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  • Video Proof Of The Crow Uprising At The Q106 Studios

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    You have may heard us talking about this.  There are A TON of crows outside the Q106 Studios.  We do not have a list of their demands.  We do not know what they want.  All they do i circle and cry.  Judge for your self.


  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (2/3/12)

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    This week whales, Harry Potter in a horror film, and some good movies on DVD.

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday, February 3rd, 2011
    Big MiracleRated PG
    Big Miracle
    Based on a true story, Grey Whales are trapped in Alaska and it will take several governments to save the.  The cast is lead by John Krasinski, Drew Barrymore, Kristin Bell, Ted Danson, and Dermot Mulroney.  To me this appears as any other heart-warming drama about animals in danger.  Nothing jumps out to me saying this movie is different then dozens before it.

    Verdict – Perhaps on some rainy day but not now.

    ChronicleRated PG-13
    Shot in a documentary format, three rowdy teens gain superpowers and then start abusing them.  Then one of them turns evil. This is a superhero movie that isn’t based on any comic.  While it looks entertaining, if the characters are given a deep look Chronicle could be great.

    Verdict – Looks entertaining but I wont run anywhere to see it.

    Woman In BlackPG-13
    Woman In Black
    Daniel Radcliffe stars as a man who faces off against an evil spirit that wants to kill children.  Made by the same studio that did Let Me In, I remain skeptical of how good this horror film is.  Stunt casting done on a horror film released in winter usually raises red flags.  However Daniel Radcliffe is more then a more then capable actor and the trailer makes me think this will be scary.  But a more things jumping at you scary.

    Verdict - This may be a diamond in the rough.  I think it will be good but how good is yet to be seen.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. The Grey – Rated R
    2. Underworld: Awakening – Rated R
    3. One For The Money – Rated PG-13
    4. Red Tails – Rated PG-13
    5. Man On A Ledge – Rated PG-13

    Liam Neeson fighting wolves wins though it did not do as well as Taken or Unknown.  Man On A Ledge is under performing which probably means its confusing.

    Still In Theatres
    Albert Nobbs – Rated R, Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G, The Artist – Rated PG-13, Beauty And The Beast 3D – Rated G, Contraband – Rated R, A Dangerous Method - Rated R, The Descendants – Rated R, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close – Rated PG-13, Haywire – Rated R, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Rated R, The Iron Lady – Rated PG-13, Joyful Noise – Rated PG-13, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13, Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13, War Horse – Rated PG-13, We Bought A Zoo –Rated PG,

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday January, 31th 2012
    DriveRated R
    Ryan Gosling stars as a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver.  He runs a fowl of the east coast mob and must pay some money back.  Was this the best movie of 2011? No but it was damn near close.  This hearkens back to the 1970’s style of action films and Albert Brooks is amazing.

    The ThingRated R
    The Thing
    This prequel to the 1982 horror classic tells the story of the Norwegian scientific study that finds THE THING!  I don’t think it will live up to the original but hopefully it doesn’t far too far away.

    In TimePG-13
    In Time
    Justin Timberlake lives a future where time is the currency and if you run out of time you die.  It looks good and will give Justin Timberlake a  boost if he can pull off the cool looking action star.  I wonder if this will make you think like Gattaca or something that is just passable.

    Next week The Rock goes on a trip, Denzel Washington is a bad ass, and a sad grab for money.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (1/27/12)

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    Well The Oscars were announced.  I would tell you more of my thoughts about who is going to win but its going to take a long time before I can get over Jonah Hill being nominated for Best Supporting Actor.  This week Glenn Close in drag, Liam Neeson vs Wolves, and giant fighting robots come home.

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday, January 27th, 2011
    A Dangerous Method - Rated R
    A Dangerous Method
    This movie explores the relationship between Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and Sigmund Freud (Vigo Mortensen).  Those are pioneer psychologists and Freud blames everything on sex.  I have studied Psychology and it bored me to death.  On the other hand I enjoyed Fraiser.  Perhaps director David Cronenberg (The Fly and A History Of Violence) can make this entertaining.

    Verdict – While the actors kind of intrigued me I will wait to see this when I can see it free.

    Albert NobbsRated R
    Albert Nobbs
    Glenn Close plays a woman who has to dress like a man in the early 1900’s for work.  30 years later she finds out that she is trapped.  I enjoyed this the first time I saw it when it was called Tootsie.  Much like A Dangerous Method I am sure this is good but I don’t have much interest in this.  Even though Glenn Close was nominated for an Oscar for this.

    Verdict - While the actors kind of intrigued me I will wait to see this when I can see it free. (I think I have said that before)

    Man On A LedgeRated PG-13
    Man On A Ledge
    Ed Harris has framed Sam Worthington for a diamond heist he did not commit.  So to prove is innocence Sam threatens to commit suicide as a distraction so his brother Jamie Bell can rob Ed Harris of Diamonds.  Elizabeth Banks and Krya Sedgwick co star.  The plot seems a bit too convoluted.  However I think the cast can be good enough to make Man On A Ledge entertaining.

    Verdict – I hope I don’t go crossed eyed.  I hope I do not need any aspirin after viewing.

