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  • Mac D' Weekend Movie Guide for 12/23/2010

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    Welcome to another weekend movie guide.  Christmas is upon us.  This means, for the most part, the end of the award movie season and Christmas movie season.  But we are going out with a bang, this week another Jeff Bridges movie, Jack Black may make me want to punch him in the face, and Rallo Tubbs is Nien Nunb


    These are the movies that were released on Wednesday December 12, 2010

    Little Fockers Rated PG-13

    Little Fockers

    Ben Stiller's Greg can't live up to his Father in Law's (Robert De Niro) expectations.  Its the same conflict that we have seen in the last two Meet the Parents movies.  While I do think Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro will make it work I do not think adding kids to the mix is not going to make this amazing or anything.  Plus original director Jay Roach isn't at the helm.

    VERDICT -  It maybe the only new comedy for the adults this Christmas, but it still looks like the same thing I have put up with for two movies now.

    True Grit Rated PG-13

    True Grit

    Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin) kills the father of Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld).  She gets upset and convinces US Marshall Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to track him down.  This is the first movie of its kind, as it has the stones to attempt to remake a John Wayne film.  Wayne did play Cogburn, so hats off to Jeff Bridges for even attempting this.  Written and Directed by the Coen Brothers. This is supposed to be more like the book then the John Wayne film.  The trailer looks like a good old school western.  This will appease a ton of different people and I think it will be the #1 movie in America.

    The verdict – this movie has already been officially announced as the Mac D Family movie for this Christmas.

    These Movies will be released on December 25, 2010

    Gulliver’s Travels Rated PG

    Gulliver's Travels

    Yes just like the book but updated for today and staring Jack Black.  Regularly I really hate making things updated.  But that usually comes from trying to update something from the 60’s to today.  The only thing that scares me is Jack Black trying to do children’s comedy because it comes off more as annoying goofy then funny.  But then again I had major reservations about School of Rock and that worked out for the best.

    Verdict – Perhaps I will see this in its third week of release but I am making no promises. 

    The King’s Speech Rated R

    The Kings Speech

    Colin Firth is the King of England but he has to rid him self of a speech impediment to help England through WW2.  Luckly he knows Geoffrey Rush.  This is a true story and has good supporting cast including Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pearce.  Films about the monarch in the 20th century are always good and very fascinating.  And there has to be a reason why this movie is getting a ton of award buzz. 

    Verdict – Take your mom to it.  She will love you for it

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country

    #1 - TRON Legacy Rated PG

    #2 - Yogi Bear Rated PG

    #3 - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Rated PG

    #4 - The Fighter Rated R

    #5 - Tangled Rated PG

    TRON taking #1 is not shocking what so ever.  I wonder what the good word of mouth will do for TRON when it goes up against stiff compeition this week.  I thought Yogi Bear would bomb but coming in a 2 is a mild win for the movie.  Hopefuly this will lead to a live action Laugh-o-lympics.  If Dawn Treader sinks fast I wonder if any new Narnia movies will be made.

    Still In theatres

    Black Swan Rated R, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 1 Rated PG-13

    How Do You Know Rated PG-13, Love and Other Drugs Rated R,

    The Social Network Rated PG-13, The Tourist Rated PG-13, Unstoppable  Rated PG-13


    These DVD's were released on December 21, 2010

    Salt Rated PG-13


    Angelina Jolie in an action film always holds my attention.  Her as a possible Russian KGB makes it even sweeter.  There is already Sequel talk so it should be good

    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Rated PG-13

    Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps

    Greed is good again but is this movie?  You will have to see for your self because every one has a different opinion.  It did garner Michael Douglas another Golden Globe nomination so it can't be that bad.

    Family Guy: It’s A Trap

    Family Guy: It's A Trap

    Family Guy does Return of the Jedi.  I have seen this episdoe and think It is the best Family Guy Star Wars parody.  Specifically the stuff with the Emperor.

    Futurama Vol. 5


    FUTURAMA IS BACK!.  While this season started out good, I think it started to get weak as the season went on.  That being said a bad Futurama episode is 10 times better then any other TV show on TV.


    Thats it for this week.  Next week we take a long hard break and begin drinking.  That and George Cloney acts like a bad ass . . again.


