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  • Pink Floyd Alumni To Perform "Wish You Were Here" At 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Pink Floyd
    MJ Kim, Getty Images

    At least one and possibly two members of Pink Floyd will perform ‘Wish You Were Here’ at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics on Sunday, Aug. 12.

    This information comes from English songwriter Ed Sheeran, who says he will be accompanying the legendary rocker or rockers at the big event. In an interview with Nova 106.9 (courtesy of SoulCulture) he states that so far only Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is confirmed to appear, and quickly clarifies that it won’t be the full band — as “they don’t get on.” He goes on to say, though, that “I think they’re trying to get someone else.”

    Presumably, that would mean either Roger Waters or David Gilmour, who have performed together very infrequently since Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985, most notably in 2005 at Live 8, where the four surviving members of the group’s most commercially successful lineup performed together for what sadly would turn out to be the last time. (Keyboardist Richard Wright passed away in 2008.)

    Waters, at least, should be in good performing shape, having just recently wrapped up his massive ‘Wall’ tour by constructing the biggest on-stage “wall” ever in Quebec.

    by: Matthew Wilkening

  • Get Your Buttcrack Boob Shirts While They're Hot

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor


    If you’re an ad agency struggling to come up with a campaign that motivates, stimulates, and instigates, just throw some boobs into the mix.

    The firm responsible for driving registration and enlistment into the German Crafts union did just that when they produced T-shirts featuring the union’s logo and slogan above a beautiful busty woman whose chest is “completed” via one’s voluptuous buttcheeks.

    While the rump/bust combos pictured below work, things can get dicey when dealing with a real man’s un-manscaped cushions. Despite that unsightly vision, the promotion has earned the agency a CLIO nomination – the ad industry’s version of the Oscars.

    Sure, the shirts are clever, but how effective will they be? Are handymen really happy to have their hineys ogled like hooters? Seems like it could end an involuntary pipe clogging.

    by: Patrick Bateman


    Plumer 2

  • Marilyn Manson Talks Absinthe, Johnny Depp Bromance + "Born Villian"

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Marilyn Manson
    Mary Ouellette,

    There’s never a dull moment in the world of Marilyn Manson and in a new interview the ‘Born Villain’ talks intimately about the creative process for his new disc, his love of absinthe, and his ‘bromance’ with Johnny Depp.

    As Manson prepares to embark on the co-headlining ‘Twins of Evil’ tour with Rob Zombie in September, he settled in with Vice’s music channel Noisey for a video interview to talk about his latest disc. He kicked it off by discussing the origin of the album’s name. “I called the record ‘Born Villain’ because coming from a Christian school upbringing you’re taught that you’re born a sinner,” explains Manson. “So you’re a kid, I don’t know really what the sin is unless you’re just covered in blood and you also made your mothers lady parts not the same, potentially, maybe that’s a sin.”

    Manson also talked about having his own brand of absinthe now, “mostly because he was drinking so much of it they said why don’t you just make your own label.” However, according to Manson he barely ever drinks his own brand. “Strangely I don’t drink mine too much because it’s too strong,” admits Manson. “That’s a good advertisement – even Marilyn Manson doesn’t drink his own absinthe because it’s too strong.”

    Manson reminisced about stocking up on absinthe with Johnny Depp as they prepared for the end of the world in the interview, saying, “Johnny Depp and I, on Y2K when I went there because I thought the world was going to come to an end, just in case, I went to the south of France and we bought every case of absinthe they had in Prague.” He continued, “It was just the burgeoning of our bromance, of our brotherly love for each other. He doesn’t drink that much right now because he’s focusing on other things. I will say that he introduced me to Hunter S. Thompson, and Hunter S. Thompson said he was the only person he was afraid of that could take him down.”

    And in what may be the closest thing to a public service announcement that the world will ever get from Marilyn Manson, he advised viewers, “What I’ve learned, here’s my advice over the ages – drink and do drugs when you’re in a good mood, not when you’re in a bad mood.”

    by: Mary Ouellette

    Watch the Marilyn Manson Interview with Noisey

  • Olympics Ceremony Album Tops Download Charts

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    London Olympics AP Photo

    2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony-July 27, 2012
    (AP Photo)

    Enjoyed the music-packed Olympics opening ceremony? Now you can buy the album — and thousands have. The soundtrack album, which went on sale as a download minutes after Friday’s ceremony ended, has topped the iTunes album chart in Britain, France, Belgium and Spain, and has reached No. 5 in the United States.

