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  • 10 Not Normal Ways To Play With Your Food

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    1. Chewing gum that finally made it in the world Chewing gum that finally made it in the world

    2. A watermelon that hatched a dragon







    3. Shredded wheat that tells the time Shredded wheat that tells the time

    4. A giant face made from toastA giant face made from toast







    5. A nine foot tower of sugar cubes

















    6. A chilli pepper scorpion that's too hot to handle








    7. A palace of rice






    8. A MINI that you can eat

    A MINI that you can eat

    9. A gummy worm that grew up to be a snake

    A gummy worm that grew up to be a snake

    10. A snake that's actually a cake

    A snake that's actually a cake

    We tip our hats to those who dare to play with food differently. MINI. NOT NORMAL.

  • Robert Plant Hints At 2014 Led Zeppelin Reunion

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Robert Plant

    By Ultimate Classic

    Rock’s immortal “Golden God,” Robert Plant recently sat down for a revealing interview with the Australian edition of ’60 Minutes,’ which saw him hint at the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion next year. The video of the segment, which aired this past Friday (Feb. 15), is embedded below.

    Over the course of the in-depth conversation, Plant candidly recalled his youthful dreams of stardom, Led Zeppelin’s juggernaut of a career, and his subsequent, eclectic and oftentimes unpredictable solo career.

    This, most recently, has seen Plant promoting his newest musical project, the Sensational Space Shifters, featuring Cast guitarist Liam “Skin” Tyson and Patty Griffin, among others, and which he has described as a spontaneous group “inspired by the roots music of Mississippi, Appalachia, Gambia, Bristol and the foothills of Wolverhampton and drawing on influences collected in a lifetime of meander and journeying.”

    Plant concluded the interview by addressing the eternal question of a full-scale Led Zeppelin reunion, and coyly affirming that he’s got nothing scheduled for 2014.

    That’s right, after discussing Zeppelin’s 2007 one-off performance to honor Atlantic Records executive, Ahmet Ertegun – recently released as the ‘Celebration Day’ DVD – Plant playfully jabs at his two, Capricorn-signed bandmates, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, while dismissing his perceived role as the dissenting voice towards an eventual reunion.


    Watch Robert Plant on the Australian ’60 Minutes’

  • Tattoo Tuesday In The Den

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Asian Inspired


    coy fish

    If your interested in this local artist email me at



    coy fish











  • Casting Call: Who Should Play Nirvana In A Movie?

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    Few bands have made quite the impact that Nirvana did when they exploded onto the scene in the early ’90s. Led by frontman Kurt Cobain and featuring the talents of drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic, Nirvana revolutionized rock music with their 1991 sophomore album, ‘Nevermind.’ Tragically, Cobain took his own life in 1994, but their music and legacy lives on, making them the perfect subject for a big-screen biopic. But who should play the iconic rockers in a movie? We think we’ve found three very strong candidates to portray the members of Nirvana.

    Check them out below:

    Kurt Cobain Played by Joe Anderson
    Kirt Cobain

    Talk about an uncanny resemblance! Actor Joe Anderson is the spitting image of the late, great Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. While you may have seen Anderson in the Liam Neeson film ‘The Grey’ or the TV series ‘The River,’ he remains relatively unknown, making him a perfect candidate to play the enigmatic Cobain. That said, it’s no easy task portraying a troubled musical genius that changed the face of rock music forever.

    Dave Grohl Played by Efren Ramirez
    Dave Grohl

    Along with being an extremely talented drummer, Dave Grohl is one of rock music’s resident funnymen. He was always the jovial member of Nirvana, and has continued to show his sense of humor as the frontman of Foo Fighters. In addition to having similar facial features as Grohl, ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ actor Efren Ramirez can definitely display the musician’s comedic side. So, we say ‘Vote for Pedro’ to play Dave Grohl in the Nirvana movie.

    Krist Novoselic Played by Jason Segel
    Krist Novoselic

    The first qualification to play the 6-foot, 6-inch Krist Novoselic is that you gotta be tall. And at 6 foot, 4 inches, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ actor Jason Segel definitely fits the bill, as he also resembles Novoselic. Segel has been known to play a bit of a klutzy oaf in movies, and that experience will come in handy when he re-enacts the scene of Novoselic tossing his bass in the air at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards and having it land on his face.

    Who do you think should play the members of Nirvana if a biopic was made about them? Let us know in the comments?

  • Buckcherry Singer Josh Todd Talks "Confessions," Seven Deadly Sins, and New Film Plus More

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor



    Buckcherry have a busy year ahead of them with the release of their sixth studio album ‘Confessions,’ which drops Feb. 19. They are also in the midst of a U.S. tour with Kid Rock that runs through early April.

