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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 5/27/11

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    It is Memorial Day weekend and we are chalked full of sequels.  This week more drunken shenanigans, Kung Fu, and a movie that might be so bad, it demands me to watch it.

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, May 27th,  2011
    The Hangover Part IIRated R

    The Hangover Part II

    Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married.  Instead of a repeat of Vegas Stu opts for a brunch.  Well that doesn’t work too well as Stu, Alan (Zach Galifianakis), and Phil (Bradley Cooper) wake up in Bangkok.  Early reviews say that it’s more of the same from Director Todd Phillips.  Luckily this is the second Hangover and not something bad.  This is going to be one of those movies where if you liked the first one you will like the second.


    Verdict – I shall keep a napkin over my pop corn and beverage to avoid being ruffied while I want this.


    Kung Fu Panda 2Rated PG

    Kung Fu Panda 2

    Po (Jack Black) and the Furious Five are back to protect the land against Lord Shen (Gary Oldman who is out for revenge.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what Shen want.  He is voiced by Gary Oldman and it will be good.  Dreamwords wants Kung Fu Panda to take over for Shrek.  If it is anywhere near the level of the first movie the sequel will be enjoyable.

    Verdict – I shall be practicing Kung Fu in preparation.  I want to see this but it might not be in theaters.  

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Rated PG-13
    2. Bridesmaids – Rated R
    3. Thor – Rated PG-13
    4. Fast Five – Rated PG-13

    5. Priest – Rated PG-13


    Pirates 4 made over FOUR TIMES more than #2 Bridesmaids.  About 22 times more than #5 Priest.  Yeah there will be more Pirates of the Caribbean.  I am beginning to wonder how big this Memorial Day weekend at the box office will be.  I would say #1 Kung Fu Panda 2 #2 Pirates 4 #3 Hangover 2.

    Still In Theatres
    Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs Evil – Rated PG,  Rio – Rated G, Something Borrowed – Rated PG-13, Soul Surfer - Rated PG,  Water For Elephants – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of May 24th, 2010

    I Am Number 4Rated PG-13

    I Am Number Four

    One of the last survivors of a dying alien race is hunted but it’s ok.  He has sweet alien powers.  This teen Sci Fi movie might be worth a look just because Timothy Olyphant is in it.


    Gnomeo and JulietRated G

    Gnomeo and Juliet

    This movie is Romeo and Juliet with lawn Gnomes.  While that means that I want to have nothing to do with this one.  There is something in me that says I should check this out.  It should be a good car wreck.


    Next week Vampire loving in the south and hope that the X-Men franchise find redemption.

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  • Remembering "The Macho Man" Randy Savage

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    I was shocked when I learned Friday that The Macho Man Randy Savage died in an auto accident Friday.  He was one of the greatest ever.  I was saddened because he lost his life and also because it seem like Randy was on his way back into the good graces of the WWE.  I, like many fans world wide, was foaming at the mouth for a Macho Man Randy Savage Hall of Fame induction.  Something that sadly will never happen.  Friday night after a Slim Jim toast I got to thinking about my favorite Randy Savage moments. And here they are.

    We start with Randy Savages best match.  Well some people say it’s the greatest pro wrestling match ever.


    The Macho Man Randy Savage Vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3


    Probably what Savage will be remembered for is his storylines with Miss Elizabeth.  She cause his tag team with Hulk Hogan to explode but after everything they did get married.  Live on PPV.  This is an interview with Randy Savage after Miss Elizabeth debuted.

    The one moment I will always remember from Randy’s career is his feud with Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  The one moment from that feud is when Roberts King Cobra, Damien, bit Randy.  It still makes me squirm after all these years.  You can find the clip on Youtube but I will not link to it here.  Both Savage and Roberts were at the top of their game.


    Its hard to believe that Randy Savage has left us.  I still feel he had something left to give us.  I find solace to know that he has finally reunited with Miss Elizabeth.  We will always miss you Randy.

    The Macho Man Randy Savage


  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 5/20/2011

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    YARRR.  Ahoy land lovers.  This week PIRATES! And some movies with “The” in the title come home to DVD.
    These are the movies that were released on Friday, May 20th,  2011

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesRated PG-13

    Captain Jack Sparrow is back and searching for the Fountain of Youth.  I had major reservations about the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Luckily Jeffrey Rush is back as Captain Hector Barbossa, so we have the two Captains back.  I think this will be highly entertaining but will it live up to its predecessors?

