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  • Shinedown, "Bully" - Exclusive Video Premiere

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    by: Mary Ouellette Yesterday

    Atlantic Records

    With the release of Shinedown‘s new disc ‘Amaryllis’ just around the corner (March 27), the album’s first single ‘Bully’ packs an emotional punch, and now Loudwire is proud to exclusively premiere the brand-new video for the song.

    The tune, an inspirational tale of overcoming bullies of all shapes and sizes in life, both metaphorically and literally, is brought to life through the video. Intertwining dramatic performance pieces of the band with scenes of bullying, the video sets up scenarios that we can all relate to whether through personal experience or an extended view through the eyes and emotions of others.

    With a sweeping chorus set to the backdrop of an image of a noose swinging in the wind, the video covers both the dark side and the light at the end of the tunnel of a very serious issue from those personally impacted to others that just turn a blind eye, connecting the dots between us all.

    As the video plays out a classic take on good versus evil, the evil seems to be taking over with fire and brimstone before things take a drastic change. The video culminates with a goosebump-inducing scene, but we’ll let you watch it for yourself below.

    With their new video for ‘Bully,’ Shinedown succeed in delivering a rocking anthem with a serious message that truly comes to life.

    Watch the Exclusive U.S. Premiere of Shinedown’s ‘Bully’ Video

  • In The Studio With Aerosmith

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Hi My Q Family,

    I wish I could take credit for the amazing writing of this article, however I can not. I subscribe to a daily/weekly blog that Mr. Lefsetz writes, he has a long history in music business. When reading this article I actually felt like I was in the studio with Aerosmith so I thought I would pass it on to you, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

    Jen Taylor


    In The Studio With Aerosmith

    by Bob Lefsetz (From The Lefsetz Letter

    So Joe Perry walks in…

    I met Jack Douglas at the Hollywood Bowl. I never figure people remember me. And I never ever heard from him until a couple of days ago, when he e-mailed to ask if I wanted to come down to the studio, to hear the new Aerosmith.

    Come on, WHO WOULDN’T?

    I used to connect with Tyler on an irregular basis. But we drifted apart when the band left Geffen and got a new manager. But I will tell you, he’s one of the few rock stars who don’t disappoint in real life. He’s funny, charming…and smart.

    He is that cartoon character on TV. But in real life, he’s three-dimensional.

    So I drive east… Into Hollywood.

    And I’m not gonna tell you where they’re recording, except to tell you this nondescript concrete building is more famous as a rehearsal space than a recording studio. But Jack liked the work of the proprietor. And after cutting in Pandora’s Box in Boston, the band’s studio within a warehouse, they decamped to this new location.

    And the control room’s a mashup of analog and digital equipment. Pro Tools and tape. And the studio is one giant space. With baffles. It’s funky, not sterile. It breathes, it’s not a museum. It’s dirty, not sterile.

    And that’s when Jack and Warren, the engineer, started speaking about CLASP. I’ll make it simple. You record to tape, but you’re using Pro Tools. Maybe that’s too simple. But the bottom line is you get the warmth of tape with the flexibility of digital.

    But what difference does it make if you’re gonna squash it all down at the end anyway?


    They’ll go to Sterling, and then they’ll call in Shelly Yakus to do AFTER MASTERING! Sure, they’ll compress the music a bit, but then Shelley’s gonna protect its life.

    Wanna hear something?

    So we sit in front of a pair of Genelecs and this sound comes roaring out of the speakers that reminds me of nothing so much as Camaros and beer, going to the arena show back in the seventies…


    Tyler’s the front man. But listening to this track, you’re reminded Aerosmith is a BAND! Underneath the vocals, the guitars are whooshing by, the bass and drums are kicking me in the gut…WHEW! You could not sit still. It was like being jetted back to the seventies.

    And that’s when I heard the backstory. Jack wanted to recreate the sound of "Rocks". Which was cut in a warehouse in Waltham, Mass. They’d just been rehearsing, but then Jack realized the room had become part of the sound, so he called the Record Plant and they pulled up their truck.

    And there’s only one finished cut, which hasn’t even been finally mixed. So they play me some more cuts with scratch vocals, by Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton. I wanna hear the riffs.

    And when the third or fourth track is done, I turn away from the speakers and who’s sitting behind me in this cramped space but…

    Joe Perry.

    He’s wearing gloves, he’s got a scarf around his neck, he’s radiating charisma without even trying and my heart skips a beat.

    He remarks how we haven’t seen each other for a long time. And that we’ve never really had a conversation.

    And then we do.

    Joe had no problem talking. It was like we were in a pizza place in Boston, catching up.

    He insisted they pull up a ballad. It was his vocal, and the acoustic guitar sound was INCREDIBLE!

