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  • The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (10/30/12)

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    This weeks Monday Night Raw is so emotionally damanging to me I may never recover.  I have eaten 10 pints of ice cream since Raw went off the air.


    Beth Pheniox

    Beth Pheniox is gone and has stated she is retiring from wrestling to pursue acting.  It is a sad day for us all. 

    The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (10/30/12)

  • The Slamcast: WWE Hell In A Cell (10-28/12)

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    Tonight Ryback challenges CM Punk for the WWE title inside Hell In A Cell, Sheamus vs The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title, and Team Hell No defends the WWE Tag Team Championship against Team Rhodes Scholars.

    The Slamcast: WWE Hell In A Cell (10-28/12)

  • The Slamcast: WWE Friday Night Smackdown (10/26/12)

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    This time Randy Orton battles Wade Barrett, Team Hell No sees singles action, and Sheamus and The Big Show have another face to face interview.  Yeah that will end well.

    The Slamcast: WWE Friday Night Smackdown (10/26/12)

  • Strange Sexy Costumes

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    Halloween is about dressing up. Some woman the object of Halloween is  to look sexy as possible wearing random things.  That is an excellent objective.  However humanity as gone too far.  Not everything can be a sexy costume.  Here are some examples
    Finding Nemo
    I have held a belief that when you are choosing a Halloween costume you should take some time to be creative with what you're wearing.  I always made my costumes from scratch.  Then you have this sexy Nemo costume.  A sexy costume based on a cartoon fish?  Does this even count as a costume?  A great idea is to use this costume as Nemo’s mom and then have blood dripping out of your mouth
    Sexy Bert and Ernie
    Though I wonder if this Bert will allow cookies in the bed.  Bert and Ernie are my all time favorite Sesame Street Characters.  I have a creeped out by being reminded of the feelings I had when I was 5 and 13 at the same time.
    Sexy Green Lantern
    There is a perfectly good way to make a sexy Green Lantern costume.  This is not it.  It probably has something to do with a Men’s costume that look the same.
    Sexy Mario
    Sexy Mario?  Shouldn’t you just dress up as Peach and not remind me of  overweight, Italian guys from Brooklyn?
    Sexy Ninja Turtles
    Search around the internet.  You will find creative, attractive version of a sexy Ninja Turtles costume.  This is not it.  This is just some chick who puts on a shirt/dress and a headband and calls it a costume. .
    Sexy Freddy Kruger
    Nothing screams sexy more the Freddy Kruger?  He is burnt all over his body and he wears a old sweater.  Yet some genius decided to turn this into a sexy costume.  A chick who would wear this costume both ecites and distrubes me.  I hope those knives are not real.

    While I and disturbed by these costumes I would in no way call anyone out if they were wearing them.  I would be too busy staring.  My favorite costume would be this.  Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (10/26/12)

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    These are the movies released in theaters Friday October 26th, 2012.
    Chasing MavericksRated PG
    Chasing Mavericks
    Gerard Butler stars in this bio pic about soul surfer Jay Moriarity.  This more about your spirit then actual sport.  Butler has been good in the past.  I don’t know enough about this movie to have any sort of idea how good this will be.

    Verdict - Perhaps if I knew anything I could tell you if I wanted to see this.  

    Cloud AtlasRated R
    Cloud Atlas
    Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Hugo Weaving lead an all star cast telling stories about the human condition and love.  Tom Hanks plays up to six characters and several others do to.  This is the Wachowskis (Those uhh people behind The Matrix) follow up to Speed Racer.  I have always these “guys” films fun to watch.  Plus this has Tom Hanks who I think is physically unable to be boring.

    Verdict - While I have never loved the multiple story aspect of most movies, I will give Cloud Atlas a shot.