    Verdict – Whatever I say will not sway you.  You are either looking forward to another adventure with Captain Jack or you’re not.  I am.

    These movies see a Lansing area release on May 20th, 2011
    The BeaverRated PG-13

    The Beaver

    Mel Gibson is back as a depressed CEO who uses a beaver hand puppet to communicate with his wife (Jodi Foster) and his kids.  Yeah that will work.  Usually I would say that Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster could make anything watchable.  And then I remember it’s not 1995.  This is not getting a normal wide release for a reason.

    Verdict – The only reason you don’t show a Mel Gibson movie everywhere is because its bad.  But what a glorious train wreck this will be.

    POM Wonderful presents; The Greatest Movie Ever SoldRated PG-13

    Morgan Spurlock‘s (The guy who made Super Size Me) new movie is about product placement in films.  I think he is taking the “Its Bad” View.  While I did not agree with a lot of what Spurlock says in Super Size Me, He is a very talented documentary filmmaker.


    Verdict – Another movie documentary.  I think this will be a fun enjoyable look at the business of movies.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Thor – Rated PG-13
    2. Bridesmaids – Rated R
    3. Fast Five – Rated PG-13
    4. Priest – Rated PG-13
    5. Rio – Rated G


    Thor still dominates.  Bridesmaids did better than I thought.  The real surprise this week is Priest who I thought would bomb.  Making 2/3’s of your budget back in one week should be considered a win.

    Still In Theatres
    The Conspirator – Rated PG-13, Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs Evil – Rated PG, Hop – Rated PG, Jumping The Broom – Rated PG-13, Madea’s Big Happy Family – Rated PG-13, Prom  – Rated PG, Something Borrowed – Rated PG-13, Soul Surfer - Rated PG,  Source Code – Rated PG-13,Water For Elephants – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of May 17th, 2010

    The MechanicRated R

     The Mechanic

    Jason Statham is back for another action movie that is trying to be The Transporter.


    The RiteRated PG-13

     The Rite

    Anthony Hopkins gets possessed by a demon.  I am sold right there regardless of what the critics say.


    The RoommateRated PG-13

    The Roommate

    Wacky college adventures galore as two girls share a room.  Wacky college adventures include stabbing don’t they?  This horror film looks dumb and very fun.


    Next week the one man wolf pack is back.  Better start getting some Hangover cures around.  See you next week.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 5/13/2011

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    Well it’s Friday The 13th. And there other other movies that you can watch that do not include a maniac in a cool hockey mask.  This week a female sex comedy,  a vampire movie that may or may not be really cool, and a classic comes to DVD.

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, May 13th 2011

    BridesmaidsRated R
    This is the Hangover with the ladies as a bachelorette party hits vegas. Though this cast of ladies features Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph in the lead roles so I am expecting to laugh a ton.

    Verdict -
    This is being marketed at the click flick every one will enjoy.  All that means is I wont be caught dead seeing this in the theatres without a lady.

    PriestRated PG-13
    This is based off the Korean Comic book.  Paul Bettany plays a Warrior Priest who fights vampires.  Those blood suckers have his niece and so Bettany goes to find her.  Originally slatted to be released as far back as August 2010.  It tells me one of two things.  Either the studio (Screen Gems) thinks this is a stinker and keep giving more time to make it better or the studio thinks they can make some money by smartly scheduling this one.  I am going to go with both.  Why would you place this a week after Thor?

    Verdict - Paul Bettany’s involvement make it too hard to pass up, but i havent seen Thor yet so i may have to pass up for now.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Thor – Rated PG-13
    2. Fast Five – Rated PG-13
    3. Jumping The Broom – Rated PG-13
    4. Something Borrowed – Rated PG-13
    5. Rio – Rated G

    Thor and Fast Five stole most of the box office this past weekend and that should continue.  I am surprised that Jumping The Broom with little marketing took home 3rd.  Perhaps I am the only person who didn’t know about Jumping The Broom.

    Still In Theatres
    Hanna - Rated PG-13, Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs Evil – Rated PG, Hop – Rated PG, Madea’s Big Happy Family – Rated PG-13, Prom  – Rated PG, Soul Surfer - Rated PG,  Source Code – Rated PG-13,Water For Elephants – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of May 3rd, 2010

    No Strings AttachedRated R
    No Strings Attached
    This is a nice romantic comedy for you couples out there.  Well at lest the girl might like it.

    Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverRated G
    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
    Your daughter might want it but give her the money to go buy it her self.  I fear you might end up on a list if you are a male over the age of 18 and you buy this movie.

    Home Improvement: 20th Anniversary Complete Collection
    Home Improvement: The 20th Anniversary Complete Collection
    All 8 seasons of Home Improvement in one set.  I have seen this in resent years, and while I dont think it this show has aged gracefully its still fun to watch.  Home Improvement being 20 years old makes me feel really old.

    Next week Anthony Hopikins is possesed and the return of Captian Jack.  I must brush up on my pirate.  See you next week.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 5/6/2011

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    The summer movie season begins with Thor, But also we get a romantic comedy with Jim from the office and another comic adaptation that probably should have been given a second thought.

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, May 6th 2011

    ThorRated PG-13
    Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is sent to Earth by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) for being a jerk.  There he finds love in the guise of Natalie Portman.  This is all based off the Marvel Comic book.  And thus begins our road to The Avengers.  This will connect with Iron Man and the forth coming Captian America movie.  What I am looking forward to his how Shakespearen director Kenneth Branagh will handle this comic book adaption.  From the looks of the trailers it looks good.

    Verdict – The summer is here with the year’s first blockbuster.  I will be watching and saying thou a lot.

    Something BorrowedRated PG-13
    Something Borrowed
    Ginnifer Goodwin gets drunk and hops in the sack with Kate Hudson’s Fiance.  Hijinx ensues and John Krasinski co stars.  With this cast I think I could be enjoyable.  But if anyone is phoning it in, it will be very horrible.

    Verdict – I guess I should take my Mom to something she would watch

    Jumping The BroomRated PG-13
    Jumping The Broom
    Two family’s get together for a wedding where their family will become one.   That is all I know about this movie.  I never heard of it being released and I couldn’t find much information accept that it is based on a book.

    Verdict – It’s got Angela Bassett in it so I cannot be terrible.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1.  Fast Five – Rated PG-13
    2.  Rio – Rated G
    3. Madea’s Big Happy Family – Rated PG-13
    4. Water For Elephants – Rated PG-13
    5. Prom  – Rated PG

    In not so surprising fashion Fast Five takes #1.  Rio hangs around and Madea just keeps hanging around which is not surprising at all.  What I am shocked about is Hoodwinked 2 coming in at 6.  I expected the bad reviews but only making a shade over 4 million surprised me.  I guess everyone would rather watch Rio or Hop.  Thor should crush all in its path next week.

    Still In Theatres
    Arthur - Rated PG-13, The Conspirator – Rated PG-13, Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night –Rated PG-13
    , Hanna - Rated PG-13, Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs Evil – Rated PG, Hop – Rated PG,   Insidious – Rated PG-13, Limitless - Rated PG-13, Scream 4 – Rated R,  Soul Surfer - Rated PG,  Source Code – Rated PG-13, Win Win – Rated R, Your Highness - Rated  R

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of May 3rd, 2010

    The Green HornetRated PG-13
    The Green Hornet
    I look pass the mixed reviews and still want to see this.  Probably because I remember the old TV show on some channel growing up.  It made its money back and then some so that tells me that it is probably entertaining but not good.

    The DilemmaRated PG-13
    The Dilemma
    Kevin James and Vince Vaughn in the same comedy movie?  Sign me up.  Much like Green Hornet the mixed review do not faze me.

    Next week Natalie Portman has sex with Ashton Kutcher.  That’s not right.  She should be doing that with me.  A female Rated R sex comedy and Paul Bettany faces off against vampires.  FINALLY! I was supposed to see this last August.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 4/29/11

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    Welcome back to the Weekend Movie Guide. This week The Rock in a movie that might actually make money, PROM!, and not much is coming home on DVD.

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, April 30th, 2011

    Fast FiveRated PG-13

    Fast Five

    The Fast and the Furious guys are back and this time in Rio.  They are being hunted by The Rock and they have also pissed off the mob.  Much to my surprised I enjoyed the 4th Fast and Furious.  I have heard interviews where the producers want to get away from street racing but still involve difficult car stunts.  Ok sure.  I suspect more of the same but with Vin Diesel it should be entertaining.

    Verdict – I am interested to see when this film franchise will start losing steam.  Probably will not be with 5 but maybe 6.