    And we talk about Tyler and "Idol" and this crazy, mixed-up, shook-up music world and Joe tells me he’s just dying to have new music to play live. It’s been nine years between albums. The fans deserve new tracks. Not that they’re gonna overload ‘em, they’re gonna drop in two or three in the summer, maybe more in the fall. They’re still gonna play the ten tracks everyone needs to hear, as well as some rare gems they haven’t played in eons, like "Woman Of The World"…


    And the conversation switches to new music, Joe tells me he’s got a son who’s a deejay and another who’s got a band and Jack tells me his son is a musician too, even playing Latin stuff, and we’re all taking note of what’s going on, but that does not deny that what Aerosmith does is ROCK!

    Joe knew exactly who his audience was, what they expected…and what he wanted to do.

    And then we start talking Memphis. Joe detours the bus there whenever he’s near.

    And then Jack tells the story of bonding with John Lennon…who was thrilled to meet the alien who invaded Liverpool in ‘65 without a passport and got tons of ink before he was deported, John knew the story, and we could have gone on all night, but…

    They had to go back to work.

    And after talking cars, me wondering who owned the R8 out back, Tom Hamilton, who came in in the middle, said he was soon to get his Ferrari Dino back, and we were all sitting in the dark in Hollywood in 2012 but there was a direct line back to 1975 and we were not yet encased in amber.

    You see this rock and roll life is just that, life itself. It goes on forever. Just ask the fans.

    And some of the bands are so talented and successful that they get to play until they drop.

    Even the Stones have changed members. Zeppelin can’t reunite because Bonham’s six feet under. But every original Aerosmith member is still here. And together, they make a wondrous sound.

    Which cannot be made by any one of them individually.


    P.S. The tape machine is a Studer A880, which Jack bought from a chap in Beverly Hills for $2500. But now, with CLASP, the price of hardware is going up. As for tape, they got some reels of 456 from the Record Plant, which they baked at Capitol and it’s as good as new.

    P.P.S. They told me the story of "Walk This Way". All they had was the riff. And every day they’d walk around Manhattan looking for inspiration, by the pimps and the prostitutes, their interaction fueled the songwriting. But this was Sunday afternoon, and the denizens of the night were nowhere to be found, so they ducked into a movie theatre to see "Young Frankenstein", and when Marty Feldman opened the door and said "walk this way"…EUREKA!


    Visit the archive:
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  • Staind, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ – Exclusive Video Premiere

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Aaron Lewis of Staind

    Atlantic Records

    Staind are heating up radio with their hard-rocking new single ‘Eyes Wide Open’ off of their 2011 self-titled disc, and now Loudwire is proud to exclusively premiere the music video for the tune. The clip shows the band tearing up the stage in front of an energetic crowd, as frontman Aaron Lewis and company deliver the punishing track to their devoted fans.

    From Johnny April’s opening bass lines to Mike Mushok’s thunderous guitar riffs to Aaron Lewis’ scream/sing vocals, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ was made for the live stage, and the video for the song captures the power of the song perfectly.

    If you want to see Staind perform ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and their other hits live, check them out on the Mass Chaos Tour with co-headliners Godsmack and support from Halestorm. The trek kicks off in Augusta, Ga., on April 13 and wraps up May 18 in Bangor, Maine, with tickets available at this location. Check out the full list of dates below the video for ‘Eyes Wide Open.’

    Staind / Godsmack / Halestorm ‘Mass Chaos’ Tour Dates:
    May 9     Battle Creek, MI - Kellogg Arena

    Watch the Exclusive Video Premiere of Staind’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Video

  • Here Come The Mummies Are Coming To Lansing

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Check out Here Come The Mummies at the Loft in Downtown Lansing!

    Here Come The Mummies

    Here Come The Mummies are one of the most mysterious, hilarious, and talented groups of musicians on the planet!  The band consists of various professional musicians from Nashville, who perform catchy, comedic funk and R+B original songs, while dressed as mummies.  In fact, the band's members are a secret, as they choose to keep their identities "under wraps". As you may already know, Here Come The Mummies are regular performers on the The Bob & Tom Show.

    Here Come The Mummies visits The Loft in Lansing on their spring tour on Thursday, May 3.  All ages are welcome, and tickets are $25.00 in advance ($28.00 day of show), and will be available starting Friday, February 24 with no service fees at!  Doors open at 8pm.  Tickets can also be purchased at Music Manor in Lansing, Flat Black and Circular in East Lansing, and at the Loft box office.

    Check them out on the Bob & Tom Show




  • Kid Rock, Detroit Symphony Team Up For Benefit

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Kid Rock is teaming up with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for a one-night benefit concert for the nationally recognized orchestra, organizers announced Monday.