    It’s No. 5 on the overall British album chart less than two days after its release. Director Danny Boyle’s spectacular opening ceremony was a rollicking celebration of British music. The album includes tracks from — among others — David Bowie, The Pet Shop Boys, Chemical Brothers, Dizzee Rascal, Emeli Sande, Arctic Monkeys and Underworld.

    Universal Music will also release an album of the London Olympics’ Aug. 12 closing ceremony, which will feature British acts including The Who.

    --Associated Press

  • Germans Blow Off Steam With Swearing Hotline

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Germans blow off steam with swearing hotline

    BERLIN | Wed Jul 25,

    (Reuters) - Two German entrepreneurs have devised a way for passive-aggressive citizens to blow off some steam - dial a telephone number and give the person on the other end a verbal lashing.

    The swearing hotline, known as "Schimpf-los" ("swear away") in German, has operators standing by seven days a week for frustrated individuals to jeer at and taunt using the most unsavory language they can muster.

    "We don't judge people who are angry," said Ralf Schulte, who set up the hotline with his fellow media services provider Alexander Brandenburger.

    "It happens. It's natural. With us you can blow off steam no strings attached," 41-year-old Schulte told Reuters.

    The creators of the service found inspiration in their own stressful daily routines. The way Schulte sees it, he is doing people a favor by providing a release for pent-up aggravation and helping to avoid altercations in the workplace or at home.

    "If you're stressed out at work, you go home and your partner gets an earful," he said. "Even though it's not her fault."

    When callers are not creative in their cursing, or find themselves tongue-tied, operators on the hotline prod them with cheeky provocations like: "That's the third time I've heard that today - is that all you've got?"

    The service costs 1.49 euros per minute - a figure Schulte feels is completely justified. "For getting everything off your chest, it's a bargain."

    (Reporting by Chris Cottrell; Editing by Stephen Brown)

  • Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" Covered By Twin Sisters Playing Electric Harp

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor


    Ever wonder what Metallica‘s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ would sound like completely stripped down and played on electric harps by a set of blonde twins? We sure have! And after years of patiently waiting, a lovely duo have created a divine re-imagining of the classic Metallica track.

    Twin sisters Camille and Kennerly, who are also known as the ‘Harp Twins,’ have created an interesting and diverse catalogue of harp covers, including Guns N’ Roses‘ ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine,’ Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and even a version of ‘Skyward Sword’ from the ‘Zelda’ video game series.

    ‘Nothing Else Matters’ was released on Metallica’s ‘Black Album,’ and has grown to become a fan favorite, as well as the band’s signature ballad. The serene and atmospheric characteristics of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ makes for a solid foundation used for the twins’ harp cover.

    In their video for ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ the Harp Twins calmly brave the desert to play their cover for the baron wasteland. The silent and stoic nature of the twin sisters in action summons flashbacks of ‘The Shining,’ which adds to the bizarre experience of watching the duo perform.

    Check out the Harp Twins’ cover of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ above.

    by: Graham "Gruhamed" Hartmann


    More songs by Camille & Kennerly

    AC/DC Highway To Hell

    Bon Jovi-It's My Life

    Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here

    Guns & Roses-Sweet Child Of Mine

    Led Zeppelin-Stairway To Heaven

    Journey-Don't Stop Believing

    Here is their YouTube channel if you want to view more...

  • Rock-N-Roll Stage Names Origins Part V

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie is a highly regarded name both in the world of music and cinema. The multitalented frontman zoomed to the top of the industrial metal world with his band White Zombie, originally using the alias of Rob Straker on both the ‘Soul-Crusher’ and ‘Make Them Die Slowly’ before officially changing his stage name to Rob Zombie for the 1989 EP ‘God of Thunder.’

    The inspiration for both his moniker and the White Zombie band name comes from the 1932 classic horror film ‘White Zombie,’ which starred master of horror Bela Lugosi and is widely considered as the first true zombie flick.

    Kid Rock

    Detroit-area multi-genre musician Kid Rock was given the birth name of Robert James Ritchie. Before becoming the ‘American Bad Ass,’ Kid Rock joined a breakdancing crew called the Furious Funkers. He also DJed at parties for free beer during his high school years.