    Merry Christmas every one

  • Zombie Java

    Posted by Mac D

    Rob Zombie

    I recently found something scarier then your makeupless girlfriend/wife in the morning.  Its coffee from Rob Zombie.  Its probably made from the bones of the innocent.  The Hellbilly Brew (this is the real name, I am not making this up) comes in French Roast Organic Whole Bean or Peru Organic Whole Bean.  I am not surprised that it is organic because underneath all the horror and dreadlocks is a hippie.  Rob Zombie follows in the footsteps of Dave Mustane as more and more metal heads put down the guitars and pick up some coffee beans.  While Hellbilly Brew from the country of Peru sounds ok I am still afraid that there is something sinister in that coffee.  Like its decafe or something far worse


    Credit – Rob

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 12/17/2010

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    Welcome to another weekend movie guide.  One week before Christmas and the studios are starting to get the big guns out.  This week we return to a tripy 80’s film, Warner Brothers destroys a portion of my soul, and Will Farrells latest comes home. Tons of options this week so lets get going.

    These are the movies released to theatres on December 17, 2010

    How Do You Know Rated PG-13

    How Do You Know

    Reese Witherspoon loves both Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson but she has to pick one guy.  Jack Nicholson co-stars.  The cast is excellent on paper.  James L Brooks (Terms of Endearment, Spanglish, and The Simpsons TV show) both directed and wrote this.  This may be a romantic comedy I would actually want to see.

    Verdict – I will go willingly if the girlfriend asks me.

    TRON Legacy Rated PG

    TRON Legacy


    A Son (Garrett Hedlund) gets sucked into a computer world and finds his estranged father (Jeff Bridges).  Together they fight a computer program (a younger Jeff Bridges) who wants to kill them.  I recently watched the original TRON It was ok. From what I have seen TRON Legacy should add what the original was missing; Emotion and effects that do not distract from the story.

    Verdict – Lets go but I wonder if we will find females in the theatre.

    Yogi Bear Rated PG

    Yogi Bear

     A documentary filmmaker (Anna Faris) travels to Jellystone Park to shoot a project and soon crosses paths with Yogi Bear (voice of Dan Aykroyd) and his sidekick Boo-Boo (voice of Justin Timberlake).  I am totally against this movie.  Due to Alvin and the Chipmunks, studios are taking other cartoons and creating live action movies.   It didn’t work with Rocky and Bullwinkle it wont work here.This is the only comedy whose trailer physically angers me. But let me state if this was a traditional animated movie I would not have a problem but it still wouldn’t look very good.

    Verdict – If I am watching this movie that means hell has frozen over or somebody is trying to tarnish my reputation.


    Limited released movies coming to the Lansing area

    Black Swan Rated R 


    Black Swan

    One Ballet Dancer (Natalie Portman) gets a prime role in Swan Lake and starts a very freaky relationship with her understudy (Mila Kunis).  This will more then likely be a front-runner for tons of awards and get Portman an Oscar.  Director Darren Aronofsky’s follow up to The Wrestler will toy with your mind but that’s ok, it’s got some hotties.

    Verdict – This movie creates strange feelings in Mac D.  I must explore them

    The Fighter Rated R

    The Fighter

    Irish Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is making a come back with the help of his crack-addicted brother Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale). Based on a true story.   Much like Black Swan this movie is getting award buzz.  The two leads make mediocre movies good so I have high hopes that this boxing movie is the next Rocky. 


    Verdict – Although I grow weary of boxing movies both Marky Mark and Batman make me want to see this film.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies in The Country

    #1 - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Rated PG 

    #2 - The Tourist Rated PG-13

    #3 - Tangled Rated PG

    #4 - Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 1 Rated PG-13

    #5 - Unstoppable Rated PG-13

    Surprised Narnia took the top spot but more surprised that Harry Potter droped down to 4.  Disney vs Disney this week as TRON looks to be #1.  I wonder what kind of havoc Yogi Bear will cause on the rest of the children’s fare in the box office.

    Other Movies In Theatres

    127 Hours Rated R, Burlesque Rated PG-13, Due Date Rated R, Faster Rated R,

    Love and Other Drugs Rated R, Megamind Rated PG, Morning Glory PG-13

    The Next Three Days Rated PG-13, The Warrior’s Way Rated R


    Now for fun on your couch

    These movies were released on DVD the week of December 13, 2010

    The Other Guys PG-13

    The Other Guys

    Will Ferrell and Director Adam McKay (guys behind Anchorman) team up again for a buddy cop films. I was interested in this movie when it was in theatres but didn’t have a change to see it.  I guess I will have time to catch it now.