    The May 12 show at Detroit’s Fox Theatre aims to raise $1 million, the DSO said. Kid Rock plans to perform with the orchestra and his own band. Detroit Symphony Music Director Leonard Slatkin is expected to conduct the orchestra.

    “As a musician, and of course a Detroiter, I am proud to be supporting this longstanding cultural institution,” Kid Rock said in a statement. He said the performance, which will include his Twisted Brown Trucker Band, will be “well worth the price of admission.”

    Kid Rock
    Kid Rock-Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, 12-2-11 (AP Photo)

    Tickets go in sale Saturday. They start at $100, with top price levels including an afterparty.
    The DSO said the idea was originally conceived by Kid Rock and Quicken Loans founder and chairman Dan Gilbert, who owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. The orchestra, Slatkin and Kid Rock are volunteering their services for concert.

    Plans for the show first were reported by The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. The fundraiser comes as the DSO works to improve its financial footing. A six-month musicians’ strike that ended last year worsened its already challenged finances.

    Kid Rock was born Robert Ritchie. He’s known for dabbling in musical styles from hip-hop and hard rock to country and Southern rock. He grew up in and lives in suburban Detroit.

    --Associated Press

  • 26 Pound Gummy Bear And More

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    I was looking around youtube and came across an ad for, they were advertising a 26 pound party gummy bear.


    After I viewed the video I went to the website and found some of the strangest products.

    They carry the following and more...

    * World's Largest Gummy Worm-Three pounds and 4,000 calories of gummy goodness.

    * World's Largest Gummy Bear-Five-pound gummy bear is equal to 1400 regular-sized bears.

    * Beer glass that holds five beers and a Beer pouch sweatshirt and Beer Soap

    * Bacon Lollipops

    * Bottle of Wine Glass (yes it holds the whole bottle)

    * Hershey's Chocolate, Reese's, and York Peppermint Pattie scented candles.

    * Pair of cufflinks upcycled from spent Colt .45 shell

    * Guitar Pick Punch-Create your own guitar picks using old credit cards, gift cards, plastic tops     and more.

    * Gummy Shot Glasses-Set of six edible shot glasses made from delicious gummy.

    * Marshmallow Bow and Mallow-Bow and arrow toy shoots marshmallows up to 30 feet.

    * The Guitar String Bracelet

    * The Original Beard Hat

    * Vinyl Record Guitar Picks


    Even more interesting that these off the wall products are the commercials they have for them. Check out my favorites below and then go to to find your favorites.


    Gummy shots


    Worlds largest gummy worm


    Candy Wizard




  • Meat Loaf Sees (And Talks To) Dead People

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Meat Loaf
    Sascha Baumann, Getty Imags

    Meat Loaf has revealed that he has seen — and talked to — ghosts several times in his life. “I’ve seen them, I’ve been around them,” he explains. “Some are just energy left behind, and some are intelligent.”

    Speaking to Spinner, Loaf explains that these visits helped him realize there is in fact an afterlife, and that he’s talked to some of the spirits using something called a K2 Meter, which apparently lets them answer “yes” or “no.” Presumably, to questions like, “Has Meat Loaf lost his marbles?”

    Recounting one of his spooky encounters, Meat Loaf explains, “When we were making ‘Bat Out of Hell’ I saw a blonde girl in a white dress. I went downstairs and told the guys, ‘There’s a groupie up on the balcony,’ and they go, ‘How would she get up there?’ Everybody went up and no one was there.” (Cue spooky “whhoooo-eeeeeeee–oooooooooo” theremin music.)

    In more down-to-earth Meat Loaf news, the singer will be releasing a new album, ‘Hell in a Handbasket,’ on March 13. It’s the first of three albums he plans to release to commemorate his 40 year long career.


    by: Matthew Wilkening

  • 152 Facebook Friends tattooed on arm

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor


    We heard of people completely addicted to Facebook and who remained connected on the social networking site 24/7 but some people have taken this addiction to new extremes.  A new video posted on Youtube shows a woman who has had the profile pictures of her 152 friends tattooed on her arms and the video has so far attracted more than 1.3 millions views. 

    The description posted on the video by the person explains what motivated her to have the tattoo and she says that it represents what she is right now and the time that she is living in.  The aesthetical appeal of the tattoo has also provided personal satisfaction to the woman who adds that before having the tattoo she made sure she had the permission of all her friends who form part of the tattoo. 

    Users who have viewed the video have expressed mixed opinions-while some of them have praised the professional work of the tattoo artist, some have praised her bravery, boldness and innovative mind.  However some viewers have questioned the authenticity of the tattoo.  Others have been curious regarding what would happen when the friends decide to change their profile pictures.


    by Absurd Stories

  • Really...Bret Michaels Sues CBS for 'Humiliation' Caused by Stage Mishap

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor


    Brett Michaels

    Getty Images

    Poison frontman and reality star Bret Michaels has filed a second lawsuit against the producers of the 2009 Tony Awards, where he was hit in the head with a falling stage prop.