    One For The MoneyRated PG-13
    One For The Money
    Katherine Heigl needs money so she becomes a bounty hunter but not the cool Boba Fett kind of bounty hunter.  She has to chase her old high school boyfriend whom she is falling back in love with.  Out of all the Katherine Heigl movies this one looks the best, which is like saying out of all the piles of crap this one smells the best.

    Verdict – I will take the GF but the she must watch a marathon of Roadhouse, Die Hard, and the next movie.

    The GreyRated R
    The Grey
    Liam Neeson is in a plane crash with some of his buddy’s.  They have to walk through the Alaskan wilderness and fend off wolves.  I can see this being in the vain of Neeson’s other action films Taken and Unknown.   Kicking ass and having flesh out, deep characters.  I expect good things from The Grey.

    Verdict ­– Liam Neeson is going to kick the crap out of nature and I want a front row seat.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Underworld: Awakening – Rated R
    2. Red Tails – Rated PG-13
    3. Contraband – Rated R
    4. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close – Rated PG-13
    5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13

    I am not surprised that ass kicking vampires won this week.  I am hopeful for Red Tails.  I have heard good things and George Lucas wants to make more.

    Still In Theatres
    The Adventures of Tintin – Rated PG, Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G, The Artist – Rated PG-13,  Beauty And The Beast 3D – Rated G, The Descendants – Rated R, Haywire – Rated R, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Rated R, The Iron Lady – Rated PG-13, Joyful Noise – Rated PG-13, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13, Shame – Rated NC-17, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Rated R,War Horse – Rated PG-13, We Bought A Zoo –Rated PG,

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday January, 24th 2012
    50/50Rated R
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a guy who has to deal with being diagnosed with cancer.  This was one of my top movies of 2011.  While people call it a comedy I do not remember laughing much but this is a very emotional film.

    Real SteelRated PG-13
    Real Steel
    Hugh Jackman trains robots to box.  This is supposed to take over MMA?  This movie has tons of heart and should be good for a Saturday night.

    Paranormal Activity 3Rated R
    Paranormal Activity 3
    See how all this Paranormal Activity demon stuff started.  I liked the first 1 but not the 2nd.  Watch this in the dark with the surround sound all the way up and the lights off.

    Next week Harry Potter is being haunted by a ghost, some whales are stuck in ice, and shape-shifting aliens in the Arctic.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (1/20/12)

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    This week a silent movie, werewolves that keep their shirts on, and movie on DVD that topped several lists in 2011.

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday, January 20th, 2011
    The ArtistRated PG-13
    The Artist
    The Artist is a look at the life of a silent movie star.  This movie is mostly black and white and also silent.  But John Goodman is in this so there’s that.  I worry that it being silent is too gimmicky to get the point of the plot across.  But those fears are laid to rest as this film as won tons of awards including the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Or Musical.

    Verdict – More then likely a big Oscar contender, I will want to see The Artist A.S.A.P.

    Extremely Loud And Incredibly CloseRated PG-13
    Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close
    Based on the Book, Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn) deals with the loss of his father Tom Hanks after the September 11th attacks.  Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are your adult leads so a child dealing with death would seem fascinating in their hands.  But I am very hesitant to watch any movie that uses 9/11 as a plot point.

    Verdict – I am glad Tom Hanks is working I hope this is as good as the trailers make it seem

    HaywireRated R

    A covert operative (Gina Carano) is double crossed and now must have her revenge.  This co stars Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas, and Michael Douglas.  With that cast list I am sold right there.  Plus hot chicks kicking ass are fun.

    Verdict – If this makes sense then we will all be entertained.

    Red TailsRated PG-13
    Red Tails
    George Lucas executive produces this movie on the Tuskegee Airmen featuring Cuba Gooding Jr and Terrence Howard.  Lucas has been looking to make this since 1988.  He couldn’t find financing so George remembered that he created Star Wars and then financed everything himself.  I think this will be more action then drama.  Which is fine because Lucas Arts is doing huge WW2 Dog fights.

    Verdict – A non-Star Wars/ Indiana Jones George Lucas film? I thought those didn’t exist.  I am interested to see Lucas try something new.

    ShameRated NC-17
    Michael Fassbender has a very structured life to hide his dark side.  Everything is shaken when his sister Carey Mulligan shows up.  Michael Fassbender has been busy as of late.  This should show both of the leads acting strengths.  Note the rating as this will have tons of sex and other things kids shouldn’t see.

    Verdict – I fear I will feel dirty by watching this in the theater but I want to see Michael Fassbender in this setting.

    Underworld: AwakeningRated R
    Underworld: Awakening
    Kate Beckinsale returns to the Underworld series as Humans enter the war between the Vampires and the Lycans (werewolves).  Beckinsale will be the only actor return from the previous movies.  I have seen the others but they never left a huge impression on me.  They were entertaining but not entertaining enough for me to want to watch again.