    Loudwire had the privilege to speak to frontman Josh Todd about the new album and the things in his life that influenced its theme of the seven deadly sins. We also discussed the film project he is working on to compliment the new disc. Check out our interview with Josh Todd below:

    You’ve said that ‘Confessions’ is based on the seven deadly sins, and I’m wondering if you can expand on that and also tell me what the album title means to you personally?

    There was a point in my life – when I was a youth, when I lost a family member and I acted out in my grieving process through the deadly sins so that’s kind of what the story’s about on the record. I think the seven sins are timeless and that everybody struggles with them in their daily lives all the time – it’s something that we’ve been throwing around for a long time, [guitarist] Keith [Nelson] and I as far as doing a record. There’s a lot of people who’ve done it but we wanted to do our take on it and I feel like we really did it justice.

    As a lyric writer, I wrote all the lyrics — it was really challenging for me and fun, as well. When I sit back and listen to this I’m so proud that it’s part of the Buckcherry catalog.

    The record makes me look at the seven deadly sins in a different way – when I listened to ‘Sloth,’ I didn’t expect it to be so soulful. When thinking about specific sins, did you already have a certain direction in your mind that you would go with them?

    I’m glad you brought that up about ‘Sloth,’ because nobody’s really talked about it. That was the hardest song for me to get through. When you look up sloth it relates to suicide and my father committed suicide when I was 10. It’s about how I felt when that happened – when he actually called my sister and I on the phone that night before he did it.

    I can’t remember what he said to me because I was just too young to process it. He was just saying goodbye and I didn’t know what that meant, until the next day. It was heavy and I struggled getting through recording those vocals and Keith worked with me and was really sensitive about what I was going through to get it out, but I think it turned out to be really beautiful.

    There are songs named after the seven deadly sins, but there’s a total of 16 tracks on the record. How did you choose what other songs would accompany the theme of the album — such as ‘Nothing Left But Tears,’ ‘Water,’ ‘The Truth’ etc.

    I wrote a short film to go along with the record and we’ve had such a hard time with the funding and we’re still working on that. The original idea was to have the record be the soundtrack to the film and we wanted to incorporate some of the elements like ‘Air’ and ‘Water’ and that’s why those are there.

    ‘The Truth’ coincides with the love interest in the story and it’s a real beautiful story but I also wanted to write songs that were memorable and mean something to somebody else not just me and what I was focused on at the time. That’s part of the challenge with writing songs – you want to take enough of your personal experiences so that you can get excited about performing it every night and you can go back to that place and get motivated because you have to sing your songs thousands of times.

    What did you notice about writing a screenplay that differed from writing songs for you?

    I’m a really big fan of storytelling and writing and I read a lot of books and I’ve done some acting and I’ve read a lot of scripts. Maybe about six or seven years ago I took a swing at writing a screenplay on my own, and I wrote a comedy actually, and Stevie D., our guitar player read it at one point and was like, “Why don’t you ressurect a character that was in the comedy?” and make it about this film. At the time I was just writing a screenplay based on my life so I just combined the two.

    What’s the progress on the film project?

    We got a great director, his name is Billy Jayne and he just directed both of our first two videos ‘Gluttony’ and ‘Wrath,’ and we introduce the character in the movie. His name is Gilby Stretcher. He basically is me in the movie as an adolescent 17-year-old kid. It’s going to be good, it’s a beautiful little journey about a kid that comes home from school and finds his dad dead and acts out through his behavior and the seven sins and then finds a love interest. In the end, he forgives his father and his this girl that he’s down with who’s the complete opposite of him. It’s really cool.

    If you had to choose a well-known actor to play you in a biopic, who would it be and why?

    Let’s see I’d like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. He did ‘Basketball Diaries’ and I think he’s just a great f—ing actor. I’m a big fan of his and I think he’d do a good job.

    ‘Confessions’ is the sixth studio album for Buckcherry. How was the recording process of this album for you?

    This record took a long time and it was aggravating at times – a lot of writing and re-writing, we just put a lot of work into it. I think it’s going to pay off and I think it’s our best record, honestly. As a whole, as a body of work, I think people will take us a little more seriously than they have in the past. We did it again with Keith [Nelson] who produced it with Marti [Frederiksen] and that’s how we’ve been doing the last two records so that was familiar which I like. I like having Keith there because he and I have a long history and I can talk to him in ways that nobody understands.

    What is one of your favorite tracks off the record and why?

