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  • 5 Second Film Series About Valentine's Day

    Posted by Mojo

    This video is not safe for work, kids and people that don't have a sense of humor.  There are sexual references and bad language.  Viewer discretion is've been warned.

  • Crazy Condor!

    Posted by Mojo

    The funny part of the video is at about :40 when the "condor" handler decides that it's a good idea to run on the ice, mind you while holding a condor.  The condor also has a bit of fun on the team bench.

  • Movie Minute (2-8-13)

    Posted by Mojo

    Take a listen to the podcast with Ron VanTimmeran from Celebration Cinema, wha't worth seeing and what's not!

    Movie Minute (2-8-13)

  • $hop 4 A Cure!

    Posted by Mojo

    Take a listen to the podcast I did with Katrina, she spearheaded this great event and many thanks to her for doing so and to you for supporting the fight against MS!  Rock On!


    $hop 4 A Cure!

  • Kobeyashi Eats Pie TOO!

    Posted by Mojo

    Kobeyahshi is a comptetive eater, Nathan's Hot Dog Champ, nemesis of Joey Chestnut.  This dude can eat some pie too!

  • Another OH SHI# Video!

    Posted by Mojo

    This guy is lucky.  Watch the video.  A few more inches closer and wearing a helmet wouldn't have been the problem.  I also think this dude is riding a moped.

  • What It's Like To Ski Jump

    Posted by Mojo

    This is a different view from the "flight deck" of a ski jumper.  The video looks like it came from a helmet cam.  These people are nuts but I think it's cool as hell.