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  • Breaking Benjamin Frontman Benjamin Burnley Retains Rights To Band's Name

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Breaking Benjamin


    Breaking Benjamin‘s lengthy layoff may be coming to an end, as court proceedings between frontman Benjamin Burnley and two of the band’s former members concerning the rights to use their moniker have concluded with the vocalist emerging victorious.

    The band took an indefinite hiatus in 2010 while Burnley was dealing with an illness. Not long after, the band’s label released a greatest hits album featuring a newly remixed version of ‘Blow Me Away’ with special guest vocalist Valora. The album and single became a point of contention between Burnley and bassist Mark Klepaski and guitarist Aaron Fink, as the singer later revealed that the two members had unilaterally signed off on the album and song remix without his consent.

    Both Klepaski and Fink were fired by Burnley and a legal battle ensued over the rights to the name. Meanwhile drummer Chad Szeliga, who had used the hiatus to join Black Label Society as a touring musician, remained on good terms with Burnley.

    In a posting at the band’s website, the group’s current status was updated. It reads as follows:

    The dispute between Benjamin Burnley, who is the sole founder, primary musician, singer and songwriter for the band Breaking Benjamin, and two of the band’s ex-members has been resolved. Benjamin Burnley retains his right to use his band name and Breaking Benjamin will continue.

    Burnley added his own comments, stating:

    I am pleased to finally put this matter behind me and focus on the future for Breaking 
Benjamin. I wish to express my never ending love and gratitude to the best fans in the world for their undying love and support. Words cannot express my love to you all! Thank you!!
    - Benjamin Burnley

    In a recent interview with Hardrock Haven, Szeliga hinted that there might be movement with Breaking Benjamin soon and he expected to be part of it. “I am just looking to get back in the studio with Breaking Benjamin,” stated the drummer. “Yes, I’m answering the question that everybody asks me every day … Breaking Benjamin is still together. We will definitely and hopefully be doing another record in the future!”


  • Throw Back Thursday's-Scorpions

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor


    Scorpions Savage Amusement Album


    It was 25 years ago today — April 16 — that Germany’s favorite hard rock sons, the Scorpions, lost their venom with the release of 1988′s disappointing ‘Savage Amusement’ album.

    Until then, Hannover’s finest had enjoyed a remarkable run of success since the start of the decade, going toe-to-toe with America’s biggest hard rock contenders thanks to hit-filled, platinum-selling albums like 1982′s ‘Blackout’ and ’84′s ‘Love at First Sting.’ In the process, they became Germany’s best-selling rock export ever.

    Not bad for a band formed all the way back in 1965 by the guitar-playing Schenker brothers, Rudolf and Michael (who was soon poached by Brit rockers, UFO), and that, once armed with vocalist Klaus Meine and new guitar wizard, Uli Jon Roth, spent the entire ‘70s painstakingly establishing a solid career in Europe and Japan.

    But the commercial rise of heavy metal in the ‘80s really blew the doors open for the Scorpions, who subsequently made it a habit of packing arenas and blazing up the charts with heavy rock anthems like “No One Like You, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and “Big City Nights,” as well as tear-jerking ballads like “Holiday” and “Still Loving You.”

    So there seemed to be no reason whatsoever to tinker with this incredibly prosperous formula when the band began working on its tenth studio album, ‘Savage Amusement,’ with longtime producer Dieter Dierks faithfully directing things from behind the console.

    The problem was that Def Leppard’s revolutionary ‘Hysteria’ had only recently been released, and producer Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange’s meticulously sculpted pop metal colossus immediately raised the bar for all bands (and their ambitious producers) competing in the space, on its way to selling an astounding 10 million copies.

    Unfortunately, Dierks was no Mutt and ‘Savage Amusement’ never resembled more than a pale imitation of its muse’s pristine song-smithing and synthetic technological wonders.

    Mind you, chosen singles like the tolerable ‘Passion Rules the Game,’ the reliable ballad ‘Believe in Love’ and even the comatose ‘Rhythm of Love’ (whose lyrics were painfully banal even by the Scorps’ charmingly cheesy standards) still fared relatively well with audiences. But for the band’s more discerning faithful — never mind any crusty veterans of those long-gone ‘70s glories — lifeless, synthesizer-slathered robo-rock of this sort hurt more than, well, getting stung by an actual scorpion. And we haven’t yet mentioned additional offenders like ‘Don’t Stop at the Top’ and the shameless ‘Hysteria’ wannabe, ‘Media Overkill.’

    For these fans, the only meager consolation came on ‘Savage Amusement’s’ second vinyl side, to which the LP’s lonely displays of fancy-free, stripped-down, ballsy head-banging – ‘We Let it Rock…You Let it Roll’ and ‘Love on the Run’ – had apparently been “exiled,” but by then it was a little to late to salvage “Dieter Dierks’ folly.”

