrotters are back at the Breslin Center this weekend.  I spoke with "Buckets" about the game and he also spoke about how the Globetrotters are looking out for the kids.  Great interivew....take a listen.  If you want to get tickets go to


    Harlem Globetrotters Paid A Visit

  • Nothing Else Matters On Harp!

    Posted by Mojo

    The first video is the two girls from the below pic.  The second video is from a woman covering the same song at a mall in Toronto.


  • Movie Minute (1-18-13)

    Posted by Mojo

    Take a listen to get the scoop on the movies opening this weekend before you spend you hard earned money.

    Movie Minute (1-18-13)

  • Dogs Can Skype

    Posted by Mojo

    For those that had a crap day, this might make you laugh a bit.

  • A Chat With Sebastian Bach

    Posted by Mojo

    Sebastian Bach will be at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort this Saturday night!  Take a listen to the interview.  If you're going to the show, have a blast.

    A Chat With Sebastian Bach

  • Scary Road Rage Incident On Video

    Posted by Mojo

    I saw this video over the holidays and it has resurfaced.  You never know what might happen if you give someone the "bird" or cut them off or don't let them merge lanes or.....