    Prom  – Rated PG


    It’s a teen dramedy about Prom.  Sign me up.  Wait no.  This is from Walt Disney so I suspect that it could do really well.  But then again I no longer care about Prom or anything related to it.

    Verdict – I will only watch this movie if it is like my own Senior Prom.  We all ditched our dates to play X-Men the Arcade Game.


    Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs EvilRated PG

    Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil

    Red (Hayden Panettiere) and Wolf (Patrick Warburton) are on the case as they try to find Hansel and Gretel (Bill Hader and Amy Pohler).  I never say the first Hoodwinked although I heard it was OK.  This sequel isn’t so lucky.

    Verdict – If you don’t have kids you should count your self lucky


    Dylan Dog: Dead Of NightRated PG-13

    Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

    Brandon Routh stars as a PI that specializes in the Paranormal.  Hell is involved in this movie somehow.  Based on the Italian comic book series.  I am just excited to see Routh in a more traditional action film setting but I am not sure this is going to turn out good.


    Verdict – I looks like a blockbuster, talks like a blockbuster, but is not a blockbuster.  Will be good to check out on DVD.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Rio – Rated G
    2. Madea’s Big Happy Family – Rated PG-13
    3. Water For Elephants – Rated PG-13
    4. Hop – Rated PG
    5. Scream 4 – Rated R


    I am slightly surprised that Madea’s Big Happy Family did not take #1 but the reviews for that one have not been kind.  I am happy Scream 4 is hanging in there.  It will more than likely lead to a sequel.

    Still In Theatres
    Arthur - Rated PG-13, The Conspirator – Rated PG-13, Hanna - Rated PG-13,  Insidious – Rated PG-13, Limitless - Rated PG-13, Soul Surfer - Rated PG,  Source Code – Rated PG-13, Win Win – Rated R, Your Highness - Rated  R

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of April 26th, 2010


    Human Planet

    Human Planet

    This is another BBC Documentary in the vain of Planet Earth.  Its shows like these that make you thankful you have a Blu-Ray Player.


    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Criterion EditionRated R

    Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

    Speaking of Blu-Ray Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas gets its a release in Blu-Ray.  I am scared of this.  Last time I watched Fear and Loathing I started to hallucinate.  I wonder what will happen when I watch it on Blu-Ray?


    Next week Seth Rogans attempt at being a super hero AND THE ALL MIGHTY THOR.  The summer movie season is upon us.  Sweet.  See you next week.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 4/22/11

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    We are so close to Summer I can already see Michael Bay’s gratuitous explosions.  This week the moody vampire from Twilight plays with elephants, Oscar winner for best picture comes home, and Tyler Perry in a fat suit . . . again.  When can I be an old lady in a fat suit?

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, April 22nd, 2011

    Water For ElephantsRated PG-13

     Water For Elephants

    In flash backs we learn the story of a vet (Robert Pattinson or the leader of Team Edward) who works at a brutal circus who loves the star performer (Reese Witherspoon).  Her husband (Christoph Waltz) might not enjoy that.  This is a love story from the Director of I Am Legend Francis Lawrence.  I am not sure about this one but the cast is strong on paper

    Verdict – Sounds like a date night movie that might not be tourtuous. 


    Madea’s Big Happy FamilyRated PG-13

    Madea (Tyler Perry) is helping a niece, who has cancer, gather her children to tell them the news.  That turns out to be very hard as her kids all have some emotional baggage.  There is a reason Tyler Perry keeps on making these movies.  They are funny and they have heart.

    Madea's Big Happy Family

    Verdict – I always have felt Madea’s movies are Perry’s best so this should be no different.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Rio – Rated G
    2. Scream 4 – Rated R
    3. Hop – Rated PG
    4. Hanna - Rated PG-13
    5. Soul Surfer - Rated PG


    Rio took home about $40 Million which is HALF what Scream 4 made.  WOW.  I always thought that Scream 4 would not set the box office on fire but make its money back.  I am happy that Soul Surfer made it into the top 5.  The more word of mouth I hear about Soul Surfer the more I want to see it.  I wonder what sort of damage Tyler Perry will do to the top 5 next week as his audience will come out of the wood work to see it.


    Still In Theatres
    Arthur - Rated PG-13, The Conspirator – Rated PG-13, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules - Rated PG, Insidious – Rated PG-13, Limitless - Rated PG-13, Source Code – Rated PG-13, Sucker Punch PG-13, Win Win – Rated R, Your Highness - Rated  R

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of April 19th, 2010

    The King’s SpeechRated R

    The King's Speech

    This is the Oscar winner for . . well tons of stuff.  It should be nice to get to check it out finally.