    Probably the one I’m most lyrically proud of and spent a lot of time on is ‘Pride.’ I think that’s a very cool song for us and really off the beaten path. It was more poetry, that song and I’m a big fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison. I wanted a song that was poetry and the verses are like that so I’m proud of that song.

    Buckcherry’s ‘Confessions’ drops on Feb. 19. The album is available for pre-order in a few cool bundles through the band’s merch site or digitally via iTunes.

    Check Out the Video for Buckcherry’s New Single ‘Gluttony’

  • Hottest Rockstar Girlfriends

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Hottest Rockstar Girlfriends



    If there’s one thing we can all appreciate, it’s beautiful women! We’ve also noticed a trend that said hot chicks tend to date rockstars, so we’re proud to bring you a list of the Hottest Rockstar Girlfriends!

    We’ve received a great response from our Hottest Rockstar Wives feature, so it only makes sense that we celebrate the women behind the musicians who haven’t tied the knot quite yet. Get ready for a lovely dose of babes who have nabbed themselves some of the world’s biggest musicians, along with a bit of info on these stunning ladies.


    Courtney Bingham

    Courtney Bingham

    This hottest rockstar girlfriend will soon be a hottest rockstar wife as Courtney Bingham recently got engaged to Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx. Though she’s been coupled with Sixx for a few years now, she jumped on our radar last year when she decided to celebrate her birthday by providing her beau with a burlesque dance onstage during Motley Crue’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’

    When not stepping out with her soon-to-be-hubby, Bingham has carved out her own career. She runs her website, which offers tips on home décor, beauty, cooking and entertaining. Stunning looks and multitalented?! Congrats Nikki Sixx, you’re a lucky man.


    Lindsay Usich

    Lindsay Usich

    Marilyn Manson has dated some gorgeous women in the past, including modern-day pinup siren Dita Von Teese, actress and singer Evan Rachel Wood and adult film star Stoya. Though Manson’s relationship rolodex is impressive to say the least, the Antichrist Superstar is currently with photographer Lindsay Usich.

    The fiery redhead is the woman behind music of Manson’s current photo set, most notably the press pics promoting the icon’s newest album, ‘Born Villain.’ Marilyn Manson has always had an eye for talented women, and Usich is no exception.


    Rain Andreani

    Rain Andreani

    Vince Neil has enjoyed his fair share of lovely ladies in his life, but the Motley Crue singer found his latest girlfriend right in his own backyard of Las Vegas. Though the Crue may not be as glam as they once were, should the vocalist decide to revisit those days he’s got the perfect lady in makeup artist Rain Andreani.

    As the founder of the Rain Makeup Academy, Andreani has made a career as a makeup artist, where she’s worked touching up such celebrity clients as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Mandy Moore among others. They say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and Vince Neil has found a happening woman to make his home sweet home even sweeter.


    Ella Cole

    Ella Cole

    As one of the most popular young bands in the world of rock right now, it would defy the laws of nature for the members of Black Veil Brides not to have some hot young women as girlfriends.

    Even naysayers of the band have got to respect guitarist Jake Pitts for landing a babe like British model Ella Cole. In fact the two recently became engaged. There are a ton of pics of Cole’s modeling that will immediately require a change of undergarments, but this shot is jaw-droppingly sexy. Damn you, Jake Pitts, but we give you a hearty round of applause.


    Jessica Miller

    Jessica Miller

    Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich has an eye for beauty as evidenced by his extensive art collection and the jaw-dropping stunners that have been on his arm over the years. Ulrich’s current lady love is fashion model Jessica Miller, who has enjoyed her own taste of success over the years.

    The striking model has a look that would make most men melt, and it’s given her quite the successful career. She’s modeled for Calvin Klein, Guess, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and other top brands and in 2003 she won the Model of the Year award at the International Photographer Awards. Miller has also shown her love for rock musicians over the years, previously pairing off with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd and System of a Down‘s Daron Malakian before hooking up with Ulrich.


    Sofia Toufa

    Sofia Toufa

    They say that finding a common bond is a good way to start any relationship, and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has sparked up a romance with fellow entertainer Sofia Toufa. The lovely German-born entertainer began her career as a pop star as part of the group Danacee in her homeland before deciding to branch out.

    After moving to Los Angeles, she caught a break singing and dancing for Butch Walker before joining Avril Lavigne‘s touring lineup. In recent years, she’s performed under the moniker Sofi and appeared on the Deadmau5 track ‘Sofi Needs a Ladder.’ Lee, who has branched out into the club world himself, found a kindred spirit in the stunning Miss Sofi.


