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  • Get Pumped For Holiday Air Travel!

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    We've all heard about the lengthy and "personal" security checks that the TSA is doing to keep us "safe" in the skies.  I personally have no issue with the security screening, it's a small price to pay to stay "not dead".  Here's an amusing take on the security screenings.



  • 4th Annual Day of Giving!

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    Help Feed The Hungry

    Mid-Michigan’s “Day of Giving”

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Lansing, MI.: More people are struggling to feed their families. Food banks and community kitchens across the area are stretched thin, trying to meet the need.

    This is where you come in.

    Mid-Michigan’s 4th Annual “Day of Giving” to focus on feeding the hungry.

    Together, we can make an impact in our community by serving this most basic need.

    A need - that must be met. The best way to do it - is with cash. One dollar ($1) can purchase FIVE (5) meals. Non-perishable goods will be accepted as well.

    Beginning at Noon on Friday, December 10th, WLNS will dedicate its resources to meeting the needs of the hungry in our community, leading up to a 1 hour special from 7 – 8PM. Dean Trailways is providing a bus at WLNS – to stuff full of non- perishable food. Volunteers will accept donations at the WLNS TV 6 Studios, 2820 East Saginaw Street, Lansing, and Allegiance Health, 205 North East Avenue in Jackson. A Phone bank to accept cash donations will be operating between 12 Noon and 8PM, and on line donations can be made at

    Mid-Michigan’s “Day of Giving” is made possible by Auto-Owners Insurance.

    Radio station partners - Q106 and 92.1 will also support the efforts, along with Adams Outdoor, Williams Auto World and LEPFA. Major support has already come in from Accident Fund Insurance Company and Tripp’s Auto Body.

    Non-Profit Agency partners include: The Capital Area United Way, The United Way of Jackson County, Eaton County United Way, Livingston County United Way, the Salvation Army in Lansing,  Mid-Michigan Food Bank, American Red Cross – Livingston County, Greater Lansing Food Bank, Salvation Army – Jackson County, Food Bank of South Central Michigan and the American Red Cross – Mid-Michigan Chapter.

    With your help, we can impact the lives of those who are struggling to keep their families fed this holiday season, and throughout the year. Mid-Michigan’s “Day of Giving” is an opportunity to do just that. Please give whatever you can.

    To make a donation click here.

  • It's A New Year's Day Bowl!

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    Michigan State is taking on Alabama on New Year's Day, kickoff is at 1pm.  Game will be televised on ESPN.  We all agree, the BCS is ridiculous, MSU should've had a BCS game.  The fact is, they don't.  Instead of crying about it, it's time to focus on kicking Nick Saban in the stones.  Go Green!

    Click here for more!


  • Snakes In The Sky?

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    Snakes on a plane?  I've seen flying fish, but this is crazy!  Wait til spring, we're screwed, they could be taking over.


  • Vince Neil Brought It!

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    Vince Neil is skating on TV and at first I thought it was a lame thing to do.  Now I think he's got a good thing goind.  Each week this dude gets to skate with a smokin hot chick.  Motley Crue rules.  No Doubt.  I am going to learn how to skate.


  • Irony & Hillarity!

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    That dude in the picture isn't the guy who did this. Could this be "Cowboy Bob"?

    A man accused of having sex with a miniature horse has retained an attorney with the moniker "Cowboy Bob."

    Eric Easley is charged with animal cruelty after an incident in the miniature horse's pen. The owner says the animal was tied up and sexually assaulted. Easley told NBC station WPMI earlier this month that he didn't have sex with the horse.

    "You can accuse a bishop in Boston of bastardy, but that don't mean he did anything. You can get a ham sandwich and indict it, but that don't mean the ham sandwich was guilty of anything, except being a bad ham sandwich," Cowboy Bob Clark, who is representing Easley, said Tuesday.

    Authorities found the Wilmer man's wallet in the horse's stable, but Easley told WPMI that he lost the wallet while trying to help an injured deer.

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  • Q106 Listeners Rock Hunger!

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    A ton of thanks for your big time contributions to the 12th Annual Rock Hunger Food Drive!

    It was a kick in the stones to hunger here in Lansing!

    $1300 in monetary contributions and the generous non perishable food item donations make for a successful day. 

    Courtesy Ford, you knocked it out of the park.

    Original Famous Taco, thank you.

    The Lansing Lugnuts and Big Lug, nice work. 

    A big thanks to the Lansing Fire Department for once again being on hand.  You make it fun.  It's a generous donation of your time and we appreciate it. 

    A huge thanks as well to the Ingham County Sheriff's Department for showing the car off to the kids.

    Hollow Drive, ROCK ON!

    The auction item winners will be notified Monday.  Some good rock shwag coming your way.

    On behalf of the entire staff, thank you for once again proving you are the listeners that kick ass!

    Happy Holidays and Rock On!

  • Bring It To Lansing! All Those In Favor?

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    Lansing could use some serious stimulation like this! 

    How about season tickets?

    OKC Mayor Mick Cornett says no to Lingerie Football League

    LFL chairman: ‘I thought our plans were for expansion into Oklahoma City, not North Korea'

    The Lingerie Football League was looking toward expanding to Oklahoma City......

    The Lingerie Football League said on Friday it would reevaluate whether it wants to expand into Oklahoma City.

    The key word: Was.

    Mayor Mick Cornett told media Thursday that he will not allow a team to play in Oklahoma City. The Lingerie League is made up of 10 teams that feature women playing tackle football in bras, panties and garters.

    The LFL said it hoped to have an Oklahoma City franchise ready for the 2011 season, which would begin in August. However, the league did not have an ownership group in place for an OKC franchise.

    Lingerie Football League chairman Mitchell S. Mortaza said Cornett was taking away the freedom of individuals to choose what sporting events to attend.

    “Oklahomans should be provided the opportunity to choose for themselves and not dictated to,” Mortaza said in a statement. “I thought our plans were for expansion into Oklahoma City, not North Korea.”

    The Lingerie League has teams in major markets such as the Chicago Bliss, Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation, Seattle Mist and San Diego Seduction. MTV broadcasts some games.

    (Source -