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  • Stupid People Getting Hurt #1

    Posted by Mojo

    This is the first installment of "LOL, Other People Get Hurt".  I think it's hillarious when other people get hurt because of stupidity.  This girl happens to be in the wrong place at the right time.

  • Bob Ross Aint Shi%

    Posted by Mojo

    When I was growing up I thought Bob Ross was magic.  It was crazy how he did what he did with paint.  Dudes, ladies like guys that can do cool things, in some scenarios that might be painting.  Check this video out below.

    On another note, is it me or does Bob Ross look like a microphone with a face?

  • Don't Text & Walk!

    Posted by Mojo

    I get irritated by people that text while they drive, walk etc... You know, the people that can't leave their phones behind because they think of themselves as "that important", how dare they miss a text.  Nowadays it's even worse because of smart phones and their ability to get email.  I am not necessarilly a fan of people getting hurt, however I do find it funny when it happens because they couldn't put the fu&%(ng phone down!  Why was this dude filming his TV?  Was this set up?  Perhaps.


  • Devil Horns & Cartoon Skeletons Singing!

    Posted by Mojo

    Check out this trailer for a Danish animated movie about Barbarians.  It's called "Ronal The Barbarian".  How can you go wrong with a glammed out skeleton singing the "Final Countdown".  Also some fun sex references and perhaps a touch of "Pulp Fiction".

  • Mardi Cras Eye Candy!

    Posted by Mojo

    Today is the official day of Mardi Gras.  We also call it "Fat Tuesday".  Too bad you aren't in New Orleans.  I've tried to give you a little N'awlins, this is what's happening now!









  • Dave Attell FUNNY FUNNY MAN!

    Posted by Mojo

    Do yourself a favor and go see him tonight at Connxtions Comedy Club! 

    $25 tickets!  Two shows 8p and 10:30p.  Call Connxtions, 517-374-HAHA!

    Take a listen to the podcast if you missed it on the air!

    Dave Attell FUNNY FUNNY MAN!

  • 2012 Deer & Turkey Spectacular

    Posted by Mojo

    This weekend is the return of the Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Spectacular at the Lansing Center in Downtown Lansing.

    Friday, February 17, 2p - 9p.

    Saturday, February 18, 9a - 7p.

    Sunday, February 19, 9a - 4p.

    This year promises to be another great show.  Take a listen to the audio with Mojo and Glenn from the show.  There's a lot of awesome deals to be had and new additions to this year's show.


    2012 Deer & Turkey Spectacular

  • Fight Lou Gehrig's Disease!

    Posted by Mojo

    This Saturday be apart of something good to learn more about Lou Gehrig's Disease and to help Wendy, she was diagnosed a few months ago and she is need of your support.

    The event is on Saturday at the Perry Township Hall in Perry from 2p-7p.

    There will be tons of great items up for raffle to help with Wendy's medical costs.

    Take a listen and lend a hand if you can. 

    Learn more about ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) here.

    Fight Lou Gehrig's Disease!

  • SI Swimsuit Issue - Sneak Peak

    Posted by Mojo

    Kate Upton is this year's SI cover model.  She's smokin hot and she's only 19!  WOW!  Thanks to Sports Illustrated!  Here's a little of what you might look forward to.  Kate and friends!  Thanks again to Sports Illustrated, did I mention them? 


  • Crabs & Boobies!

    Posted by Mojo

    Boobies are cool.  Crabs, well, they have a hard shell, but they have a unique property that lets them regenerate limbs. 

    Boobies can fight back.  If they do, it's not good for the crabs.  You might learn something from this video.

  • Crows DO Attack!

    Posted by Mojo

    For a few weeks we've had a "crow" issue behind the radio station.  Three weeks ago there were hundreds, now there seems to be thousands.  Check out Mac D's video that he posted in his blog last night.

    Here are some pictures I have found regarding crows.  They are attacking themselves, other animals and people!  They like to smoke too!


    1)  Not all crows are solid black, news to me.


    2)  Sometimes they attack each other.


    3)  Either they don't like koala bears or they have a bad "eucalyptus" habit.


    4)  They like fighting bigger birds like the red tailed hawk.


    5) Now I'm thinking they like drinking Jack Daniels, that'll make you do some dumb sh*%.


    6)  This guy didn't pay up and the crows took care of business.


    7)  The post ass kicking smoke break.  "Let me bum a light".