    The A Team Rated PG-13

    The A Team

    I really wanted this movie to be fun but I haven’t heard anything positive.  Might place on a Netflix que in 2014 but I make no promises.


    Despicable Me Rated PG

    Despicable Me

    My friend is constantly badgering me about seeing this movie.  He is 28 and loves it.  He says its one of the funnier movies he has seen in a long time.  If a jaded 28 year old loves it, your kids feel three times the joy.

    The Town Rated R

    The Town

    Ben Affleck directs and stars in this heist movie set in Boston.  It was well received when it came out and is starting to get some awards for Jeremy Renner.  I am not here for Renner but to see John Hamm do something other then Mad Men.


    That’s it for this week.  I think I need a nap.

    Next week Jeff Bridges has another movie released where he tries to be John Wayne, Family Guy has another Star Wars episode released, and more Focker jokes.  Now I am off to buy what ever is left in the stores for my family for Christmas
  • The Debut Trailer For Thor

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    With the success of the Iron Man movies, Marvel started work immediately to create a universe for The Avengers.  Step 1? Thor.  This is the debut trailer for Thor.  This movie will be released May 2011.


    From the trailer this movie looks to have a more serious tone then Iron Man.  Which is good.  I am now pumped for this new Marvel film.  It looks like a good mix of action in Asgard and Earth plus it has Nataile Portman and Antony Hopkins.  Its a win win situation.  Next up? The First Avenger: Captian America and Hugo Weaving as a Nazi.

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 12/10/2010

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    Well it’s going to snow tons this weekend.  So instead of being outside stay in and catch a flick.  This week Johnny Depp gets tangled up with Angelina Jolie , We go back to Narnia, and Christopher Nolan blows my mind  . . . . again.

    These are the movies being released on December 10, 2010

    The Tourist Rated PG-13

    The Tourist

    A Man (Johnny Depp) is in Italy.  He gets wraped up with a girl (Angelia Jolie) who then gets him caught up with the mob.  Paul Bettany plays a cop.  I haven’t heard much about this film but it’s a movie with Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany set in Europe.  I am sold


    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Rated PG

    Voyage of the Dawn Treader

    The two younger kids from the previous films (Georgie Henley and Skandar Keynes) join the prince from the last film (Ben Barnes) on a ship to find some kings to save Narnia.  I did enjoy the last two so I am mildly interested in what Narnia has in store for #3.  This is no longer a Disney production so we will see how that effects the film adaptation of the most popular Narnia book.

    Verdict - I think another trip to Narnia is in store but I have to check with my travel agent

    The Box Office Top 5 movies of the week

    #1 - Tangled Rated PG

    #2 - Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 1 Rated PG-13

    #3 - Burlesque Rated PG-13

    #4 - Unstoppable Rated PG-13

    #5 - Love and Other Drugs Rated R

    Not much of a surprise but Tangled beating out Harry Potter is a mild shocker.  We will see how both stand up to the Voyage of the Dawn Treader next week.  I suspect The Tourist will be in the race for #1 too.

    The Rest of The Other Movies in Theaters

    127 Hours Rated R, Due Date Rated R, Faster Rated R, Megamind Rated PG,

    Morning Glory PG-13, Red Rated PG-13, The Next Three Days Rated PG-13,

    The Warrior’s Way Rated R

    These movies are released on DVD Tuesday December 7, 2010

    Inception Rated PG-13


    Hands down the best movie I have seen this year.  I am very excited this has been released on DVD and recommend you run out and see this now!

    Shrek Ever After Rated PG

    Shrek Ever After

    The clam is that this is the last Sherk film.  I will believe that when I do not see it.  But the others have been entertaining even for me, a jaded movie fan.  And kids like it I guess.



    That’s it for this week.  Next week Rampage Jackson’s big screen debut comes to DVD, TRON!!!!!!!!!, and Hollywood tries to ruin a childhood memory.


    Some one get me some popcorn STAT

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 12/3/2010

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    Hey everyone. Another weekend, another two days you can spend watching movies.  Sounds like a plan to me.