    Verdict - This will be 88 minutes of entertainment that I will forget about two minutes later.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Contraband – Rated R
    2. Beauty And The Beast 3D – Rated G
    3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13
    4. Joyful Noise – Rated PG-13
    5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13

    A friend told me she had nightmares about Contraband.  That’s how much she hated it.  I still hold on to hope that it will be midly entertaining.  Beauty And The Beast 3D did $6 million less The Lion King but still a nearly 20 year old movie just made $22 Million at the box office.  I guess everything will be re-released in 3D

    Still In Theatres
    The Adventures of Tintin – Rated PG, Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G, Carnage – Rated R, The Darkest Hour – Rated PG-13, The Descendants – Rated R, The Devil Inside – Rated R, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Rated R, The Iron Lady – Rated PG-13, My Weekend With Marilyn – Rated R,The Sitter – Rated R, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Rated R, War Horse – Rated PG-13, We Bought A Zoo – Rated PG,

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday January, 17th 2012
    The Ides Of MarchRated R
    The Ides Of March
    Ryan Gosling is a campaign staff member for George Clooney who is running for president.  Gosling starts to get pulled into the seedy side of politics cleaning up after Clooney.  With a presidential election coming up, I want to watch this to see the seedy side of politics.

    Bucky Larson: Born To Be A StarRated R
    Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star
    Nick Swardson stars as a guy who finds out he is the son of two porn stars and then decides to become one himself.  I only single this movie out as this has landed on many worst movies of 2011 lists.  I wonder if its as bad as Jack & Jill or worst yet The Roommate?

    Next week boxing robots, a heist moving includes a suside attempt, and Liam Neeson kicks the crap out of nature.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (1/13/12)

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    Happy Friday the 13th every one.  I will be celebrating the traditional way which is a marathon of all the Friday the 13th movies.  I recommend 2, 4, 6 and Freddy Vs Jason.  This week a classic Disney movie gets a 3D rerelease, two golden globe nominated movies, and one of my favorite movies from 2011 gets a release on DVD.

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday, January 13th, 2011
    Beauty And The Beast 3DRated G
    Beauty And The Beast 3D
    Due to The Lion King doing so well at the box office here is the first of many re release copy cats.  I enjoy Beauty and the Beast.  I have several fond memories of see this in the theaters.  But does it need to be in 3D to be enjoyed?  I go with no but I am happy to see this in the theater again.

    Verdict – If I had kids or nieces/nephews old enough to watch this I would go.

    CarnageRated R
    This is a Roman Polanski directed black comedy about two sets parents coming together after one kid hits the other with a stick.  It stars John C Reilly, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, and Christoph Waltz.  Cast is steller and this is just one of two films being released this week that are award contender with the women getting golden globe noms.  This had me at John C Reilly and Christoph Walts.

    Verdict – I don’t know what to expect with Carnage except to be entertained.

    ContrabandRated R

    Mark Wahlburg stars as a former sumgiler who is forced back into the game when his Brother in law botches a job and he has to pay a debt to Giovanni Ribisi.  I liked this movie better the first time, when it was called Gone In Sixy Seconds. HA.  While this movie will now forever be compared to Nick Cage’s classic 2000 movie I expect the same things from Contraband.  A star who will be entertaining and a villain who will be memorable.  This wont win any awards but should be good.

    Verdict – I wonder if I will want to start running contraband after watching this.  Gone In Sixty Seconds made me want to speed after viewing.

    Joyful NoiseRated PG-13
    Joyful Noise
    Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah feud over how a small town choir should be run.  There is some contest that will pull the town around the choir and save the choir if they win.  Also Parton and Latifah have relatives that are attracted to each other. NEXT!!

    Verdict – This sounds like every other music competition movie that I don’t care about.  Why are talents like Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah attached?  Do they need a pay check?

    The Iron LadyRated PG-13
    The Iron Lady
    Meryl Streep stars in this biopic on Margaret Thatcher, a Prime Minister of England.  This is the other award contender that will debut this week.  Streep has several rave reviews of her work.  I always enjoy a look into the government of England.

    Verdict – While I do think this will be good I do think this will fall to the weigh side at least for me as there are several other things I want to see ahead of the Iron Lady.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. The Devil Inside – Rated R
    2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13
    3. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13
    4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Rated R
    5. Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G

    Even though I still am not excited to see The Devil Inside I do have to get it props.  It beat all of the Christmas blockbusters for #1 and did so by $12 million.  Although the critics have not been kind I lean towards see it because of its #1 ranking. The rest of the back remains the same although The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo did not move from #4

    Still In Theatres
    The Adventures of Tintin – Rated PG, The Darkest Hour – Rated PG-13, The Descendants – Rated R, Hugo – Rated PG,The Muppets – Rated PG, My Weekend With Marilyn – Rated R, New Years Eve – Rated PG-13, The Sitter – Rated R, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Rated R,Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Rated PG-13, WarHorse – Rated PG-13, We Bought A Zoo – Rated PG, Young Adult - Rated R

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday January, 10th 2012
    MoneyballRated  PG-13
    This is my #8 favorite movie of 2011.  I can’t stress enough how much fun I had watching Brad Pitt and you should all see Moneyball.

    Killer EliteRated R
    Killer Elite
    Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro play assassins.  SCORE!  I do not care that critics did not like this at all.  With those three it should be entertaining.

    Next week a porno no one wants to see, Vampires & Werewolves that are not emo, and George Lucas’s dream project sees a release.

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  • Howard Jones Leaves Killswitch Engage

    Posted by Mac D

    Killswitch Engage has announced that they have parted ways with their lead singer Howard Jones.