    There was also no sugar-coating the box office receipts once ‘Savage Amusement’ hit record stores, and, after briefly shooting into Top 5s and 10s in numerous countries, plummeted down the charts to begin its long limp towards platinum sales (its predecessor had gone triple platinum, its successor would go double)…meaning, it could have been worse!



  • Common Ground Music Festival Announces 33 More Artists To The Line-Up

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor


    Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators




    (photo credit:



    Monster Truck

    Monster Truck


    CG logo

    The Common Ground Music Festival presented by Miller Lite is pleased to reveal 33 additional performers of the star studded line-up for this summers festival that already features Barenaked Ladies, Little Big Town, Randy Houser, The Avett Brothers, Ben Folds Five,  Guster, Frontier Ruckus and Boothby Graffoe.


    Joining the festival lineup set to begin on July 8 in Louis Adado Riverfront Park in Lansing, MI, are:  Slash, Sevendust, AWOLNATION, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Shooter Jennings, the Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, twenty | one | pilots, Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band, Xavier Rudd, ZZWard, Murder by Death, Tokyo Police Club, Echoes of Pink Floyd, Wilson, Red Stone Souls, Phoenix Stone, Von Grey, Julia Sheer, Kari Lynch Band, Foxy Shazam, The Soil and the Sun, Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, Mike Mains and the Branches, Flint Eastwood, Lights and Caves, Goodnight Texas, Owen, American Opera, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Elliot Street Lunatic, Mike Vial and the Great Lake Effect, and Bennett .


    Single Day Tickets for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of the festival will go on sale to the public at 10:00 AM EST, Friday, April 19, 2013.  (Monday, Thursday & Saturday on sale now)


    For a full list of the lineup and ticket pricing for each day please visit the official website at


    You asked, and we listened! The Common Ground Music Festival presented by Miller Lite will offer more music to their fans in 2013. Festival organizers are pleased to announce the addition of a third stage at the festival this year, “the Leinie Lodge” brought to you by Leinenkugel. The Leinie Lodge will provide an intimate setting offering, up close and personal, performances from national, regional and local artists.


    If you don't know these bands check out their music here:

    AWOLNATION-Kill Your Heroes

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited-Born On The Bayou

    Shooter Jennings-The Real Me

    The Sheepdogs-The Way It Is

    twenty | one | pilots-Holding On To You

    Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band-The Curse

    Xavier Rudd-Follow The Sun

    ZZWard-Put The Gun Down

    Murder by Death-As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World

    Tokyo Police Club-Tessallate

    Echoes of Pink Floyd-Pigs (Three Different Ones)

    Wilson-Snake Eyes you will like this one

    Red Stone Souls-Sun Dont Shine

    Phoenix Stone-100 Proof Moonshine

    Von Grey-Coming For You

    Julia Sheer-Stay (Rihanna cover)

    Kari Lynch Band-Me And A Bottle Of Wine

    Foxy Shazam-Oh Lord

    The Soil and the Sun-Raised In Glory

    Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers-Ego Loss On Grand River

    Mike Mains and the Branches-Stereo

    Flint Eastwood-Hustle

    Lights and Caves-Facebook Page Music link

    Goodnight Texas-Maggies' Farm Forever

    Owen-Live On His Front Porch

    American Opera-Spoons & Knives

    Nahko and Medicine for the People-New Eyes

    Elliot Street Lunatic-In Science

    Mike Vial and the Great Lake Effect-Ohio (CSN&Y cover)

    Bennett-Wait For Me Brother

  • Bob Seger Makes 79-Year-Old Coma Survivor's Dream Come True

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Evie Branan, the 79 year old Michigan woman whose first words after emerging from a coma that lasted five years were, “I want to go to a Bob Seger concert,” got her wish and more last night (April 11) when she met the rock legend backstage.

    “He squatted down and put his arms around me, and gave me a kiss,’ Branan recounted to Detroit’s WXYZ News. “I gave him a kiss. I gave him another kiss. Whew! I’m full of Seger kisses.” reports Evie Branan cheered, threw her hands in the air and danced during Seger’s concert Thursday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. She also met Seger and his family, talked with crew and band members and received VIP treatment for the show. (You can see some great photos from Branan’s big night at

    After receiving nationwide press coverage about her saga and after arriving at the concert in a stretched Chrysler limo, one would have been hard pressed not to think Evie was the main attraction for the evening. She called the night “the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I feel like a rock star.”

    But of course, the highlight of the night for Ms. Branan was when out of the blue she was approached by Seger himself. The Detroit hero introduced himself and then fulfilled another of Branan’s wishes — he gave her a big hug.

    “I never thought I would ever see this day,” Branan said while smiling so large her ears were getting wet. “Oh, man, it was a lot better than I thought it would be.”

    Seger and his family were just as impressed in meeting Evie. “Wow, wow…Thank you,” Seger said to Branan after receiving smooches on both cheeks from his devoted fan. Bob’s wife, Nita, and his son, Cole, also came to meet Branan. “It’s amazing,” Mrs. Seger said. “It’s a thrill for us as much as it is for you, I’m sure.” Bob even dedicated a song to Evie during his performance.