    Rabbit HoleRated PG-13

     Rabbit Hole

    Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart play grieving parents when their 8 year old son is killed.  This is also an award winner that I think will get more attention now that it is on DVD.


    Gulliver’s TravelsRated PG

    Gulliver's Travels

    Jack Black stars in the modern retelling of the classic book.  Critics did like it at all but Kids did.  I will check this out when I am snowed in.


    Next week The Rock tries to take down Vin Diesel in a fast car and PROM Oh crap I don’t have a date.  I wonder what your sister is doing.  See you guys next week

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide For 4/8/2011

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    Spring is in the air.  So take your sweetie or lover or stranger from the bus stop to a movie.  The week a fantasy movie mixed with Mary Jane, a remake that I think could do well, and another trip to Narnia is in store for your living rooms.

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, April 8th, 2011

    Your Highness - Rated  R
    Your Highness
    James Franco his a prince with an arrogant brother (Danny McBride).  They are on a quest to save their fathers kingdom with the help of the always hot Natalie Portman.  This is director of the movie Pinapple Express.  The real secret is it is written by Danny McBride who is the slacker comedy it guy right now.

    Verdict - You had me at a half naked Natalie Portman.  I will be watching this alone.

    Hanna - Rated PG-13
    Eric Banna is teaching his young daughter (The Lovely Bone’s Saoirse Ronan) what every father teaches his daughter: how to kill.  Her father sends her on an assassination mission and Cate Blanchett is hot on her trail.  This looks like a fun action movie that gets on my radar with the additoin of academy award winner Blanchett

    Verdict - I do not think Hanna will set the world on fire but the cast is strong enough to garner a viewing.

    Arthur - Rated PG-13
    In a remake of the 1981 movie that made Duddley Moore a star, Russell Brand plays a millionaire playboy.  He has to decide between marrying Jennifer Garner and inheriting tons of money or being with a peasant (Gerta Gerwig) and getting nothing.  Is this even in question?  This remake is something I actually want to see because I am not sick of Russell Brand yet.

    Verdict - This remake might actually live up to the original but I do have some reservations about some one screwing this up

    Soul Surfer - Rated PG
    Soul Surfer
    This is a story based on a true story where a 13 year old surfer looses her arm to a shark attack.  That right there means if this movie is reasonably made it will touch you.  In a good way.  Helen Hunt and Dennis Quiad play her parents and then I am sold

    Verdict - Even though I expect to me emotionally manipulated a bit,  Soul Surfer could turn in to a inspiring film.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Hop – Rated PG
    2. Source Code – Rated PG-13
    3. Insidious – Rated PG-13
    4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Rated PG
    5. Limitless - Rated PG-13

    Am I disappointed Hop is the #1 movie in america? A little.  Am I Surprised? No.  Given the subject matter I figured it would probably do well. I am surprised that Insidious did break the top 5 and I hope that it does well enough to allow its creators to make more films.

    Still In Theatres
    The Adjustment Bureau – Rated PG-13, Battle: Los Angeles - Rated PG-13,Hall Pass – Rate R, , Just Go With It – Rated PG-13, The King’s Speech - Rated R, The Lincoln Lawyer - Rated R, Paul - Rated R, Rango – Rated PG, Red Riding Hood – Rated PG-13, Sucker Punch PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of April 5th, 2010

    Little Fockers - Rated PG-13
    Little Fockers
    This is the award winning 3rd entry into the Meet the Parents series.  What award did it win? The Golden Rasberry for Worst Supporting Actress (Jessica Alba).  Critics were not kind to this one but it made alot of money.  That has to mean something doesn't it?   . . . . Not really.

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Rated PG
    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    Despite mixed reviews I still want to check out this third trip to Narnia.  I have enjoyed the other two so why not this one?

    Tron: Legacy - Rated PG
    Tron: Legacy
    Tron Legacy is a great way to kill a couple hours.  It is action packed and the visuals are amazing.  Jeff Bridges does what Jeff Bridges adds to any movie.  He adds the heart that takes this new Tron to another level.

    Next week the begining of the end of Harry Potter on DVD, a animated movie in Rio, and Wes Craven has one last shot before I write him off for good.  YOUR ON NOTICE CRAVEN.
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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 4/1/2011

    Posted by Mac D

    Lets skip a sarcastic introduction shall we?  This week the creators of Saw are back, Natalie Portman’s Oscar winning performance is on DVD, and a Easter movie with out Jesus.  Can you make that?