    To our family, friends and fans: We have decided to continue on without Howard Jones as the singer of Killswitch Engage.  We love Howard and are thankful for the nine years that we’ve had him in the band.  Out of respect for everyone involved we will not be discussing the specific reasons behind this decision.  Howard is a part of our family and always will be, and we wish him well.  He has left big shoes to fill, so we certainly have our work cut out for us to find the next singer of Killswitch, something we plan on making priority #1 going forward.  Most importantly, thanks to all of you for all the support throughout the years and for sticking by us for all this time.  We really do appreciate it and we very much look forward to having a new record for all of you in the not too distant future that we can all be proud of.  Sincerely, Adam, Joel, Mike & Justin.

    Jones then released a statement of his own

    Well, I guess I will shed a little light without going too deep.  As some of you may know, I’ve had a pretty interesting couple of years to say the least battling with some personal issues.  One of the low points being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that went unchecked for years.  The rest of the band stuck with me through it, and to be honest they are the ones that kept me going.  The whole experience definitely put a scare in me.Recently we’ve all been in writing mode but somehow I couldn’t get excited about the new album and all the touring that would go with it.  The guys saw it before I did.  In hindsight I now realize that my heart wasn’t in it.  I have had an amazing decade with KSE.  I love Justin, MikeD, Joel and Adam for hanging in there and standing by me no matter how bad it was. I have so many good memories, and those are the ones that I will keep.  Will I be involved in music again?  Sure, I have been in bands for a little over half my life, can’t stop now.  Until then, get the new KsE album, it’s going to be good.  Thanks everyone for letting me try to entertain you, and I wish myself well in my future endeavors.  Gone fishin’ Howard

    I will now speak rock star for you.  It seems Jones has been kicked out.  Why? No clue.  Have they grown apart or has the band taken a new direction that Jones didn’t want to go?  We might not know for sure unless this gets ugly.  While I love a good media battle I like Killswitch Engage too much to see the band get carried through the mud.

    This is the bands third singer.  Who will replace Jones?  Some fingers have pointed to All That Remains front man Phil Labonte who has filled in for Jones during some recent tours.  He has denied this.  Just like the last time Killswitch Engage switched singers I think we may be in for a musical shift in the bands music with the new guy still being able to do the old music.

    As for Jones, I hope he returns with a new band or a solo project.  I really enjoy his voice and his stage presence.  I hope he is not on the sidelines for long.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (1/6/12)

    Posted by Mac D

    Welcome to January.  The quality goes down from here until March.  I hope to see some diamonds in the rough this winter.  This week Gary Oldman is a spy, demons are in a lady, and SHARKS!

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday, January 6th, 2011
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyRated R
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    Based on the 1974 Novel, Gary Oldman stars as spy forced into retirement due to changing management.  Well that management might be dirty so Oldman gets called back to work.  Supporting cast features Academy Award winner Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, and Mark Strong.  I think this will be Batman’s James Gordon as a spy.  That suits me just fine as The only reason I am very interested in this movie is due to Gary Oldman.  Positive critical buzz doesn’t hurt either.

    Verdict – This is probably one of the last great movies until we have to sit through the mediocre winter months.  Watch this while you can.

    The Devil InsideRated R
    The Devil Inside
    A woman with a camera crew try to get some demons out of her mom who has been hospitalized for twenty years after killing 3 people.  Yes another exorcism movie.  I am never really excited about these kinds of movies.  They never are as good as The Exorcist but try really hard to either be the classic horror movie or top it.  Just stop trying.  As for The Devil Inside, I do not think its going to be horrible but I have seen this plot done to death and am no longer interested.

    Verdict – Skipping in favor of just renting The Exorcist.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13
    2. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13
    3. Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G
    4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Rated R
    5. WarHorse – Rated PG-13

    No change from last week accept for #5.  Warhorse surprises me as I thought it would do better against several blockbusters that have been in theaters for a while.  Lets see how long Mission Impossible 4 can hang on.

    Still In Theatres
    The Adventures of Tintin – Rated PG, The Darkest Hour – Rated PG-13, The Descendants – Rated R, Happy Feet 2 – Rated PG, Hugo – Rated PG, J.Edgar– Rated R, The Muppets – Rated PG, My Weekend With Marilyn – Rated R, New Years Eve – Rated PG-13, The Sitter – Rated R, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Rated PG-13, We Bought A Zoo – Rated PG, Young Adult - Rated R

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday January, 3rd 2012
    ContagionRated PG-13
    Matt Damon gets most of the word sick.  Its up to every actor in Hollywood to beat this disease.  Critical buzz was good so it’s worth a shot.  Though I will be watching this in a sterile environment.

    Don’t Be Afraid Of The DarkRated R
    Don't Be Afriad Of The Dark
    Katie Holmes is in a haunted house movie.  Nothing in the previous sentence gives me hope that this will be good.  The only saving grace is that producer Guillemro Del Toro does know his horror.  It only slightly makes me want to watch.

    Shark Night 3DRated PG-13
    Shark Night 3D
    Rowdy teens go to the lake for a weekend of sex and drugs.  Instead sharks attack them.  This movie reminds me of Lake Placid which is not good.  This was originally shown in 3D, which would be the only reason I would take notice.

