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  • OMG! That’s a 45-foot paper airplane soaring over the desert

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    (Credit: Pima Air & Space Museum)

    Everyone likes a good paper airplane. But how much do you love a 45-foot paper airplane?

    The answer is clear: A lot.

    And your love doesn't have to be unrequited because the good folks at the Pima Air & Space in Museum in Tucson, Ariz. have not only built, but flown (see video below), a 45-footer, achieving the feat earlier this week.

    Video available at

    "It's not every day that a giant paper airplane is released high over the Arizona desert. In fact, it's never been done. But that's exactly what the Pima Air & Space Museum did," the museum wrote on its wonderfully named Web site, "A couple months ago, hundreds of kids came to the museum to show us what paper airplane flying was all about. And now, inspired by their enthusiasm, we built a 45-foot paper airplane (quite possibly the largest ever constructed) and flew it."

    Indeed, while the giant flyer had a few problems--it buckled under its own weight just hours before it finally got airborne--the folks at Pima eventually took it to the sky (with a little help from a friendly helicopter).

    "Then it flew," Pima's live blog reported. "The Eagle flew!

    "After it was lifted off the ground by its nose, our giant paper airplane rose and rose until it began swaying pretty heavily in the wind (a product of our having to delay the launch until the evening instead the calmer morning). Aaron, our helicopter pilot then gave the order to cut the plane loose from the cable when it began to pull the chopper itself in a strong gust. But after it was released, for several shining moments, our huge, beautiful, silly, hubristic 45-foot paper airplane soared."

    (Credit: Pima Air & Space Museum)

    This is obviously one of the great moments in geek history, and it's no surprise coming from an aviation lover's playground like the Pima Air & Space Museum. This is a place that features a fantastic airplane graveyard that's available for public tours, and which is currently exhibiting a group of vintage planes that have been re-imagined as artists' canvases. But as for the giant paper airplane? As Gizmodo put it, "I don't think it's a great idea. I think this is an awesome kick-ass french-toast-sweet idea with maple syrup on top."

    I would have to completely and totally agree.

    By Daniel Terdiman, CNET

  • Jon Bon Jovi Launches Project Reach Developer Competition

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Jon Bon Jovi
    Elsa, Getty Images

    Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is adding to the already-long list of good deeds performed by his JBJ Soul Foundation — and with a little ingenuity, you could help a great cause and take home a big fat check.

    Jon, who’s a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions, joined forces last week with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services to announce a new developer challenge called Project REACH (an acronym for Real-time Electronic Access for Caregivers and the Homeless).

    The challenge is a call for developers to create an easily-used mobile/web application to connect service providers and offer real-time information about resources for the homeless and others in need. The first five entries to meet the requirements will receive a $10,000 cash prize and the opportunity to test their app at the JBJ Soul Kitchen, and the grand prize winner will be awarded $25,000.

    In an announcement about the initiative, the singer and philanthropist said:

    “At the [JBJ] Soul Kitchen, we’ve seen the need for a simple, user-friendly, comprehensive application that connects those in need to resources in their community. As we sought out a solution to resolve the disconnect, we found the VA, HUD and HHS to be of like mind. Together we can provide the information about existing services –- now we need the bright minds in the developer community to create a platform to tie it all together.”

    Added Secretary of House and Urban Development Shaun Donovan, “I want to thank Jon Bon Jovi for … using competition and innovation to advance the cause of ending homelessness.”

    With the new contest, Jon and the others involved hope to create a national platform that enables health clinics, food kitchens, housing services and shelters to update availability of key services automatically on the internet.

    For more information about REACH and the contest details, visit the program’s official website.

    by: Alanna Conaway

  • Epic Failures

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    by: Matt Wardlaw
    Let it be
    If the Beatles and other great classic rock bands had any idea how badly their songs would someday be butchered in cover versions by the “artists” below, they might not have ever spent so much time in the studio. Whether they're performing at small local clubs or on the television airwaves, these bands dramatically fail at re-capturing the magic of the originals, but they did earn themselves a spot on our Top 10 Classic Rock Cover FAILs list:

    'Let It Be'
    Originally by the Beatles
    What's going on here? Is that Rodney Dangerfield in a sailor's outfit applying his Pavarotti vocal stylings to 'Let It Be' by the Beatles? After watching this performance, you'll hope that the crew was lost at sea before they had the chance to record other songs.

    'Don't Stop Believin''
    Originally by Journey
    Nervously rocking from side to side as he sings, this young vocalist discovers that the upper reaches of the Journey catalog wasn't meant for mere mortals to sing, something that he attempts to address with a key change at the end of the song. Thankfully, they're rocking a performance at the local middle school that no one will remember 10 years from now…except for the 48,000 people on YouTube that have seen this performance, that is.

