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  • Span's New Fresh: Head And The Heart

    Posted by Span

    This song has been tearin' it up all over and I've been eye-balling it for a minute. I'm glad we finally got to get playing it recently. Check out the video!


  • Dubstep Dancer To 'Pumped Up Kicks' Remix

    Posted by Span

    This video came out a month ago and already has 10 million views. The dancer, Marquese Scott, has already been on the 'Ellen Show' demonstrating that it really his him making those crazy moves.

    Watching this video, observe the cars passing in the background. That proves it really is him dancing. And try not to watch it more than five times today. Your productivity depends on it.


  • Span's Acting Debut

    Posted by Span

    A band I'm friends with asked me to participate in the filming of their video. Never one to turn down an opportunity to goof around, you can find me in Hollow Drive's 'Devil In A Bottle' video below.

    Directed by Sean Babas, you can skip to 2:38 to see me in it. But it's so good I recommend watching the whole thing and just re-watching my part a few dozen times.


  • Marietta Blogs About Switchfoot And MuteMath Part 2

    Posted by Span

    She's at it again! My intern, Marietta, has a clever, honest and funny approach to the events that go on here. So here's her account of that amazing MuteMath/Switchfoot day yet again:

    MuteMath Blog

                    As I said, that wasn’t the end of my day! After this I had the privilege of taking the tops of those lovely little tables that were set up for the purpose of eating pizza and casually leaning on. I’m not a strong person… I’m pretty sure three different people tried to demonstrate how to successfully take the top off of a table. Eventually I figured it out, but it was rather embarrassing and highly amusing to those watching.

                    There was some miscellaneous unexciting intern business for the next couple of hours, but then MuteMath arrived! For some reason Span sent me BY MYSELF to go meet up with the band. I only had a vague idea of what they looked like and they were deceptively hiding in this little blue vehicle (it was one of those SUV + car babies). I just sort of waved at them in hopes that it was actually them. Success! It was! Thankfully I was wearing my 94.1 Edge Sweatshirt, identifying me as an employee, so they didn’t just ignore me.

                    As they got out of the car, immediately one of them (Paul or Darren, I can’t remember which… I think it was Darren?) pointed at my shoes and said, “Those are the shoes I was wearing!” Apparently when they were shooting one of their music videos he had been wearing moccasins, there was a lot of jumping around and his shoes, nevertheless, went flying several times. MuteMath’s music videos are super awesome, so you should go check them out on either their website or youtube.

                    Paul and Darren were really cool guys though, they seemed to be really casual and kind. Span interviewed them, which you can listen to a few posts below this one! Span had me ask them a question like I did in the Switchfoot interview, so you can hear my voice in the recorded interview and everything! Really exciting for me! It turns out that MuteMath is friends with Switchfoot, so I asked them about that.

                    Some more conversation happened after the interview and by the time they left they were addressing me by my name! I was really sad I couldn’t go to the concert… I have class on Thursday nights =(

                    I did, however, get a picture with them! My face looks ridiculous. The guy taking the picture didn’t know how to use my phone (the camera had magically disappeared, so we were using my phone to take the picture) and was unknowingly taking a picture of himself. He realized this and turned it around and took the picture while I was in the process of telling him how to take it. Thus, my face. 


    Courtesy 94.1 The Edge

    *Span's Note* That is not a stain on my belly. It's...um...I don't know. But it ain't a stain.