    We you guys next week for Mark Wahlberg doing his Han Solo impersonation and another 3D re-release.   If you missed it check out my top 10 movies of 2011,bottom 5 movies of 2011, and my most anticipated movies of 2012.

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  • Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

    Posted by Mac D

    Now lets set your eyes to the future.  I looks like 2012 will be another year of the franchise with some big money franchises returning to the silver screen.  We also have some great filmmakers putting out new films this year too.  Lets take a peak my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2012.


    Honorable Mentions:
    The Great Gasby, The Amazing Spider-Man, Cabin In the Woods, The Raven, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Expendables 2

    Frankenweenie - Release Date 10/5/2012
    This is director Tim Burton’s animated follow up to Corpse Bride.  It’s also a remake of the Animated short that landed him the director’s chair for Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure which launched Burton’s career.  This is a story of a boy and his dog.  The boy ends up remaking the dog Frankenstein style after an accident.  I liked both The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride so there is no indication that Burton can’t hit again with a dark, off beat, Animated movie.

    John Carter- Release Date 3/5/2012
    John Carter
    Largely based off the first John Carter Novel A Princess Of Mars, a Civil War vet is Transported to Mars to help united all the inhabitants and save Mars from loosing all natural resources.  Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from Wolverine Origins and also Friday Night Lights) gets a huge shot to make it big as the title character.  Willem Dafoe, Dominic West, and Mark Strong all play different Martians.  A strong supporting cast has caught my eye.  These novels seem to be a untapped resource for adoptions because while the John Carter books are popular this will mark the series first attempt at an adaptation either animated or filmed.

    Ted- Release Date 7/13/2012
    This will be the live action debut of Writer/Director Seth MacFarlane (Creator of Family Guy and others).  This is the story of a boy who wishes that his Teddy Bear were alive.  That wish came true.  Unfortunately this boy grew up to be Mark Wahlberg and the bear is still around now causing trouble.  This will be a blend of animation and live action much like Paul from last year.  The supporting cast includes Family Guy regulars and Giovanni Ribisi and Joel McHale.  I remember the last time a guy whom had cult animated series tried to do a live action movie.  That movie ended up being Office Space.  I expect great things from Ted.

    Dark Shadows- Release Date 5/11/2012
    Dark Shadows
    This is the big screen adaptation of the classic 60’s scifi/ horror soap opera Dark Shadows.  Did I mention this stars Johnny Depp and is the next live action movie from Tim Burton?  Both Depp and Burton loved this series as kids and now have a chance to make the series go to the big screen.  Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley, and Christohper Lee round out the cast.  I am all for Johnny Depp playing a vampire but I can’t shake the feeling that this may turn into another Charlie in The Chocolate Factory in that it will be too over the top.

    Django Unchained- Release Date 12/25/2012
    Django Unchained
    This is the next film from Quentin Tarantino that is a revenge story about a slave (Jamie Foxx) getting revenge on his former master (Leonardo DiCaprio) WAIT! STOP! Leonardo DiCaprio is in a Quentin Tarantino film? Sign me up!  These guys are joined by Samuel L Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Kurt Russell, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This looks like another strong film from Tarantino but it will hinge on how good Leo is.

    Skyfall- Release Date 11/9/2012
    Daniel Craig returns as James Bond.  Something in M’s (Judi Dench) past has caught up with her and 007 doesn’t know if he can trust her.  Also MI6 is attach physically and Bond has to do something about it.  The main villain will be played by Javier Bardem (That very creepy assassin from No Country From Old Men). Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney are in this too but we have no idea which characters they are playing.  I have really enjoyed Craig’s turn as Bond.  I am equally excited to see what Bardem can do playing a Bond villain.

    Promethus - Release Date 6/8/2012
    Originally conceived as a prequel to 1979’s Alien this has morphed into something else. Since it is being directed by the original director of Alien Ridley Scott I will let that slide.  This stars Noomi Rapace, Michale Fassbender, Charliez Theron, and Guy Pearce.  Scott returns to the genre that made him a star (he also directed Blade Runner).  But this is no longer the 1980’s so we will see.  If Promethus can capture the same terror and suspense that Alien had we are looking at a good movie.

    The Avengers- Release Date 5/4/2012
    The Avengers
    AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! OK I had to get that out of the way.  This movie as been set in motion since the end of Iron Man.  Some unknown force has threatened earth so Samuel L Jackson Assembles the Avengers Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) all actors are reprising roles they had in prior Marvel movies except for Ruffalo who is taking over for Edward Norton.  Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is a villain in this too.  We don’t know much but I am of the school of though that the Skrulls are involved.  Joss Whedon (TV’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly) has a huge task of making this seem epic while still keeping up with Marvels great films.  I am not certain that every character will get the screen time they deserve.  A team movie is tough and I hope there are too many characters with little to do.  Though no one thought the X-Men would make a good movie and they have made three.

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- Release Date 12/14/2012
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    After a somewhat troubled development we are finally treated to the prequel to the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy done by the original director Peter Jackson.  Martin Freeman has been cast as Bilbo Baggins replacing Ian Holm but that is the only recast.  And Holm is probably going to
    appear anyways as a old Baggins.  That means more time watching in awe Ian McKellen play Grandalf The Grey.  Nothing makes me think that this will be any different then the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy so I am hooked.