    'Highway To Hell'
    Originally by AC/DC
    These guys rockin' the AC/DC cover in the intimate confines of Mom's house probably could have used some monitors with their setup. Even then, it's hard to say that being able to hear themselves would have rescued this performance. Whoever filmed this kindly let them know how much they suck before they even really got into the song… and then posted the video on YouTube, complete with band member name credits so we know exactly who is slaughtering every second of 'Highway To Hell.'

    'Dust In The Wind'
    Originally by Kansas
    Oh, video bloggers and your sense of humor, what the heck is a “Tobuscus” anyway? Even though this rendition of 'Dust In The Wind' by Kansas was created with laughs in mind, we still feel a little bit less smart after watching it. This guy reminds us of the bad '80s sitcom star who somehow escaped from the island of lost television actors and was allowed to bring a video camera on his trip.

    'I Can't Dance'
    Originally by Genesis
    “When we got our first video camera, we decided to sing some of our favorite classic rock songs.” That's the general idea behind the cutesy rendition of the debatably classic Genesis track delivered by these two lovebirds. How could 'I Can't Dance' possibly get any worse? Let 'Agata and Erik' show you right here!

    Originally by Alice Cooper
    Have you ever wanted to hear an art-rock version of 'Poison' by Alice Cooper? We doubt it was intentional, but that's kind of how this performance comes off. Extra kudos to the smoke machine that attempts to smoke the band out of existence about 40 seconds into the video (hint: the attempt was unsuccessful). Sadly, because we never get a glimpse of the actual vocalist, we can't track him down to applaud his vocal prowess.

    'Sharp Dressed Man'
    Originally by ZZ Top
    Headset mic? Check. Awkwardly bad matching stage outfits? Check. Bad stage rap to set up the song? Check. Finishing off this horrific cover of 'Sharp Dressed Man' by ZZ Top is the drummer, who apparently thinks he's playing drums for a Motley Crue or Poison tribute. Guess what? You're not.

    'Enter Sandman'
    Originally by Metallica
    We kept gripping our pillow tighter and tighter throughout this television performance, which quickly reminds us how painful something can be when the vocals are pushed way too far up in the mix. “Jarring” isn't the word for it – somebody please, take us off to Never-Never Land immediately!

    'Comfortably Numb'
    Originally by Pink Floyd
    'Comfortably Numb' unfortunately doesn't even begin to describe how this performance makes us feel.. Performing very ironically in front of a giant sign that spells out “music” in big capital letters, there aren't enough drugs in the world to mask the pain you'll feel when you watch this guy go for the high notes. The band is completely out of sync, like one of those awkward and intentionally “shreds” videos, except tragically serious.

    'Smoke On The Water'
    Originally by Deep Purple
    We wonder how much inspiration Deep Purple took from this orchestrally based rendition of 'Smoke On The Water' for their recent tour. The peaceful tranquility with which the opening notes of 'Smoke' are plucked is far too polite, but they're simply revving up for the gang-style lead vocals that kick in around 1:08. Different strokes for different folks, and this version of 'Smoke' is definitely not like all of the others…

  • John Caparulo Is Coming To Michigan

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    I see him all the time on Chelsey Lately, check out funny guy John Caparulo in Royal Oak


    John Caparulo

    Apr 26, 27 & 28  2012    
    At The Comedy Castle

    310 South Troy Street,
    Royal Oak, MI 48067
    248.542.9900 phone

  • Slash Recording with Ex-Guns N' Roses Bandmate Steven Adler

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Stephen Adler & Slash
    Marc S Canter/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

    Slash tweeted some huge news about his plans for Thursday night, March 15. The guitarist revealed that he will be reuniting with his onetime Guns N’ Roses bandmate Steven Adler to “lay down some guitars” for a song on the drummer’s new album.

    We’d be lying if we said that it didn’t make us wondering if the former bandmates will have discussions about the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which is a month away. Could this be the first step GN’R takes to build a bridge to a performance at the Hall?

    You never know. Check out Slash’s full tweet below:

    Looking forward to laying down some guitars on a song for Steven Adler's new record tomorrow night. IiiI; )'
    14 Mar 2012

    We’re curious to hear the end result of this collaboration between two musicians who made magic together in the 1980s. It’s touching to see that after all the drama, in-fighting and external nonsense that has followed the GN’R camp since the band’s inception, Slash and Adler can still communicate on a musical level. Are you listening, Axl?