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, April 1st, 2011

    Source CodeRated PG-13

    Source Code

    Jake Gyllenhaal can travel through time 8 minutes before a train blows up near Chicago.  While on the surface Source Code looks like a sci fi movie I probably have seen before.  But I think Gyllenhaal is talented enough to make this entertaining. Michelle Monaghan has his love interest will not hurt anything either.


    Verdict – I guess you can do a time travel movie with out a phone booth.  Who knew?  I want to check Source Code out


    InsidiousRated PG-13


    A family is torn when there son is being drawn the a realm called The Further.  It is a twist on the class possession tale.  Advertisers will remind you that this is brought you buy the guys who brought you Paranormal Activity.  That is true as the director of Paranormal Activity is producing this; the real story is this movie is by the writer director team from Saw.  While those guy’s non Saw movies haven’t done very well, I have a feeling this could be good.


    Verdict – I am intrigued but hopefully there isn’t a let down.


    HopRated PG


    The Easter Bunny (Voiced by Russel Brand) runs away right before Easter to be come a rock drummer and runs into a slacker played by James Marsden. There are some chicks (not females but baby chickens) that are out to destroy Easter and must be stopped by our heroes. I think I got dumber by typing that. Isn’t Easter about Jesus?  On one hand an animated move about the Easter Bunny is a no brainer.  I can’t recall it ever being done before.  However the plot has me running to the hills and I am not too pleased about the animation and live action hybrid.  They only movie where that worked was Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.


    Verdict - I am the fortunate one.  I do not have kids that would drag me to the theatres to see this movie.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
    2. Sucker Punch
    3. Limitless - Rated PG-13
    4. The Lincoln Lawyer - Rated R

    5. Rango – Rated PG


    I am not really that surprised Wimpy Kid 2 took number 1.  Most people I talked with didn’t realize that the first movie made tons of money.  If timed right the sequel could do better business.  I guess they timed it right.  The reception of Sucker Punch hasn’t killed my drive to see it but made me sad for Zach Synder.  The new Superman should help his reputation survive. 


    Still In Theatres
    The Adjustment Bureau – Rated PG-13, Battle: Los Angeles - Rated PG-13, Beastly – Rated PG-13, Cedar Rapids – Rated R, Hall Pass – Rate R, , Just Go With It – Rated PG-13, , The King’s Speech - Rated R, Paul - Rated R, Red Riding Hood – Rated PG-13, Unknown – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of March 29th, 2010

    Black SwanRated R

    Black Swan

    One of my favorite movies of the past year finally comes home.  Yes there is some girl on girl action.  I think I just sold every one on this great movie.


    TangledRated PG


    This is Disney’s new take on Rapunzel.  It made good money word of mouth was good.  I should probably check it out on a sick day.


    Fair GameRated PG-13

    Fair Game

    The is a spy outing movie featuring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.  Sounds OK but this movie did not make much noise when it was released.


    Next week a we get a stoner fantasy film, Russell Brand is drunk, and more fun in a computer world.  Better get Doritios.  See you next week.

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  • Google announces Gmail Motion

    Posted by Mac D

    Google announces Gmail Motion


    Good has announced new technology called Gmail motion.  I cannot adequately describe this advancement so look at this short video below.


    Ok if you didn’t get it by watching the video above this is this year’s Google April Fool’s day joke. I have received multiple emails including some for tech guys claiming this was real. It had me going for a bit until the experts started in on how it is going to revolutionize typing.  It’s April 1st.  I never believe anything that happens on this day. EVER


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  • Big Ten Hockey Could Be On It's Way

    Posted by Mac D

    Big news out of the Big Ten, as the athletic directors of Michigan State, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Penn State have announced their intention to recommend to the Big Ten Council of Presidents/ Chancellors to create the Big Ten Men’s Ice Hockey Conference.  All of this would be set to go in 2013.

    Wait Mac D.  I don’t know a lot about hockey but isn’t there already a Big Ten Hockey Conference?


    Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State are members of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA).  Wisconsin and Minnesota are under the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. (WCHA).  Penn State has not even started its Men’s Hockey Program yet.  MSU and U of M would then get to play Wisconsin and Minnesota more then once a year.