    Juliet Simms

    Juliet Simms

    If the tattoo on singer Juliet Simms‘ arm wasn’t enough of a clue, the powerhouse vocalist has found love with Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack. And if there’s anyone that understands the success that Biersack is enjoying these days, it’s Simms, who’s had her own brush with stardom as a finalist on TV’s ‘The Voice.’

    The raspy-voiced sexy wild child began her career fronting the band Automatic Loveletter, but eventually the solo career came calling. After her successful run on ‘The Voice,’ Simms released the single ‘Wild Child.’ Being the good girlfriend, she also lent backing vocals to ‘Lost It All’ off of Black Veil Brides’ ‘Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones’ album.


    Avril Lavigne

    Avril Lavigne

    If there was such a thing as a “royal couple” in Canada, Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger and his fiancé, pop star Avril Lavigne, might be it. What started out innocent enough at the beginning of 2012 with Kroeger coming in for a writing session on Lavigne’s album turned into a commitment for a lifelong collaboration.

    Kroeger has taken “the long road” to marriage, but the singer is enjoying the “here and now” with the pop-punk princess and now he’s “feelin’ way too damn good.” It’s easy to see how he could “let go” and just enjoy “the best damn thing” he’s been a part of. There’s nothing too “complicated” about their mutual attraction and soon enough they’ll be enjoying their “happy ending.”


  • David Drainman's Device Unveil Teaser Video For Self-Titled Debut Album

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    David Drainman


    As the anticipation builds for the April 9 release of their self-titled debut album, Device have released a short, 45 second black and white teaser video featuring a snippet of their music (watch below). The first single ‘Vilify’ hits radio on Feb. 19.

    The trio formed by David Draiman from Disturbed has recruited a star-studded lineup of guest musicians for ‘Device.’ Among those making appearances are Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, Deep Purple singer-bassist Glenn Hughes, Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows, System of a Down singer Serj Tankian, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Halestorm‘s Lzzy Hale.

    The band’s touring lineup consists of Draiman, Evanescence drummer Will Hunt and Dope / Eve to Adam guitarist Virus. Former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo wrote and recorded the album with Draiman, but will not tour with the outfit.

    Draiman recently discussed how happy he was with Hale’s appearance. “For years I’d wanted to re-do ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne. I always thought it was a fantastic idea and needed the right combination of elements and events and needed to have the right woman to play the role of Lita in this song, and Lzzy Hale, in my opinion, is the strongest, most distinctive voice, female voice, in rock today. I think that she’s just as good as it gets.”

    Device have some concert dates scheduled in support of their debut album. They’ll play in Switzerland later this month, and then have several festival dates lined up for the spring and summer. You’ll be able to see them at Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, Welcome To Rockville Festival, Lazerfest 2013 and elsewhere.

    Watch Device’s Teaser Video

  • 2013 Rock Grammy Winners

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Black Keys & Halestorm

    On Sunday night (Feb. 10) at the 2013 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, the big winners in the rock categories were the Black Keys and Halestorm.

    The Black Keys took home trophies for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song for their hit ‘Lonely Boy,’ which they also performed during the ceremony, while also winning the award for Best Rock Album (‘El Camino’). Additionally, frontman Dan Auerbach won Producer of the Year. The Black Keys were also nominated for Record of the Year and Album of the Year, but lost out in those categories to Gotye and Mumford & Sons, respectively.

    Halestorm, meanwhile, beat out a slew of veteran acts to earn the Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance for their No. 1 active rock hit ‘Love Bites (So Do I).’ During their backstage Q&A in the press room, frontwoman Lzzy Hale said, “It’s an incredible genre to be a part of because rock isn’t always the most popular genre. Sometimes we’re underground, but we all work really hard on the road. We all look out for one another.”

    Also among the winners was Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor, who shared the award for Best Score Soundtrack with Atticus Ross. Reznor didn’t attend the event, but Tweeted, “Why thanks, y’all.”

    Below is a list of all the winners in rock categories at the 55th Grammy Awards:

    2013 Grammy Awards Rock Categories – Winners in Blue

    Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance

    Anthrax, ‘I’m Alive
    Iron Maiden, ‘Blood Brothers’
    Halestorm, ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ WINNER
    Lamb of God, ‘Ghost Walking’
    Marilyn Manson, ‘No Reflection’
    Megadeth, ‘Who’s Life Is It Anyways?’