    Branan left the concert hall a very happy and fulfilled lady. In her wake, however, she left a few musicians and an entire rock & roll nation even happier for her.

    seger fan



  • Proof That Axel Has A Full Head Of Hair

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Axel Rose


    Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose was photographed without a bandana or his trusty fedora locked firmly on his head for what we reckon is the first time in about six years recently.

    Now first off, let’s be clear, that’s an educated guess on our part — when we searched the archives of our professional photo service, the most recent picture of Rose sans chapeau dates back to 2007, which was at the tail end of his approximately five-year braided hair era.

    According to the group’s Facebook page, the picture above finds Rose “partying like a rock star in London” — specifically, in the back of an automobile and in the company of somewhere between two and four women. If we can offer a slight correction, by any definition Axl Rose is a rock star, he doesn’t need to party “like” one.

    Now, normally when a famous musician — or any guy for that matter — constantly covers their hair for so long, it’s a pretty transparent attempt to camouflage male pattern baldness. However, based on these photos it seems Rose has nothing to hide.

    Which means the eyes of a curious rock nation are now turned squarely back on you, Bret Michaels.

    Axel Rose

  • Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Melissa McCarthy is one of those hosts that will always and forever be great because sketch comedy is her background. Here are her best moments from the show.


    When she fell slowly during her monologue:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    This bumper:

    This bumper:

    Her confession of being a "Crocs person":

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    The entire character of Coach Kelly:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    This bumper:

    This bumper:

    Her HAM! dance moves:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    Her answer to Shakira's question:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    When she played Nanelle:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    This bumper:

    This bumper:

    This moment:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever

    All of Barb Kelner:

    All of Barb Kelner:

    And this part, which pretty much sums up humanity:

    Melissa McCarthy Should Probably Be On "SNL" Forever
  • Alice In Chains Team With Funny Or Die For Hilarious "AIC 23" Mockumentary

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Alice In Chains


    To amp fans up for Alice in Chains‘ next album, ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ (due May 28), a hilarious mockumentary called ‘AIC 23′ has been released by Funny or Die. The flick includes a great storyline, along with cameos from members of Metallica, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Guns N’ Roses + more!

    Alice in Chains sure know how to tease a record. Back in December, the band gave us the brilliant track ‘Hollow‘ five whole months before the release of ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.’ The group finished their one-two-punch with yet another song, ‘Stone,’ two weeks ago, along with a slow and tricky reveal of the cover art for ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.’ This new Funny or Die clip acts as yet another powerful (and sidesplitting) trailer for Alice in Chains’ fifth full-length album.

    In this 11-minute mockumentary, protagonist Alan Poole McLard attempts to snag an interview with Alice in Chains, while exposing the band’s new tracks to individuals from all walks of life. McLard meets a painfully stereotypical hipster, an evil black metal musician, a stoned Rastafarian guitarist and a country hick, all of whom either despise or begrudge the new Alice in Chains material. Each character is portrayed brilliantly, luring the viewer into a music-snob rage against the Alice in Chains naysayers, but be sure to look extra hard at the actors … you may be surprised.

    Along with ‘Hollow’ and ‘Stone,’ snippets of the new Alice in Chains tracks ‘Voices’ and ‘Phantom Limb’ also make their way into the short film. We don’t want to spoil the results of Mr. McLard’s quest to meet Alice in Chains, but we will tell you that guitarist Jerry Cantrell does make an appearance. Other musical legends also appear in the flick, sharing their positive, negative and apathetic reactions to another Alice in Chains disc.

    To watch Funny or Die’s ‘AIC 23′ clip, check out the video below!

    Funny or Die Presents: ‘AIC 23′

  • Courtney Love Stars In Humorous Njoy Electronic Cigarette Commercial

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Courtney Love


    Courtney Love is no stranger to courting controversy and she uses that image perfectly in a new ad for NJOY electronic cigarettes.

    The ad begins in what appears to be a ballroom at an upper-class event. An elder woman meets with a younger attendee who nods in Love’s direction with a disapproving gaze. The elder woman, who appears to be in charge of the event, then moves toward Love, who is staring outside a window while smoking.

    The woman taps Love on the shoulder and looks down at the Hole singer as she declares, “You know, you can’t SMOKE in here.” Love responds in kind, telling the woman, “Relax … It’s a f—ing NJOY,” as she walks away having put her adversary in her place. The commercial closes with the strains of Hole‘s ‘Celebrity Skin’ as the woman now tentatively puts her own electronic cigarette between her lips and tries it for the first time.

    The NJOY new media campaign was reportedly inspired by one of Love’s real-life experiences, showing that smokers now have the option to take a “puff” indoors without disturbing others.

    Watch Courtney Love’s ‘NJOY Electronic Cigarette’ Commercial

  • Throw Back Thursday's-Allman Brothers

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Berry Oakley

    Happy Birthday to Raymond "Berry Oakley" III (April 4, 1948 – November 11, 1972), was an American bassist and one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band.