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  • Gin & Juice Can Help You Win!

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    Yeah, we're a rock station!  Who doesn't know who Snoop Dogg is?  If you answered "me", then you need to get with some "gin & juice".  He appeared on the Price Is Right......

  • Mojo & MSU Football!

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    I appear in this video and have ONE important line.  Listen to the last line on the video.


  • MSU Arrives at 1:30pm Today!

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    Wow, what a game yesterday!  GO GREEN!  The Spartans will be arriving today at the football buildings on the Campus of MSU at 1:30pm, read more about their homecoming here.

    In case you missed it, here's a recap.

    Kirk Cousins threw for 300 yards and one touchdown and Dan Conroy kicked a 28-yard field goal in the third overtime, giving No. 12 Michigan State a 33-30 victory over No. 18 Georgia in the Outback Bowl on Monday.

    Georgia's Blair Walsh became the Southeastern Conference's career scoring leader with a field goal in the second extra period. But he missed a 42-yarder in the first overtime after conservative play-calling and had a 47-yard attempt blocked on the final play of the game.

    Michigan State (11-3) ended a five-game bowl losing streak with its first postseason win since beating Fresno State in the 2001 Silicon Valley Bowl. Georgia (10-4) finished on a two-game losing streak, including a lopsided loss to top-ranked LSU in the SEC championship game.  (WLNS)

  • Sexy Pregnancies!

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    Tiger Woods' "mistress" Rachel Uchitel is pregnant.  She has asked for a stroller that costs almost $1100.  I think pregnant women are sexy, some moreso then others!

    I am pregnant and super happy!

    Remember this?

    Fun with balls...

    Non alcoholic beer for pregnant women, from another country...


    Heavy duty clip needed to keep them from falling out...

    I googled "sexy pregnant women" and this woman's pic came up...not so sexy.


  • Chrissy Teigen's Off The Market

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    Chrissy Teigen is now engaged to John Legend.  It's a good excuse to relive some of her hotness in SI!

    Good thing she likes pole....

    She loves spending time on the beach...

    Uhm, hot!

    Walking on the beach can be funny and hot!


  • Santa's Hot Helper!

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    For those of you that didn't get into the Xmas spirit this year, it's not too late! 


    She looks guilty of something.....

    I'm waving at you from my box!

    It's UP and GOOD!

    Wow, Christmas wears her out!

    Santa deserves a little fun!

  • Fun With Pets!

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    I thought using my laser pointer with my cats and dog was fun!

  • Calvin Johnson One Step Closer To Pro Bowl!

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    It's been a wild year for the Lions.  I am not a Lions fan, but I am happy for the team and their fans.  The Lions have had some awesome finishes that you've got to love if you are a football fan! 

    Calvin Johnson is one step closer to another Pro Bowl appearance, read the article here!

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  • Kate Upton Is HOT!

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    I grew up in southwest Michigan, St. Joe to be specific.  Fred Upton was, and still is a Congressman from St. Joe.  WHO CARES!  His niece is hot!  She's rumored to be dating NY Jets football Mark Sanchez, again WHO CARES.  I thought some eye candy would do you some good!  Thanks to Sports Illustrated for taking the pics....enjoy.

    She likes to party!  Score!

    She could fit in the overhead compartment!  Score!

    She loves hats!  Score (if you like hats too)!

    She likes sand!  Score!

  • Censorship Sucks *&%$!

    Posted by Mojo

    Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to censor what doesn't need to be censored. Very funny.