    In not quite as big news, depending on how you look at it, Slash also tweeted that he played his brand new album ‘Apocalyptic Love’ for his pet snake Sam. Maybe the serpent will collaborate with its owner and add some effects (via slithering) for the deluxe edition? Here’s Slash’s Tweet about his snake:

    Played the new record for my snake, Sam. 1st time he's been active in a month. I hope that's a good sign. IiiI; )'
    14 Mar 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite


    by: Amy Sciarretto Yesterday

  • Shinedown Premiere New Music Video

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    by: Tree Riddle Yesterday


    James Minchin, Facebook

    Shinedown have unleashed ‘Unity,’ a new song from their highly anticipated album ‘Amaryllis’ and have simultaneously debuted its music video.

    The hit-making rockers are gearing up to drop one of the biggest rock albums of the year later this month and to help stir the anticipation into a frenzy, they have unveiled yet another of the album’s tracks. Much like the lead single ‘Bully,’ for which we recently premiered the music video, the new track from ‘Amaryllis’ carries an important message.

    “‘Unity’ is a song about uniting the world as one,” Shinedown vocalist Brent Smith tells Noisecreep. “It’s about loving your brothers and sisters. We’re all in this together and we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down!”

    ‘Amaryllis’ will be released on March 27, as the band begins their headlining stint on the Avalanche Tour at The Grove in Anaheim, Calif., that same day. The band will receive tour support from Adelitas Way, New Medicine and Art of Dying.

    Watch Shinedown’s ‘Unity’ Video

  • Doobie Brothers Drummer Michael Hossack Dead at 65

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Michael Hossack of the Doobie Brothers
    Bob King, Getty Images

    Michael Hossack of the Doobie Brothers died Monday (March 12) of cancer. The drummer, who was in the band from 1971 to 1973 and then again from 1987 to 2010, was 65 years old.

    According to the Lake County News, the musician known to his friends as ‘Big Mike’ was surrounded by family at his Wyoming home when he passed away. Hossack joined the group in 1971 and first appeared on record with their ‘Toulouse Street’ album the next year. He went on to perform on two more of the Doobie Brothers’ early popular albums, and on hits such as ‘China Grove,’ ‘Long Train Runnin’,’ and ‘Black Water.’

    He left the lineup in 1973, but when the Doobies reunited in 1987 following a five-year retirement, Hossack was back on board and remained with the group — with a few brief departures, including one for a 2001 motorcycle accident — until he went on medical leave to deal with his health battle back in 2010.

    Hossack, who served in the U.S. Navy prior to his time in the Doobie Brothers and was an avid outdoorsman, leaves behind a son and a daughter. No official comment on his passing has been posted by the band as of this posting.

    by: Matthew Wilkening 2 hours ago

    Watch the Doobie Brothers Perform ‘Listen to the Music’

  • Charlie Sheen Offers Drunken Review of Guns N' Roses Concert

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Charlie Sheen & Axle Rose of Guns & Roses

    Mark Davis / Jason Merrit, Getty Images

    Actor Charlie Sheen allegedly / apparently had a lot to drink at the Guns N’ Roses Palladium show in Los Angeles Friday night (March 9), and offered some enthusiastic if slurred thoughts afterwards.

    “Where’s Slash?” the much-discussed Hollywood “bad boy” demands in the TMZ video below, and it’s hard to tell if that’s a commentary about something lacking in the band’s current lineup, or if Sheen is merely seeking directions to a party. The same type of question hangs over his “billion dollar concert, period, the end” statement — does he mean that night’s show was excellent, or that a full GNR reunion is the only thing worth that kind of money?

    Sheen is much more clear when asked about his favorite Guns N’ Roses songs, quickly citing the drug addiction tale ‘Mr. Brownstone’ (and tweaking his own image by adding “imagine that!”), and as an impressively tasteful follow-up, ‘Rocket Queen,’ which he correctly labeled as “a masterpiece.”

    Then, with a possibly joking political prediction — “Palin 2012!” — and some actually rather well-timed joking banter about his partying ways, Sheen was off in his sleek black car, presumably to plop down in front of a laptop and file a full written review before his deadline hit.

    Article by: Matthew Wilkening


    Watch Charlie Sheen Leaving the Guns N’ Roses Show from TMZ (I love them)

  • Deftones-A Wedding and New Album News

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Chno Moreno of the Deftones

    Mary Ouellette,

    Deftones frontman Chino Moreno is once again off the market. (Sorry, girls!) Moreno, 38, wed his longtime girlfriend Risa Mora in a ceremony in the thoroughly romantic locale of Hawaii last week. The couple swapped vows on Wednesday, March 7.

