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  • The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (8/20/2012)

    Posted by Mac D

    This time CM Punk picks the #1 contender for the WWE Title, Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler II, and we crown a new #1 contender for the Divas Title


    Yes there is a Divas Title


    This is the champ


    Now you remember Layla.

    The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (8/20/2012)

  • The Slamcast: WWE Summerslam (8/19/12)

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    The Biggest Party Of The Summer features Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho, Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title, HHH vs Brock Lesnar, and CM Punk defends the WWE title against John Cena and The Big Show


    Sable A.K.A. Brock Lesnar's wife.  I forgot how good she looked

    The Slamcast: WWE Summerslam (8/19/12)

  • The Slamcast: WWE Friday Night Smackdown (8/17/2012)

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    Right before Summerslam, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins want to be seen, Booker T may get a new assistant, and Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho

    The Slamcast: WWE Friday Night Smackdown (8/17/2012)

  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (8/17/12)

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    This week Chuck Norris graces our movie screens.  If I preview anything else I will recieve the main export of Chuck Norris: PAIN!

    These are the movies released in theaters Friday August, 17th 2012.
    The Expendables 2 - Rated R
    The Expendables 2
    I could tell you about the plot but we all know that doesn’t matter.  This action film keeps Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet LI, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, and Randy Couture.  It add some heavyweights as Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme make their series debuts and Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger make larger contributions.  If the creators can take enough time to make me care about Sly and company then this should be entertaining.  I can’t see how the action scenes will not kick major ass.

    Verdict - I fear for my life.  For if I don’t see Chuck Norris’s new movie I am afraid I will get a roundhouse kick to the face.  Then die.

    The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - Rated PG
    The Odd Life Of Timothy Green
    Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton (Warrior) are unable to have kids so they bury their wish in the back yard.  Enter Timothy Green (CJ Adams) who is weird.  The premise is generally heartwarming.  I am hooked in by the adult leads who could make this more than just a normal family movie.

    Verdict - Take the kids or that special lady to show her your sensitive side.

    ParaNorman - Rated PG
    Finally a zombie movie for kids.  Norman can talk to the dead but other then that he is an outsider.  That is until the rest of his town run for help from a zombie invasion.  With The Walking Dead leading a new charge for zombie related entertainment, I am very happy that the guys behind Coraline decided to do a kid friend zombie movie.

    Verdict - If this is as good as I think it is, I have a new movie to introduce small children into the horror genre.

    Sparkle - Rated PG-13
    Jordin Sparks plays a girl who, with her sisters, are trying to become then next 1960’s girl group in motown.  This features one of the last performances of Whitney Houston.  I am surprised that this has not gotten more attention.  I see more of a word of mouth marketing approach to this.

    Verdict - Not sure what to make of Sparkle.  Is so bad that we can’t know about it before it’s released.  Or is it good and there isn’t enough money for marketing.  Time will tell.

    Ruby Sparks - Rated R
    Ruby Sparks
    A young writer creates a dream woman who magically becomes real.  So it’s like weird science but without bras on your head.  Wacky hi-jinks ensues. This comedy might be more about over coming your hold ups.  Dano is funny and Antonio Banderas and Annette Bening are his parents so this should be entertaining.

    Verdict - I guess I should start writing about hot blondes then maybe one will appear.  I want to give this a try.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. The Bourne Legacy - Rated PG-13 - $38,142,825 ($38,142,825)
    2. The Campaign - Rated R - $26,588,460 ($26,588,460)
    3. The Dark Knight Rises - Rated PG-13  - $18,979,397 ($389,588,216)
    4. Hope Springs - Rated PG-13 - $14,650,121 ($14,650,121)
    5. Total Recall (2012) – Rated PG-13 - $8,013,040 ($44,101,432)
    Movie – Rating – Weekend Domestic Gross (Total Domestic Gross)

    Still In Theatres
    Brave – Rated PG, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – Rated PG, Ice Age: Continental Drift - Rated PG, Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D - Rated PG-13,  Set Up Revolution – Rated PG-13, Ted – Rated R, The Watch – Rated R

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday August 14th, 2012.
    The Hunger Games - Rated PG-13
    The Hunger Games
    This movie that introduced the US to Archery!  I have always thought Hunger Games looked so much better on paper then Twilight and now I can see for myself.

    Next Week Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a bike, Bradley Cooper as a mobster, and Sasha Baron Cohens latest on DVD

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  • The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (8/13/12)

    Posted by Mac D

    This week Shawn Michaels, HHH, and Brock Lesnar confront each other.  Plus Pipers Pit and John Cena and CM Punk team up in a match.

    The Slamcast: WWE Monday Night Raw (8/13/12)

  • I Love Twilight More Than Any Man Alive! UPDATED

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    Hi!  My name is Mac-D and I wanted to take just a minute to confess my love for the Twilight series.  It is pretty much the most heartfelt and emotional love story I have ever had the honor of viewing.  I really feel that it is a commentary on modern society and our inability to show our true feelings to others.  Plus I like the sparkles.

    I know you probably don't agree, but that doesn't mean you have to hate on me.  I like what I like.  Deal with it.