    The Dark Knight Rises- Release Date 7/20/2012
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Of course it had to be Batman.  In Christopher Nolan’s last Batman Movie, 8 years after The Dark Knight sees the rise of Bane (Tom Hardy) he is out to create havoc in Gotham City.  Anne Hathaway is the other “villain” as Catwoman though we do not know if she is actually going to be a villain in this movie or that she will be called Catwoman.  Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and others all return.  I have seen the first six minutes and it is as breathe taking as The Dark Knight was.  I suspect this will be the movie to beat in terms of gross and critical response.

    Agree? Disagree? Leave a Comment
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  • The Bottom 5 Movies of 2011

    Posted by Mac D

    Having watched 88 movies in 2011 means I have seen lot of good films.  But I have also seen a lot of crap.  A LOT.  Here are my bottom 5 movies for 2011.  I haven’t seen every movie released in 2011 so this is not a definitive list.

    Dishonorable Mentions:
    The Dilemma, Green Lantern, Drive Angry, The Rite

    Green HornetRated PG-13
    The Green Hornet
    Green Hornet is a bad mix of comedy and drama.  I could never take anything too seriously due to the forced comedy.  If they went straight action, even with the same cast, it would have been a bit better.  The Green Hornet could make a good movie but not a comedy film.  With all the bad jokes I found myself bored by the end.

    Sucker PunchRated R
    Sucker Punch
    I really wanted to like Sucker Punch.  Visually it is stunning but it was too much.  Between action sequences that took too long and the lack of dialogue I lost my way in the plot.  I spent more time confused then entertained.

    Gnomeo and JulietRated G
    Gnomeo & Juliet
    Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet told through lawn gnomes.  It only got worst from there.  I never found much of the comedy even remotely funny.  I was never entertained.  But most of my hatred comes from the fact this was once a Shakespeare play but was striped of every thing that made it good.

    Red Ridding HoodRated PG-13
    Red Ridding Hood
    Red Ridding Hood is another example of style over substance.  This is a basic over done werewolf story.  It seemed most of the cast a flair for the over dramatics.  So when something suspenseful or scary happened all I could do is laugh.  Note to every one, just because your film is set in medieval times does not mean that your dialogue has to sound like Shakespeare.

    The RoommateRated PG-13
    The Roommate
    The Roommate looked like it could have worked.  Single White Female in a college dorm.  However I found my self not rooting for any character.  The acting was a bit hammy.  The worst part was the water down nature of any of the “scares”.  There were several parts that would have been cool had the producers decided to let some gore or sex out.  Instead we get things that are half way done and not terrorizing at all.  By the end the clichéd ending made me glad it was over.

    Agrree? Disagree? Leave me A Comment

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  • Top 10 Movies of 2011

    Posted by Mac D

    On December 25th 2010 I decided for one year to track every movie I watched in 2011.  88 movies later I marvel at how cool I am.  This is not a definitive list.  I haven’t been able to see every movie that came out this year.  This list is based on the films I was able to see.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, Horrible Bosses, Thor, Super 8, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Insidious, & Paul

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolRated PG-13
    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
    Tom Cruise returns to the MI franchise in the best sequel ever.  MI4 brings back good old fashion suspense along with a great villain.  The threat of nuclear war may be tired but it works well here.  Ghost Protocol was more in the vain of a normal spy thriller then past sequels.  I want Ethan Hunt using his brains and cool gadgets rather then shooting and jumping all over the place.  It also didn’t hurt that Simon Pegg was on top of his game.

    The MuppetsRated PG
    The Muppets
    I was skeptical when I first heard about a new Muppet movie.  Luckily the writers Jason Segel, and Nicholas Stoller brought back the comedy we loved from these characters for so many years.  It was funny but still had tons of heart.  Most of the true drama comes from new Muppet Walter and his journey to be accepted.  Plus Chris Cooper raps at some point and it didn’t make my ears bleed.  Though I could have used more Beaker.

    MoneyballRated PG-13
    This is a movie about the front office of The Oakland Athletics based on the book.  The weight of this film goes to Brad Pitt who is awesome.  He takes control with some sort of super confidence.  But what takes the movie up to another level is the humanity shown when the pressures of the press and public start getting to Pitt.  Kudos also goes to Jonah Hill.  Who knew he could do drama and still be funny?

    DriveRated R
    Ryan Gosling stars in an action movie that harkens back to the action films of 70’s.  There is not tons of action or huge action sequences involving jets or tanks.  What we get is a chance to care about the characters before the gun fighting and car chases.  Any truly good action film has you care if the main character lives or dies and achieves his goals.  Drive does this in spades.  Hats off to Albert Brooks.  Hey Al, play the villain more often.  I will give you a buck.

    Captain America: The First AvengerRated PG-13
    Captian America: The First Avenger
    This is my favorite movie in the build up to 2012’s The Avengers. Cap wasn’t as goofy as Iron Man 2, and I empathized with the main character more then I did in Thor.  I did not have much faith in Chris Evans bringing Steve Rogers to life but he did it with out seeming too over done like the 70’s movies did.  The supporting casting including Stanley Tucci, Tommy Lee Jones, and Hugo Weaving made whatever small moments they had on the screen matter.

