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  • This is entirely your fault?

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Tickets went on sale for the Nickelback tour with special guests Bush, My Darkest Days, and Seether. These rockers will be performing at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids on April 12th and at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on April 14th.  Ticket prices are pretty decent for this many bands only $89-$99 (I included all the bullshit fees). Outrageous priced VIP packages at both venues are also available as well as at Nickelback fan club website.

    Now lets talk about Nickelback…everyone has abandoned ship, and yes they are over exposed but they did not get eighteen top ten singles, (twelve of which went to number one) from just six albums just because of their musical abilities. They made it this big because we as a society purchased their albums (over 26 million) and requested their songs.  Some how they struck a cord within us. So it is your fault that they are over exposed, mine too for that matter.

    Bush and hot sexy British Gavin, need I say more Ladies! If you have not heard the new album “The Sea of Memories” they did not stray far from the early music from “Sixteen Stone” and “Razorblade Suitcase” (squirrel moment…I love this album title, so deep).  I have been a fan from the beginning. That mid to late 90’s rock will always be part of my soul! “Comedown;” “Everything Zen;” “Glycerine;” “Machinehead;” and “The Chemicals Between Us,” such great memories!

    OK, so everyone is down on Nickelback these days, but don’t forget about the Canadian new comer My Darkest Day with the hit “Porn Star Dancing.” Although, Parker has made a great point on the air that Porn Star Dancing is really called stripping. Their new song “Casual Sex” is now available to hear on their website

    Seether! Please, they are so worth your time. “Fine Again;” “Broken;” “Remedy;” “Fake It;” “Here And Now;” and “Tonight” not to mention their ability to pull great deep cuts from four albums. Yes, a creepy looking lead singer, but the music is kickin’ and they are from South Africa.

    So bid Nickelback ado by seeing them this one last time and reliving the memories of your youth. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You might have a good time hanging with your friends and enjoying a few beers, while you sing along to that new porn star dancing song, six really solid Seether and five classic Bush songs. Hell, you may even rediscover Nickelback after being reminded that you already know the words to twenty of their songs. Then again this show just might be break-up sex.