    Kid Rock was given his stage name by club goers who would check out his DJing sets, the predominantly black Detroit crowd dug watching “that white kid rock.” After the nickname was birthed, Kid Rock used the given moniker since his very first album, 1990′s ‘Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast.’


    Widely known as one of the greatest bass players in modern rock, Michael Peter Balzary is celebrated as “Flea” from Red Hot Chili Peppers. As one of the founding members of the band, along with vocalist Anthony Kiedis, Flea has manned the bass for RHCP since 1983.

    With his unique style of spastic funk slapping and soothingly beautiful melodies and harmonies, Flea is one of the cornerstones of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ signature sound. The nickname of “Flea” was reportedly given to the bassist by Kiedis after a skiing trip, when the RHCP frontman noticed Flea’s jumpy and capricious style.

    Noodle of the Offspring

    Kevin John Wasserman, the beloved and bespectacled axeman of the Offspring, goes by the simple stage name Noodles. Having worked as a janitor at Earl Warren Elementary school in Garden Grove, California, the guitarist was given his nickname from his constant noodling on the guitar.

    Noodles was actually planning to quit the Offspring after the end of the 1994 school year, but the sudden success of the track ‘Come Out and Play’ caused the guitarist to keep playing with the band.

  • Rock-N-Roll Stage Names Origins Part IV

    Posted by Jennifer Taylor

    Marilyn Manson

    Marilyn Manson may very well have the most infamous stage name on the planet. As a pioneer of shocking imagery and lyrical content in mainstream music, Manson has been met with much vilification and protest due to the misunderstanding of his creative direction.

    Born Brian Hugh Warner, the vocalist came up with the moniker of Marilyn Manson by combining the names of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe and psychotic cult leader Charles Manson.

    He chose those two names specifically because he viewed Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson as the two most iconic figures of the 1960s. Marilyn Manson’s bandmates would also adopt the actress / killer names, such as Ginger Fish (Ginger Rogers / Albert Fish) and Madonna Wayne Gacy (Madonna / John Wayne Gacy).

    Avenge Seven Fold

    Avenged Sevenfold all acquired their own from nicknames they possessed from high school. Frontman M. Shadows (born Matthew Charles Sanders), chose the alias because he thought of himself as “the darker character in the group” and did not like the way the name Matthew sounded. Guitarist Zacky Vengeance (b. Zachary James Baker) wanted to get back at those who doubted his potential growing up. He also gifted bassist Johnny Christ (b. Jonathan Lewis Seward) with his nickname, saying that it suited him well.

    Guitarist Synyster Gates (b. Brian Elwin Haner Jr.) came up with his name during a drunken drive through a park, where he reportedly screamed, “My name is Synyster Gates and I am awesome!” Gates screamed out the name in the presence of late drummer The Rev (b. James Owen Sullivan), who also made up his own nickname, ‘The Reverend Tholomew Plague.’


    How about we find out the origin of Slash‘s nickname from the artist formerly known as Saul Hudson himself?

    “My best friend’s dad is an actor named Seymour Cassel,” explained Slash to Metal Hammer. “We used to ditch school and hang out at his house and he used to call me Slash and it was just habitual with him.”

    Slash continued, “I was on tour in Europe and I happened to run into him and we went to dinner. He told me that he called me Slash, cause I had to ask him, and he says it was always because I was in a hurry, hustling whatever it was I was hustling at the time and never had time to sit and chat. I was always sort of in passing and he just started calling me Slash.”


    The dudes from Korn have some pretty random nicknames. Bassist Reginald Quincy Arvizu was given the name “Fieldy” after a massive real-life game of Chinese whispers.

    Fieldy was originally given the name “Gopher” by his bandmates due to his large cheeks. Gopher turned into “Gar,” Gar evolved into “Garfield,” after the famous cartoon cat, and suddenly the entire progression was dropped as the band added a “y” to the end of “Field.” The full version of the bassist’s name is in fact, “Fieldy Snuts.” Zing!

    Additionally, James Christian Shaffer was given the name “Munky” due to his ability to spread his toes to resemble a monkey’s hand, and former Korn guitarist Brian Phillip Welch was dubbed “Head” for his massive cranium. “Guys said my head looked like it was too big for my body,” reveals Welch. “And so they started calling me “Head.” I guess it stuck.”