    X-Men: First ClassPG-13
    X-Men: First Class
    The new X-Men movie is great for one reason: Magneto.  Not only did Magneto have a great origin story but also Michael Fassbender did what I though no one could do.  Match Ian McKellen’s portrayal of the master of magnetism.  The audience can sympathies with Magneto but at the same time his actions never make his eventual turn seem forced or uninteresting.  James McAvoy and Kevin Bacon were good too but this is Fassbender’s show.

    50/50Rated R
    Not always funny, 50/50 was both heartbreaking and uplifting.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a front-runner for a best actor Oscar for his turn as a cancer patient.  Instead of being overly dramatic Gordon-Levitt’s Adam holds it in letting his actions show his pain.  Seth Rogen was good too.  I was afraid for Rogen for a bit but this is one film that proves Seth Rogen should stick to supporting roles for the time being.

    WarriorRated PG-13
    Boxing has Rocky, MMA has Warrior.  This is not a story about Mixed Martial Arts.  This is a story of two brothers.  One is a Iraq war vet who has demons in his past and believes that winning a MMA tournament will ease the pain.  The other has big money troubles and has to go back to a sport he swore off of to save his family.  So much time is spent with these characters training that the actual MMA matches take up very little time.  We knew Tom Hardy was good but I hope that Joel Edgerton can take his performance in Warrior to become a hot commodity in Hollywood.

    The HelpRated PG-13
    The Help
    When I first heard about The Help I was dismissive.  I did not think highly of leading lady Emma Stone and most of the trailers looked like this was going to be a light hearted movie.  Boy was I wrong.  The Help is amazing.  Sure Stone did a good job but this movie would be nothing with out Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer who deserve tons of awards.  The Help shows just how enraging early 60’s Mississippi can be.  I still want to punch Bryce Dallas Howard in the face..  There are parts that make you laugh out loud and parts that tear your insides apart.

    The Girl With The Dragon TattooRated R
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Where do I even begin?  Daniel Craig is his usual awesome self.  Ronney Mara is going to be a break out star playing a punk with cool tattoos.  David Fincher is probably going to get an Oscar nom because on top of his great cast this is one of the better-shot movies this year.  Sweden is both modern and bright but at the same time old and dark.  On top of all that, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a very well done thriller. After deliberately going slow, the plot picks up and keeps you guessing until the end.

    Agree? Disagree?  Post a comment below and we shall argue.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (12/30/11)

    Posted by Mac D

    On Christmas Day instead of seeing War Horse, as I thought I would, I ended up seeing the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  This movie is long but it’s worth it.  The movie takes it’s time setting up characters so that when the mystery gets thicker you are more emotionally invested.  I am going to echo the worlds of one Jake Dunn when I say that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a very hard R.  You have been warned.

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday, December, 30th 2011

    With 6 movies being released last week I didn’t have much hope that anything will come out.  And I don’t have much hope for next week either.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13
    2. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13
    3. Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G
    4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Rated R
    5. The Adventures of Tintin – Rated PG

    Mission Impossible 4 reaches the top spot which was predictable.  I see more of Ethan Hunt and friends in our future.  I am disappointed that Tintin or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo did not do better.  I really want them to make the next movie in the Millennium series and I just loose hope in the general public because Chipmunks 3 is still making money.

    Still In Theatres
    Arthur Christmas – Rated PG, The Darkest Hour – Rated PG-13, The Descendants – Rated R, Happy Feet 2 – Rated PG, Hugo – Rated PG, J.Edgar– Rated R, The Muppets – Rated PG, My Weekend With Marilyn – Rated R, New Years Eve – Rated PG-13, The Sitter – Rated R, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Rated PG-13, War Horse – Rated PG-13, We Bought A Zoo – Rated PG, Young Adult - Rated R

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday, December, 27th 2011
    Apollo 18Rated PG-13
    Apollo 18
    This is a “documentary” about the last Apollo mission to the moon and the not so friendly aliens they meet.  I have heard mixed things about this but the premise of The Blair Witch Project in space more then makes up for any hesitation in my part.

    Final Destination 5Rated R
    Final Destination 5
    Some kids cheat death, death gets pissed and then kills all those teens in the most horrific and entertaining way possible.  The deaths should be good but I will probably loose several brain cells by paying completed and utter attention to this movie.

    Next Week Matt Damon gets us all sick and demon’s possessions.  Stop back because in the next couple of days I will be unveiling Mac D’s top 10 movies of 2011 and my most anticipated movies of 2012.  Bet you cant guess what’s #1.

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (12/21/11)

    Posted by Mac D

    I was able to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on opening day.  I enjoyed it more then 2 and a tad more then 3.  I attribute that to having a better villain and better threat for Tom Cruise to deal with.  And yes I did see the six minute prologue to the Dark Knight Rises.  It was the best six minutes of IMAX ever.  This week no less the six movies premier in theatres and one of my favorite movies of 2011 comes on on DVD.