    Movies that are being released on 12/3/2010

    The Warrior’s Way

    Rated R

    The Warrior's Way

    A Ninja (Jang Dong-gun) hides in a western town and fights with a sword.  Kate Bosworth and Geffrey Rush Co-star.  One one hand this is a martial arts movie staring a guy whose name I can not pronounce.  But Geoffrey Rush is in it and he should make it enjoyable.  I do love some fancy sword fighting.

    Verdict - I am interested but not sold

    Still in theaters

    127 Hours Rated R

    Burlesque Rated PG-13

    Due Date Rated R

    Fair Game Rated PG-13

    Faster Rated R

    Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows: Part 1 Rated PG-13

    Love and Other Drugs Rated R

    Megamind Rated PG

    Red Rated PG-13

    Secretariat Rated PG

    Tangled Rated PG

    The Next Three Days Rated PG-13

    Unstoppable Rated PG-13

    Harry Potter is the #1 movie in America and I was really surprised that Red, Secretariat, and Unstoppable are still in theaters.  See them while they last.  The rest seem like a good mix of movies for everybody.

    Or stay at home
    I wont judge

    These movies come out on DVD the week of November 30th

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Rated PG-13


    You know what I want for Christmas?  A new movie that will undo the damage the Twilight saga has done to vampires.  I haven’t seen any of the Twlight movies and II plan on keeping it that way.

    Knight and Day Rated PG-13

    Knight and Day

    Tom Cruise in a movie?  Yes that does happen.  I will give this a shot because deep down Tom Cruise is still a pretty watch able actor.  But I do not have high hopes for this being spectacular.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Rated PG

    The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Nick Cage is in a movie based on a Mickey Mouse Cartoon.  Yes the basis of this move is Fantasia.  I barely remember this being in theatres so that is a sign of a terrible movie

    Next week Johnny Depp teams up with Angelenia Jolie, a modern attempt at Shakespear that I won't understand, and another trip to Narnia.

  • The Return Of Slipknot

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    We are having this conversation three years before I thought we would.  According to Slipknot is preparing to enter the studio in early 2011 to record their follow up to 2008’s All Hope Is Gone.  This is a shock because of the sudden death of founding bassist Paul Grey in May 2010.  I thought we would get another new Stone Sour album before a new Slipknot album but that will not be the case.  Drummer Joey Jordison gives us some details on what Slipknot is going to be.  The band is currently creating demos for material and hope to spend the first half of 2011 in studio.  The band will be only 8 members and there are no plans to replace Grey.  The band will tour with a bassist that will be off stage similar to what Korn has done with rhythm guitarists. 


    With Stone Sour, Murderdolls, Syd Wilson’s solo album, and the Black Dots of Death, I just assumed that the members of Slipknot would be busy but apparently they want to get back and make some metal.  I am excited and anxious for the new music to start flowing


    Credit -

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 11/26/10

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    Welcome to the weekend everybody.  There are a ton of movies for you to view on your long weekend.  Cher makes me not be able to close my eyes, The Rock kicks ass, and we to figure out what’s wrong with Joaquin Phoenix.

    All these movies were released to theatres on Wednesday Novemeber 24TH


    Rated PG


    Directed by Nathan Greno & Byron Howard

    Stars Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi

    Synopsis: Rapunzel (voice of Moore), a princess with 70 feet of magical, golden hair, has been locked away for years in a tower high above her kingdom. Desperate to be free, she strikes a deal with Flynn Rider (voice of Levi), a handsome bandit who chooses her tower as a hide-out spot.

    Mac D’s thoughs:  Disney adds a ton of story to Rapunzel that was never there to begin. And Pixar didnt make it.  These two things scare me.  Good word of mouth might help but I wonder how many kids will pick this one over Harry Potter

    VERDICT –  The non pixar portion of this new Disney animated movie makes me very wary about the quality but the kids will be the real judges


    Rate PG-13


    Directed by Steve Antin

    Stars Cher, Christina Aguilera, Alan Cumming

    Synopsis: A small-town girl (Aguilera) ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer (Cher).

    Mac D’s Thoughts:  The PG-13 banner will help me keeps meals down while I think about Cher doing a Burlesque show.  Big huge musical numbers and some skin might help if Christina Aguilera cant hold up her end of the movie.  Cher will be watchable at worst.  I wonder about this movie.  Will it be good enough to rise about a stacked weekend or will it just fizzle out.