    Fun SizeRated PG-13
    Fun Size
    Teen hijinx on Halloween as a teen girl must look after her brother who ends up in a haunted house.  Yeah.  No

    Verdict - I am stay far far far far far far away from Fun Size

    Silent Hill: RevelationRated R
    Silent Hill: Revelation
    Based on several games I don’t understand, a woman discovers she has a dark secret that leads her to Silent Hill where all sorts of crazy stuff happens.  The first Silent Hill was creepy, weird, and hard to understand.  The trailers make me think the 2nd one will be more of the same.  A movie that will be best enjoyed by not paying close attention to it.

    Verdict - Perhaps if its on DVD but nothing more.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Paranormal Activity 4 – Rated R - $49,514,769 ($49,514,769)
    2. Argo – Rated R - $27,053,395 ($76,711,927)
    3. Taken 2 - Rated PG-13 - $14,846,830 ($21,693,038)
    4. Hotel Transylvania – Rated PG - $12,116,001 ($40,216,652)
    5. Alex Cross – Rated PG-13 - $11,412,213 ($11,412,213)
    Movie – Rating – Weekend Domestic Gross (Total Domestic Gross)

    Still In Theatres
    Here Comes The Boom –Rated PG, House At The End Of The Street – Rated PG-13, Frankenwennie - Rated PG, Looper – Rated R, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower – Rated PG-13, Pitch Perfect - Rated PG-13, Seven Psychopaths – Rated R, Sinister – Rated R, Trouble With The Curve – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday October 23rd, 2012.
    Magic MikeRated R
    Magic Mike
    Yuk.  Buy this if you're in deep trouble with the Mrs.

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterRated R
    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    History like I want to remember.  Filled with blood sucking vampires.

    Next week Will Farrell tries to run for office, Russell Crowe in a Kung Fu movie, and Disney's take on video games.  Is this going to be like Wizard?

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  • OSU Marching Band Plays Nintendo

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    When I was in the marching band we either played songs I never heard of or the smooth classics of the 70’s that I had never heard of.  Man how times have changed.  Below is THE Ohio State Marching Band playing a bunch of Video Game songs.  The amazing thing is that they march into video game formations (Shapes and symbols).  With moves like that I wonder how the Marching Band pays for its tattoos.


  • The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (10/15/12)

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    This week we find out who is facing CM Punk for the WWE title, Matt Stryker says something he isn't suppose to, and World Champion Sheamus vs Wade Barrett II

    The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (10/15/12)

  • Rob Zombie vs. Marilyn Manson in Detroit

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    All is not well at DTE Energy Music Theater.  Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are on their “Twins of Evil Tour” Last night towards the end of his set Marilyn Manson told the crowd “I’m going to kick his [Rob Zombie] ass” Well, that’s not very nice.  Rob Zombie then did the most professional thing he could do and blasted Manson during most of the set calling Marilyn a Diva but using more profanity.  Someone should wash Rob’s mouth out.


    Where did the love go?  Marilyn Manson tweeted “Sorry to Chicago for not getting to play "Beautiful People." You can sing it in between Zombie songs, his band has already played it” According to a post on Rob Zombie’s Facebook page, Thursday night in Chicago Manson’s set went long.  Instead of taking the hit on his set, Zombie cut Manson’s set by one song.  This made Marilyn MAD!!!  The Co-Headliners of this tour get the same exact amount of time and Manson ran over his.  Sounds fair right?


    While I am shocked at these events, I am not really that shocked.  I figured these guys were buds given the fact they rose to fame around the same time and played the same style of music.  This can’t be the first time these two bands have toured together.  However both musicians have a long history of being difficult backstage.  I am not surprised by Zombie’s dick move of cutting Manson’s last song off. (It was going to be The Beautiful People).  Marilyn Manson acting like a spoiled pop diva does not shock me.  Here’s what should have happened.  Some one should have told Manson he was going long.  Manson then cuts a song out and ends with his monster hit.  Then goes backstage and says, “I was a bit long but I solved it” That didn’t happen.  Now we have the start to a Metal feud that hopefully will present us with some hilarious High School level tweets and posts.