    According to Michaels' lawyers, CBS could have used "the standard seven-second broadcast delay" to keep viewers from seeing the mishap, the New York Post reports. Instead, the suit claims, "the defendants took no such measures -- presumably because the incident would lead to greater publicity and ratings for the show."

    The mishap left him with a cut lip and broken nose, and in the initial suit he filed last year, the rocker claimed that the incident led to the brain hemorrhage and mild stroke he suffered in 2010.

    As a result of CBS's failure to act, Michaels says, he suffered "humiliation when video of the incident immediately spread across the Internet."

    Defense lawyers have yet to comment on the suit, which could be worth up to $50 million.


    Posted on Feb 21st 2012 5:15PM by Kenneth Partridge

  • Chickenfoot Ready For The Road

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Chickenfoot w.s.g. Black Stone Cherry
    Monday    05/14/2012    Detroit, MI    The Fillmore Detroit

    The super-group consisting of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Kenny Aronoff and Michael Anthony has some serious roadwork ahead in the form of a tour launching during the first week of May.

    Chicken Foot
    Chickenfoot-Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO-September 11, 2009
    (Rod Tanaka /

    With two albums under its feathers – the 2009 self-titled debut and 2011’s Chickenfoot III – Chickenfoot takes to the highway beginning in Stateline, Nevada, near Lake Tahoe at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino May 4-5. Other stops include Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium May 9; Chicago at the Chicago Theatre May 12; Boston’s Orpheum Theatre May 16; New York City at the Beacon Theatre May 21; Seattle at WaMu Theater June 6 and Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre June 10.

    Black Stone Cherry supports.

    Black Stone Cherry

    City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, California-Dave Needle,April 27, 2011

    The band is once again partnering with Feeding America and will make donations to local food banks in each market.

    Presale and onsale dates to be announced. VIP packages to include meet-and-greets, early entry and exclusive tour gifts. Head on over to for more information.

    By: Jay Smith

  • Alice Cooper Gets First Bobblehead

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Alice Cooper’s shows include guillotines, fake blood, electric chairs, the occasional boa constrictor.

    Alice Cooper at DTE August 27, 2011

    Alice Cooper
    DTE Energy Center, Clarkston, Mich.-August 27, 2011
    (Scott Legato /

    So when it comes to sports, there’s no surprise which sport he loves: hockey. Hard hits, speed, adrenaline, some real blood – it’s a perfect fit. “Hockey just never stops,” Cooper said before the Phoenix Coyotes played the Dallas Stars on Saturday night. “It’s like rock ‘n’ roll – it’s relentless.”

    Cooper has become known in the sports world for his love of golf, playing in all those celebrity tournaments, whenever he can when he’s not on the road touring. But golf is a relatively recent love. Hockey has a much more deep-rooted hold on him.

    A native of Detroit, Cooper grew up with the bruising Red Wings teams of Gordie Howe, Terry Sawchuk, Ted Lindsay in the 1950s and ‘60s. When he wasn’t attending their games with his father, Cooper would head out to frozen lakes to play pickup games under the lights.

    Even after he became the king of shock rock, Cooper kept up with hockey and has been a fervent and knowledgeable Coyotes fan since the team moved from Winnipeg in 1996. “You can go see a baseball game, basketball, football, there’s never a game where you jump out of your seat as at a hockey game,” said Cooper, a recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “I keep saying the game should be called OOHH! because I do that 20 times a night: go OOHH! It’s by far the most fun sport to watch live.”

    One of Arizona’s most famous residents, Cooper has attended dozens of Coyotes games and has an in-depth knowledge of the team, its players and the game in general. So when the team talked to him about hosting a military night – Coop’s Troops – he didn’t hesitate. That it included the first bobblehead in his likeness in four decades of entertaining made it even better.

    “I thought it was going to be a little piece of plastic, but this thing has some weight to it. It’s a real bobblehead,” Cooper said, adding that his fans from around the world are already trying to get their hands on one of the 10,000 figures handed out at Saturday night’s game.

    Cooper participated in the ceremonial puck drop with a military serviceman and watched the game with one of the largest crowds of the season at Arena. The 64-year-old rocker hopes the franchise will find an owner who will keep the team in Phoenix so he can attend many more in the future.

    “We need to be a four-sport city, and it’s the only sport that I constantly go to,” Cooper said. “I go to a couple of baseball and basketball games and maybe one football game a year, but I go to a lot of hockey games so I don’t want to see it move. It’s too good a franchise to leave. And go to Hamilton (Ontario)? Come on.”

    When it comes to hockey, school’s never out for Cooper.

    --Associated Press