    VERDICT – Cher will make or brake this film.  I am fortunate that I dont have females that will force me to see this.  Or am I?

    Love and Other Drugs

    Rated R

    Love and Other Drugs

    Directed by Edward Zwick

    Stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Judy Greer.

    Synopsis: A romantic comedy that skewers the pharmaceutical industry and is centered on relentlessly charming Viagra salesman Jamie Reidy (Gyllenhaal) and his romantic involvement with free-spirited Maggie Murdock (Hathaway).

    Mac D’s Thoughts;  This romantic comedy features the couple from Brokeback Mountain that was the best part of Brokeback Moutnain,  Hathaway and Gyllenhaal have good chemistry on screen and this seems like a film that both would flourish in.  What I have been told is that Anne Hathaway is very good in this film so it should be worth a watch.

    VERDICT – Love and Other Drugs is the rare romantic comedy that actually would want to go see.


    Rated – R



    Director: George Tillman Jr.

    Stars Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Maggie Grace

    Synopsis: An ex-con (Johnson) sets out to avenge his brother's death after they were double-crossed during a heist years ago. During his campaign, however, he's tracked by a veteran cop (Thornton) and an egocentric hit man

    Mac D’s thoughts:  As a WWE fan I have always wanted the Rock to succed in movies.  I thought he could do a serious action film.  But the closest I have seen is Gridiron Gang which while a good movie was not an action film.  The trailers look a bit cheesy to me but even if this is a mess Billy Bob Thornton will make it fun. 

    VERDICT – I will probably go watch this and give the peoples eye brow everytime Dwayne Johnson says something stupid.

    The smorgasbord of movies don’t end with the theaters. 

    These movies were released on DVD on Tuesday November 22.

    Eat Pray Love

    Rated PG-13

    Eat Pray Love

    Julia Roberts gets divorsed and then runs off and find her self.  The book this movie is based off of has its fans so probably should pick this up so you can watch our next movie.



    The Expendables

    Rated R

    The Expendables

    Sly Stallone brings EVERY BODY BACK FROM THE 80’S.  guns and violence ensues.  Mickie Rourke takes what could have been a average action film and gives it some depth.  I had a ton of fun watching this the first time so its time for multiple viewings.


    I’m Still Here

    Rated R

    I'm Still Here 

    This is the “documentary” that Poaquin Phoenix made that shows him leaving acting and trying rap.  Director Casey Affleck said it was a fake documentary.  It was released in September but this DVD will be most widely seen.  They had me at the cover.


    Next week something with Twilight attached to it gets released,  Geoffrey Rush will finally answer the question if he actually knows kung fu, and well we get a breath from the last two weeks of movies.


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  • Wait, That's Not Megamind!

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    In my teenage years, some friends and myself went to the local Cinema to watch Event Horizon.  We were almost late so the movie was just beginning.  What followed was one minute of a movie that wasn’t obviously Event Horizon.  We reached the correct theater and watched the movie.  Now everything I go to the movies I have this nagging feeling to make sure I am watching the right movie.  Some parents in Massachusetts should have this same “spider sense”.


    At a movie theater in Massachusetts some parents took their children to see Megamind.  They got their popcorn, found a seat, probably put on their 3D glasses, and were ready for some animated comedy.  What they were shown was the first five minutes of Saw 3D in all its bloody glory.  Management figured out they made a mistake and cut the film off and gave everyone free tickets.  But the damage was already done.  One parent said that their child had to sleep with them due to watching Saw 3D, something the father thought he had over grown.  I could be a jerk here.  I could make fun of these kids for being pansies.  But when I was their age my brother made me watch Child’s Play.  That event directly led to all my stuffed animals ending up in a box and more then likely partially led to a long-term fear of the dark.  Thanks Jerk.  So I understand what long-term emotional scars these children will suffer for the rest of their lives.  That doesn’t make it any less hilarious.  Maybe the producers of Saw should take this as a omen and stop making these movies.


    Credit –

  • Holy Stage Show Batman!