    Moreno was previously wed to Celeste Schroeder. They have two sons together: Kristian and Jakobi. The singer, loved for his quiet/loud vocal stylings in Deftones as well as his work in Team Sleep and ††† (pronounced “Crosses”), and Mora have a young daughter.

    Congrats to the happy couple on making it official!

    In other Deftones’ news, Moreno and has bandmates are said to be working on their seventh studio album.

    by: Amy Sciarretto

  • Five Finger Death Punch Bring Mobile Recording Studio On Tour

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    by: Amy Sciarretto Yesterday

    Five Finger Death Punch
    Prospect Park

    Five Finger Death Punch don’t waste any time. The band, enjoying a surge of success on the back of its third album ‘American Capitalist,’ embarks on tour after tour, leaving little time to record, right? Wrong! FFDP aren’t falling victim to idle time while on the road, instead bringing mobile recording equipment on tour so they can work while traveling from city to city. It effectively ensures that good musical ideas don’t get away from them. Ultimately, the rockers represent a model of efficiency.

    “Right now, we’ve got a mobile recording studio with us on the road, writing and recording some ideas,” bassist Chris Kael told Artisan News in a recent chat. “So towards the end of the year, we’ll get everything rolling and bust out the next one for you guys.”

    The band wants to maintain its high standard of stage production so its also bringing quite a set up, in addition to toting recording equipment. They’re likely traveling with quite a caravan of stuff. “We put everything we have into this,” Kael said. “If you got a chance to see it on the Share the Welt tour, it was huge lights, a big production. We want you talking about it once your get out of there.”

    Five Finger Death Punch look to remain on the road for much of the foreseeable future. They will head out on a short run with Soulfly for a handful of weeks at the end of this month.

    Watch Five Finger Death Punch Talk Mobile Recording + Tour Production

  • Arkensas Man Is Sueing Ticket Master For His $50 Convience Fee

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Arkansas To Hear Arguments In TM Case

    An Arkansas man who paid nearly $50 in fees when he bought concert tickets through Ticketmaster challenged the charges at the state Supreme Court on Thursday. Corey McMillan sued Ticketmaster LLC and its parent, Live Nation Entertainment Inc., last year after he bought four tickets to see country singer Jason Aldean in concert.

    Lawyers for McMillan are seeking class-action status and argue that Ticketmaster is violating Arkansas' law on deceptive trade practices. Attorneys for Ticketmaster and Live Nation say the state statute doesn't apply to them. Rodney Moore, an Arkadelphia attorney representing McMillan told the Supreme Court that the purchase of a ticket is a simple transaction. "Yet, when (customers) get their receipt, it reads like a phone bill with all the additional charges," Moore said.

    Example of Ticket Master Charges

    Example of Ticket Master Fees


    Chad Pekron, an attorney for Live Nation and Ticketmaster, said venues like the one where Jason Aldean performed, contract with companies such as Ticketmaster to provide customers with different ways to purchase tickets. "In this case, the petitioner, Corey McMillan, instead of having to drive 140 miles roundtrip ... was able from the comfort of his home to get online and buy tickets," Pekron told the Supreme Court.

    Several of the justices, including Associate Justice Donald L. Corbin, pushed for more information on what qualifies as the box office ticket price. "How do we know what we're paying for?" Corbin asked. Pekron said customers know how much they are paying for the tickets, including charges, when they buy them.

    "In this case, Ticketmaster's labeling of extra charges as 'convenience fees,' 'facility fees' and 'processing fees,' is nothing more than a device to exact more than the actual ticket price from consumers," McMillan's attorneys wrote in a court document filed last year. Ticketmaster and Live Nation's legal team argued that Arkansas' law on deceptive trade practices prohibits ticket scalping and that the statute doesn't apply to them because "Ticketmaster does not resell tickets to the public."

    Ticketmaster took the case to federal court, where a judge asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to figure out whether the state law applies to an entity like Ticketmaster. McMillan said that at an advertised price of $42.75 per ticket, the concert tickets he purchased should have cost $171. Instead, he paid a total of $220.60 once the fees were tacked on. His attorneys said the charges included a convenience fee of $9.40 per ticket, a facility charge of $2 per ticket and a processing fee of $4 on the whole order. "The biggest of these fees is labeled a convenience charge, with no real definition of what convenience is," Moore told The Associated Press.

    McMillan is not the first person to challenge Ticketmaster fees. A pair of men had sued in Los Angeles over fees they were charged for purchasing tickets to Wilco and Bruce Springsteen concerts. A settlement that received preliminary approval from a judge last year would give customers a $1.50 credit on up to 17 tickets they purchased between specific dates in 1999 and 2011 that they can use on future purchases.

    --Associated Press