    The idea is for a 20 game Big Ten Schedule, playing 4 games against every body else in the conference (2 home and 2 away).  Big Ten would end the season with a Big Ten tournament (The Joe would be a nice place for the first one).  Just like basketball the winner of the Conference tournament would get an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament.  It was stressed that the Big Ten would work to create a strong Non-Conference schedule with tons of games against the CCHA and WCHA.  Good, Games against Ferris State and Western Michigan were always my favorites.


    This is all happening now because Penn State announced that it is creating a Men’s Hockey team and the current rule in the Big Ten you need six sponsoring institutions before you can crown a Big Ten Champion. So thanks Penn State.


    Currently the five Big Ten schools with hockey programs have very strong winning traditions.  I am very excited if this does eventually happen.  I think it will. 


    So hey Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska get on the band wagon and make some Men’s Ice Hockey Teams.  I would love to see all 12 schools in one conference.

    Big Ten

    Munn Ice Arena

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide for 3/18/2011

    Posted by Mac D


    Spring is in the air and it is warming up.  What a better weekend then to sit inside and watch a movie.  This week Seth Rogan plays a stoned alien, proof that Batman can box, and Matthew McConaughey will take his shirt of in court.

    These are the movies that were released on Friday, March 18th, 2011

    Paul - Rated R


    Two comic book nerds on there way to comic con run into a alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogan).  Government agents led by Jason Batemen chase them.  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star (Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz).  This movie was also written by Pegg and Frost.  The supporting cast is spectacular on paper.  I am very weary about this movie because of the addition of Rogan who hasn’t done anything particularly good in two years. Word of mouth is good so I might be willing to give it a try.

    Verdict – Good word of mouth is all I need to want to check this out

    Limitless - Rated PG-13

    Bradley Cooper takes a drug and the can recall everything he has read, seen, or heard.  He starts to make money, which displeases Robert DeNiro who then tries to kill Cooper. Seeing the trailers, I think this could be a very entertaining movie.  Bradley Cooper will make it entertaining.  Robert DeNiro will be evil.  At the end of my two hours I will be happy.  But I have a bad feeling.  I think this will get lost in the shuffle and might make some money but will not blowing anything away.  Which is a shame because Bradley Cooper is the future.

    Verdict – I want to see this but probably not right away.

    The Lincoln Lawyer - Rated R

    The Lincoln Lawyer

    Matthew McConaughey stars as a lawyer who operates out the back of his Lincoln.  His case this time is to defend a playboy is accused of murder.  Based on the book.  Matthew McConaughey really has never bothered me. I haven’t seen many of his romantic comedies and the movies of his I have seen were slightly entertaining. I will try not to ignore this.

    Verdict – The author of the book says fans of the series will be pleased.  If the author likes it, then I will try to catch this sooner or later.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Battle: Los Angeles - Rated PG-13
    2. Rango – Rated PG
    3. Red Riding Hood – Rated PG-13
    4. The Adjustment Bureau – Rated PG-13
    5. Mars Needs Moms – Rated PG

    I am none surprised but the box office results for this week.  I am glad Battle: Los Angeles took #1 as Aaron Eckhardt’s stock keeps rising.

    Still In Theatres
    Beastly – Rated PG-13, Cedar Rapids – Rated R, Drive Angry – Rated R, Gnomeo & Juliet – Rated G, Hall Pass – Rate R,  I Am Number 4 – Rated PG-13, Just Go With It – Rated PG-13, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – Rated G, Take Me Home Tonight – Rated R, The King’s Speech - Rated R, Unknown – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD the week of March 15th, 2010

    The Fighter - Rated R
    The Fighter

    This is the boxing comeback movie that got Christian Bale and Melissa Leo Oscars.  I have heard that this movie is Bale’s which is a very good sign.

    Hereafter - Rated PG-13


    Clint Eastwood directs this movie where Matt Damon can talk to the dead.  I like it the first time when it was called The Dead Zone.  But it’s a Clint Eastwood movie so I cannot be that bad.

    The Switch - Rated PG-13

    The Switch

    Patrick Bateman screws up and spills the baby batter that Jennifer Aniston had and then replaces it with his own. High Jinx ensue. I haven’t heard good things about this but I will always give Patrick Bateman a shot

    Next week a wimpy kid returns, Jole & Depp come home, and the first of my anticipated movies of 2011 debuts.  I need to start cooking the bacon for that theatre run.  See you guys next week.

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