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    Batman is good.  A night at the theatre is good.  What happens when you combine them?  The same result as combining Bacon and Cherries.  Its called Batman Live!.  It’s a gigantic stage show that will tour the UK next year.  Video walls will be used as set pieces and there will be elements of stunt shows and illusions thrown in for fun.  Riddler, Catwoman and more will be featured.  I think I am just glad this isn’t a musical.  They are making this “Family Friendly” so I have bad flash backs to the Sesame Street Live stage show I saw as a kid.  The use of animation suggested both intrigues me and gives me hellish nightmares. 

    Of course I am not who this show is targeting.  It will probably sell out and we will be talking about this show hitting stateside.  I just hope that it’s more 1990’s Batman the Animated Series and less 1960’s Batman hippie hour.  Well, I did enjoy the Indiana Jones stunt show at MGM Studios at Disney World so there maybe hope for Batman Live!

    Credit – Batman and

  • Let's Rock Out NES Style

    Posted by Mac D

    As I child of the 80’s I remember the soundtracks of the NES games I played.  They also sounded epic but at the same time using only three tones.  I also wondered what it would be like playing Mario Brothers while listening to Metallica.  Thanks to youtube and gigantic technological advances we can listen to just about any song remixed in 8-bit, NES sound.  I have heard a wide variety of songs from The White Stripes, The Gorillaz, Slayer, and Iron Maiden.  All songs really want be to create a video game around it.  None more than this


    Really I need to get on a Super Paul Brothers game where Dime hits you in the head with a guitar or Vinnie has drum sticks, but he can jump higher.

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 11/19/2010

    Posted by Mac D

    Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the holiday movie season.  Thank you Avatar and Lord of the Rings for making this a great season.  This week the first blockbuster is released, another one gets a fifth special edition, and Russell Crowe kicks ass.

    These movies are released on Friday November 19 2010

    Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 1

    Directed by David Yates

    Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint

    Rated – PG-13

    Synopsis: Harry (Radcliffe), Hermione (Watson), and Ron (Grint) set out from Hogwarts to find and destroy the Horcruxes -- the secret to Voldemort's power and immortality.

    Mac D’s Thoughts:  You have already made up your mind about this movie.  Anything I say will not sway you.  Your either super stoked about this film or you could careless and just want Harry Potter to go away.  This is part 1 of 2 and the final chapter of Harry Potter will be unleashed July 15th 2011.  I became a fan of this franchise because of the movies so I see no reason to stop now.

    Verdict – While you wont catch me in full Hagwarts robes at a Midnight showing, lets go after all the fans have seen it three times to enjoy the movie in peace.


    The Next Three Days


    Directed by Paul Haggis

    Stars: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, and Liam Neeson

    Rated – PG-13

    Synopsis: A married couple's life is turned upside down when Lara Brennan (Banks) is accused of murder. Three years into her sentence, Lara's husband John (Crowe) is struggling to keep their family together and, realizing his wife's deteriorating condition, he decides to break her out of prison.

    Mac D’s Thoughts: At first glance, this seems like a very generic thriller.  Haggis is the writer of such films as Crash, Million Dollar Baby, and Quantum of Solace.  He knows how to write thrillers but can he direct them.  Russell Crowe can elevate films to be much better then they have any write being.  I think this movie will be a perfect example of this.  The plot doesn’t have my attention but a cast with Crowe and Neeson does have my attention.  We will see how this goes.

    Verdict – I shall go if there is nothing good on TV if not I will watch it on DVD.

    Speaking of DVDs


    These DVDs were released on November 16 2010

    The Last Airbender

    Rated - PG


    Mac D’s Thoughts:  I would write this movie off as garbage but my friend took her 8-year-old daughter to it and she loved it.  That’s good enough for me to recommend it if you liked the show.

    The Kids Are All Right

    Rated – R

    Mac D’s Thoughts:  This is a kooky drama about kids who try to bring there birth father into there lives after finding out who he is.  This has an all-star cast of Annette Benning, Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.  The trailers looked intriguing so I will give it a look. 

    Avatar: Three Disk Collectors Edition

    Rated - PG-13

    Mac D's Thoughts: A new intro?  Might be good of a laught.  I think we are not done with the mutliple releases of Avatar so I wont even think twice about this Collectors Edition.


    Next week Cher makes me vomit, The Rock tries his hand at a serious action movie, and Sly Stalone saves the day if The Rock's movie is terrible.  I think we are in for a bunch of explosions.

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