    Team Edward 4 life!



    Hello readers.  I am the real Mac D.

    As you can guess I have been the victim of a office prank.  Apparently last night I left my Blog open.  This gave the mischievous Parker enough time to concoct the lies seen above.  Here are the errors that Parker has made.

    1. My name is spelled Mac D not Mac-D.  Why would I use a hypen?

    2. I am void of emotions so I do not find anything touching or emotional.

    3. I believe that any social commentary on our society must include how Jersey Shore is destroying everything that we and our ancestors have built.  Plus that bacon is awesome.

    4. I am not a fish.  I do not like sparkles.

    5.  I am more of a Team Jacob guy.

    Team Jacob


    The rest is right on the ball.  Good Job Parker

  • Cedar Point's New Coaster

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    Much to my surprise Cedar Point today announced a new Roller Coaster named The GateKeeper.  It will be ready for the 2013 season.  It's being billed as the longest and biggest drop of a winged coaster in the world.  It appears to be just in the begining of the park.  I hope it doesn't take out any old rides because I love them.  Even the Blue Streak.  Pics and a vid from cedar point below.

    The Gatekeeper

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  • Mac D's Weekend Movie Guide (8/10/12)

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    This week Hawkeye tries to fill in for Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones tries to get himself some, and Will Ferrell tries to be funny again.

    These are the movies released in theaters Friday August, 10th 2012.
    The Bourne Legacy - Rated PG-13
    After Jason Bourne destroyed one Black Ops program, the CIA looks to destroy all of them which causes Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) some pain.  He is being targeted by Edward Norton.  I am not a huge fan of the Bourne series.  It always seemed like a watered downed american version of the James Bond series.  What I have seen I enjoyed.  Jeremy Renner is great as a action movie leading man.  Will the capture the feel and emotion of the original?

    Verdict - This may not be great but I think it will be entertaining enough for me to give it a try at some point in the future.

    The Campaign - Rated R
    Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis opponents in a North Carolina congress campaign.  From the previous, Will Ferrell looks like he is playing a version of his George Bush character and Galifianakis is playing a character that seems like a version of his “Brother” Seth Galifianakis.  Both these characters have not been mined for a movie and are hilarious.  So I am ok with these guys ripping off their former characters.  Director Jay Roach (The Austin Powers and Meet The Parents franchises) seems a bit out of place but the stars may aline and this could be a home run.

    Verdict - With Ferrell’s track record as of late, I am a bit skeptical.  But I still think this will be funny.

    Hope Springs - Rated PG-13
    Meryl Steep and Tommy Lee Jones have been married for 30 years and go to Steve Carrell to spice up their marriage I.E. sex.  Wait so this is a romantic comedy for old people?  Tommy Lee Jones is great in everything.  He is so awesome I am interested in Hope Springs.

    Verdict - Eh maybe.  I hope I don’t throw up afterwards.

    Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D - Rated PG-13
    Travis Pastrana and his buddies do extreme sports on the movie screen NOW IN 3D!!  This is something that would be cool for fans of the Nitro Circus.

    Verdict - I am too old to enjoy anything about extreme sports.  Is baseball on?  I would rather watch that.

    Box Office Top 5 Movies In The Country
    1. The Dark Knight Rises - Rated PG-13  - $35,737,330 ($353,935,094)
    2. Total Recall (2012) – Rated PG-13 - $25,577,758 ($25,577,758)
    3. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – Rated PG - $14,623,599 ($14,623,599)
    4. Ice Age: Continental Drift - Rated PG - $8,609,040 ($132,071,899)
    5. The Watch – Rated R - $6,527,915 ($25,541,118)
    Movie – Rating – Weekend Domestic Gross (Total Domestic Gross)

    Still In Theatres
    The Amazing Spider Man – Rated PG-13, Beasts Of The Southern Wild – Rated PG-13, Brave – Rated PG, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted - Rated PG, Magic Mike – Rated R, Moonrise Kingdom – Rated PG-13, Savages – Rated R, Set Up Revolution – Rated PG-13, Ted – Rated R, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection – Rated PG-13

    These are the movies released on DVD Tuesday August 7th, 2012.
    The Lorax - Rated PG
    Based on the Dr. Seuss Book, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift try to save the trees.  Animation look good but since the main character is voiced by Danny DiVito, I am sold

    Next week stop motion zombies, some games that make me want to eat, AND CHUCK F’N NORRIS.  Chuck Norris doesn’t make movies.  He makes Documentaries.

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  • A Man Made Bat Cave

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    Batman is all the rage right now.  So a man in Greenwich CT to paid $2 Million for his own Bat Cave.  I wonder if there are poles in the Library?  There isn't but the entrance looks like a study with a hidden button for the elevator.  The cave looks like the Bat Cave in Christopher Nolan's movies but this place is just one giant nerd movie theater.  If I had a fake Bat Cave I would at lest have the decency to fight fake crime.  The place won't be built until November.  Here are some preliminary photos.

    Bat Cave 1

    Bat Cave 2

    Bat Cave 3

    Bat Cave 4

    Credit - The Daily Mail