    Album of the Year

    The Black Keys, ‘El Camino’
    Fun., ‘Some Nights’
    Mumford & Sons, ‘Babel’ WINNER
    Frank Ocean, ‘Channel Orange’
    Jack White, ‘Blunderbuss’

    Best Rock Performance

    Alabama Shakes, ‘Hold On’
    The Black Keys, ‘Lonely Boy’ WINNER
    Coldplay, ‘Charlie Brown’
    Mumford & Sons, ‘I Will Wait’
    Bruce Springsteen, ‘We Take Care of Our Own’

    Best Rock Song

    Jack White, ‘Freedom at 21′
    Mumford & Sons, ‘I Will Wait’
    The Black Keys, ‘Lonely Boy’ WINNER
    Muse, ‘Madness’
    Bruce Springsteen, ‘We Take Care of Our Own’

    Best Rock Album

    The Black Keys, ‘El Camino’ WINNER
    Coldplay, ‘Mylo Xyloto’
    Muse, ‘The 2nd Law’
    Bruce Springsteen, ‘Wrecking Ball’
    Jack White, ‘Blunderbuss’

    Producer of the Year

    Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys, Dr. John, Hacienda) WINNER
    Jeff Bhasker (fun.)
    Diplo (Usher, Major Lazer, Snoop Lion, Marina and the Diamonds, Santigold, No Doubt, Wale, Justin Bieber, Alex Clare)
    Markus Dravs (Mumford & Sons, Coldplay)
    Salaam Remi (Anthony Hamilton, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj, Miguel, Nas, Melanie Fiona, Usher)

    Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media

    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ WINNER
    John Williams, ‘The Adventures of Tintin’
    Ludovic Bource, ‘The Artist’
    Hans Zimmer, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
    Howard Shore, ‘Hugo’
    Austin Wintory, ‘Journey’

    Full List of 55th Annual Grammy Winners

  • Skillet & Theory Of A Deadman-Working On New Music

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor



    Skillet Working On A New Album

    Skillet are coming off the most successful album of their career and if they fail to meet the bar set by the last disc it won’t be through a lack of trying. Singer John Cooper tells Noisecreep that the band began the process for their next album with an overabundance of tracks.

    He revealed, “Before we started work on the last album, I brought in full demos of 36 songs. This time, we had 72 at the beginning. So there was a lot of cutting down we had to do. Also, I’m not sure we even expected ‘Awake’ to do as well as it did, but since it did perform so well, now there is this sort of pressure to do it again. But that’s okay. I’ve enjoyed writing from my heart and from my faith and I think the new music is a really honest look at where Skillet is today.”

    Cooper confirmed that the group as a whole managed to cut the final number of tracks down to 15. He adds that there were eight tracks that everyone was in agreement on, with the other seven opening themselves up for debate. “That’s where you have to trust each other and believe in each other and be willing to let go once in a while,” says Cooper.

    As for the sound, the vocalist says, “This is an album unlike anything we’ve really done before. We’ve all been listening to more edgier, indie, alternative bands and it’s really affected my writing. The sound is more raw and it has a tougher energy than our previous records.” He added that the band has added some new sounds to their palette, including a dulcimer and some harp to go along with their aggressive guitar sounds. Cooper concludes, “One really important thing is that this is an album that’s meant to be played live, so once we hit the road you’ll be hearing a lot of it.”

    Though a firm release date and album title have yet to be revealed, Skillet expect to return to the road this spring. Cooper says the group are currently deciding on what the lead single and their video plans will be. Check out the full interview with Noisecreep here.


    Theory Of A Deadman



    If they have it their way, Theory of a Deadman won’t leave their fans hanging without new music for too long. The group is getting a quick jump on their follow-up to ‘The Truth Is…’ album, confirming that they’ve already started on their next disc.

    In a new posting on Twitter, the guys revealed, “New album underway!!! New stuff by summer!! Thx Theory fans.” Should the band meet their proposed deadline, new music would arrive in approximately half a year from their last tour date supporting ‘The Truth Is’ album.

    The group fifth and final single from that record, ‘Gentleman,’ was issued last September, though the band continued with tour dates through December. Little is known about the new disc at this point, but it has lofty goals to reach if it is to surpass the band’s last record. ‘The Truth Is…’ debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart and peaked out at No. 1 on the Billboard Rock Albums, Alternative Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts.

    Even with the quick turnaround, the Theory of a Deadman members have enjoyed some fun off and on the road. Last year, singer Tyler Connolly played up the band’s anonymity with a series of man-on-the-street webisodes titled ‘You Don’t Know Me.’ In addition, just last month Connolly and Dave Brenner likely loaded up on gear before hitting the studio by making appearances at Anaheim’s NAMM conference.