    These are the movies that will be released on Tuesday December, 20th 2011
    The Girl With The Dragon TattooRated R
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Based on the best selling Swedish novel series, Daniel Craig is a washed up magazine publisher who is asked by a rich guy (Christopher Palmer) to investigate the murder of a family member.  He is helped by a girl with a dragon tattoo (Ronney Mara).  This is director David Fincher’s follow up to The Social Network that sees him return to is Seven and Fight Club roots. Also this is movie is winning a crap ton of awards so it should be good.

    Verdict - I am looking forward to this and hope that the other two books can be made.

    These are the movies that will be released on Wednesday December, 21st 2011
    The Adventures of TintinRated PG
    The Adventures Of Tintin
    Based on the hit Belgian comic strip, Tintin builds a model ship and but it is stolen my thieves.  Thus begins a grand adventure with is dog.  This comic strip is huge in Europe but Astro Boy was huge in Japan and the American movie didn’t do well.  However this is a joint production from Steven Speilberg and Peter Jackson using many actors that they have worked with.  

    Verdict -
    Animation looks good I am looking forward to find out if the plot is easy to follow or very weird.

    These are the movies that will be released on Friday December, 23rd 2011
    We Bought A ZooRated PG
    We Bought A Zoo
    Based on a true story, Matt Damon’s life is falling apart and to fix it he buys a zoo.  Sounds logical.  It’s a fight for your family’s dollars between this movie and Tintin.  I give the edge to this as it appeals to both kids and adults.  Plus it has tigers and bears and that is always a plus.

    Veridct - I figure this to be both entertaining and touching.  It also has Scarlett Johansson so there’s that.

    My Weekend With MarilynRated R

    My Week With Marilyn

    Based on several books, this is the story of Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) as she works on the set of The Prince and The Showgirl in London.  She finds her self showing Marily Monroe (Michelle Williams) a good time.  This movie is finally getting a release in Michigan.  Lots of attention is going to Williams for her portrayal of Monroe.  I am just interested in watching the movie making processes in the 50’s

    Verdict - Watch this now because come award season this film is going to be all over the place.

    These are the movies that will be released on Sunday December, 25th 2011
    War HorseRated PG-13

    War Horse

    Based on the play, during World War I a boy (Jeremy Irvine) has his horse sold so he can go off to war.  The boy ends up joining the army and starts a fantastic journey to be reunited with his horse.  Yes they had a play about a horse.  This seems a more logical adaptation of the book.  This is Steven Spielberg’s second movie to come out in a week.  Yes he directed this too.  And this is winning a crap ton of awards too.

    Verdict - I will go into detail later but I love a good war movie.

    The Darkest HourRated PG-13

    The Darkest Hour

    And here comes the horror/ thriller movie for all you rowdy teens.  Aliens are invading Russia and vaporising everyone.  After so many dramas and family movies this looks good for just being different.  It’s doesn’t look particularly bad but being produced by the director of Wanted does not instill faith in me that this will be good.

    Verdict - I haven’t grown tired of alien invasion films yet so i might give this a try

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Rated PG-13
    2. Alvin and The Chimpmunks: Chipwrecked - Rated G
    3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Rated PG-13
    4. New Years Eve – Rated PG-13
    5. The Sitter – Rated R

    Sherlock 2 and Chipmunks 3 is under performing when compared to their earlier films.  I am not too concerned for Holmes as it will probably have some legs on it.  Mission Impossible 4 only opened in 425 theaters were the others were in 3000.  I wonder what kind of damage it will do when it is released everywhere Wednesday.

    Still In Theatres
    Arthur Christmas – Rated PG, The Descendants – Rated R, Happy Feet 2 – Rated PG, Hugo – Rated PG, Immortals (2011) – Rated R,Jack And Jill – Rated PG.  J.Edgar– Rated R, Like Crazy – Rated PG-13, The Muppets – Rated PG, Puss in Boots (2011) – Rated PG, Tower Heist – Rated PG-13, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Rated PG-13, Young Adult - Rated R

    Please note that due to all the multiple release dates some of these movies may end their run during this weekend.  Please check the theatre you are going to before heading out.

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday, December, 20th 2011
    Dolphin Tale Rated PG
    Dolphin Tale
    A dolphin looses his tail fin and is nursed back to health by cool humans.  When this came out I wouldn’t bat a lash but now that this film is on DVD I want to give it a try.  

    Warrior Rated PG-13

    Two brothers with daddy issues go into a MMA tournament for both very different reason.  This is one of my top 10 movies of the year.  This was very good.  This is a MMA movie that isn’t about MMA.  It’s a story of two men who have a hard time putting the past behind them.

    Colombiana Rated PG-13
    After Colombiana watches her parents get killed as a child, she goes on a vengenence filled brutal rampage.  It’s like Taken with a female main character.  I will be checking this out on DVD.

    Movies have become a Christmas tradition in my family.  I recall as a kid going and watching Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered County on Christmas Day.  Usually my family and I will find ourselves in the theatres every Christmas.  These movies include Avatar, Marley and Me, and True Grit (2010).  I haven’t seen a bad movie Christmas day yet (although Black Christmas (2006) came close).  This year is leaning towards War Horse.  I don’t think we will be the only ones.  But as much as going to a theater is a Christmas tradition so is watching my favorite Christmas movie six times in a row
    A Christmas Story
    I can’t wait to see this again.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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