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  • INSANE Guitar Skills

    Posted by Span

    I'm pretty sure you've never seen anyone play guitar like this. Oh, and he sings too. His name is Jon Gomm.  Amazing.


  • What Driving 462mph Looks Like

    Posted by Span

    The fastest I ever went in a car was 110mph. I was in high school though so I had no idea what that meant. Now...it's a little terrifying. Imagine going more than four times that?!



    Posted by Span

    *stopped watching video so I could find more videos of Kenny Brooks and to find the product he's selling*


  • Gotye Is Coming!!!

    Posted by Span

    Courtesty of Me


    Just got this interesting little puzzle from the record label. I've known about this song since the summer so knowing that it's coming to the US is good news indeed. Check out the video and, hopefully, you'll be convertd to Gotye (Got-ee-yay) like I was.



  • AWOLNATION's Fall Harvest Tour Gives Back!

    Posted by Span

    AWOLNATION's Fall Harvest tour is coming to The Loft in Lansing Sunday night, November 13th! And as part of the tour's effort to give back to the community they'll be taking donations for The Greater Lansing Food Banks.

    Bring your donations to the show with you and help out your own community!



  • Eve 6 Is Working On New Music

    Posted by Span

    If 2011 is the year for one thing, it's for bands coming back after a LOOOOOOONG hiatus. Bands like Sublime, Jane's Addiction and The Cranberries are all working on new music. And now, Eve 6 puts their hat in the ring as well.