    Twins of Evil Tour

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (10/12/12)

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    These are the movies released in theaters Friday October 12th, 2012.
    ArgoRated R
    Ben Affleck directs and stars in this story of the CIA helping to create a fake Canadian movie to get several Iranian hostages out of the country.  Affleck has been wowing us with his directorial efforts.  This isn’t being played completely straight which is awesome.  I have already read reviews calling Argo a front runner at the Oscars.

    Verdict - A spy story about making a fake movie?  SOLD.  Ben Affleck and the rest of the cast should make this a great movie.

    Atlas Shrugged: Part 2Not Rated
    Atlas Shrugged: Part 2
    This is the second part of a trilogy based on Ayn Rand’s novel about withholding innovation in a dystopian future.  I hear you, I didn’t know there was a Part 1 either.  Given the strong political leans towards what I believe is Libertarian views and its lack of funding, I think this will be very heavily philosophical,  almost to a fault.

    Verdict - I will wait until Part 3 gets mad and watch all together.

    Here Comes The BoomRated PG
    Here Comes The Boom
    Kevin James plays a school teacher trying to raise money for his school by competing in MMA. Based on the trailers this looks like standard Kevin James fair.  But it looks more towards, Grown Ups, then the Zookeeper.  I still enjoy James from King of Queens and the MMA angle is interesting.

    Verdict - Hopefully there isn’t too much slapstick comedy because that would ruin what should be a entertaining film.

    The Perks Of Being A WallflowerRated PG-133
    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
    This comming of age story about High School is ruined in my mind by its constant comparisons to Breakfast Club.  Nothing will be as good as Breakfast Club.  Quit setting all our expectations too high.

    Verdict - I am past the age of finding coming of age stories engrossing.  We will see how long it takes me to see this.

    Seven PsychopathsRated R
    Seven Psychopaths
    Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson lead an all star cast about a mobster going after two guys who have kidnapped his dog.  This is Martin McDough follow up to In Burgess which people enjoyed.  Think of Pulp Fiction when you see this.  It looks like Christopher Walken is having too much fun in his role so this should be enjoyable.

    Verdict - The only thing that would lessen by interest in Seven Psychopaths is if everybody starts quoting it.

    SinisterRated R
    Ethan Hawke stars in this found footage movie about grisly murders and ghosts.  Hawke is good but past his prime.  Film looks generic but looks could be deceiving.

    Verdict - Looks like a renter for next halloween.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Taken 2 - Rated PG-13 - $49,514,769 ($49,514,769)
    2. Hotel Transylvania – Rated PG - $27,053,395 ($76,711,927)
    3. Pitch Perfect - Rated PG-13 - $14,846,830 ($21,693,038)
    4. Looper – Rated R - $12,116,001 ($40,216,652)
    5. Frankenwennie - Rated PG - $11,412,213 ($11,412,213)
    Movie – Rating – Weekend Domestic Gross (Total Domestic Gross)

    Still In Theatres
    Dredd 3D– Rated R, End Of Watch – Rated R Finding Nemo 3D – Rated G, House At The End Of The Street – Rated PG-13, The Master – Rated R, Trouble With The Curve – Rated PG-13, Won’t Back Down – Rated PG

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday October 9th, 2012.
    PrometheusRated R
    This is a good flick.  Perhaps not enough references from Alien for some people.  I didn’t find it as scary as I would have liked but still recomend it to everyone.

    Rock Of AgesRated PG-13
    Rock Of Ages
    Hear all sort of awesome songs from the 80’s in this musical.  This bombed when it was out in August.  I still don’t care enough about Tom Crusie and his vocal talents to see this.

    The RavenRated R
    The Raven
    John Cusaks turn as Edgar Alan Poe solving mysteries sounds confusing.  Hopefully the scares are good enough to make this watch able.

    Next week mutants, ghosts, and Tyler Perry solving crimes.

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  • The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (10/8/12)

    Posted by Mac D

    This week Vince McMahon returns, we get closer to finding out who will be the #1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Titles, and Larry King . . . for some reason.

    The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (10/8/12)