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  • M83 Coming To Airwaves Near You

    Posted by Span

    There's a LOT of hype circulating about M83. They've got sold out tours playing all over Europe and the American leg of their tour promises to be just as popular.

    Kinda cool to know considering we're gonna start playing them here on 94.1 The Edge. Check out their live performance on Jimmy Kimmel of their song "Midnight City."


    Oh, and here's the actual music video for it.

  • Florence Welch of FaTM Impersonated By Katy Perry

    Posted by Span

    Saturday Night Live isn't funny. Well, that's not true. Over a 90 minute show they make about 3 minutes of funny so they're not TOTALLY un-funny. But dang close.

    This, however, is hilarious. Katy Perry does a DANG good impression of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine. It's almost...scary.


  • One Man Who NEEDED To Make Some Babies!

    Posted by Span

    Bill Johnson was a moderately successful Republican with a beautiful wife and the work he enjoyed. But all was not happy in the Johnson household.

    Bill wanted kids but couldn't have them. His wife, Kathy, unfortunately for him, had had a hysterectomy ten years prior.

    When New Zealand suffered a massive earthquake this year Bill took it upon himself not only to help in the relief efforts, but also to help lesbian couples there get pregnant by acting as a sperm donor.

    Oh yeah, did you know that Bill Johnson ran for governor of Alabama as a Republican in 2010 with a platform against gay marriage? It only gets crazier from there...



  • Gotye Is Here!!!

    Posted by Span

    Specifically, on the air. Soon!


    Gotye's video for 'Somebody That I Used To Know' has been a pet project of mine since I first heard it this past summer.

    Back then it had 1 million views. Now, it has 21 million.

    Getting the song on the air was gonna be difficult, but then he got signed to Universal which made my efforts A LOT EASIER.

    And after discussions today, I can confirm that the song will start playing this week. I love the music we play, but I haven't THIS been excited about a song I heard since AWOLNATION.

    I hope you come to dig it like I have!

  • Smartphone User? You Could Be Under Surveillance!

    Posted by Span

    There's a program on your Android smartphone called Carrier IQ. It logs your text messages, Google searches, website addresses and phone numbers on a wide variety of cell phones including HTC, Blackberry, Nokia and more.

    So whatever you do on your cell phone could be under surveillance by this program that sends this information back to your mobile carrier.

    This was discovered by a fellow named Trevor Eckhart who made a 17 minute video on Youtube about it. What happened? They issued him a cease and desist to try and shut him up.



  • Medal Of Honor Recipient Called A Drunk By Former Company

    Posted by Span

    The only living Medal of Honor winner, Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, risked his life to save his fellow soldiers. After coming home and receiving the award he was hired by defense giant BAE Systems.

    BAE Systems wanted to sell high powered sniper scopes to Pakistan. Meyer objected. They went ahead anyway and Meyer left to work for a competitor. The competitor wouldn't hire Meyer because a supervisoer at BAE labeled him a 'drunk' with 'mental stability' issues.



  • Foster The People Behind The Scenes

    Posted by Span

    Their new video for 'Call It What You Want' is very very odd. The behind the scenes look will show you...will show...um...I guess how odd the band is too.

    First, the behind the scenes video:


    And now, the video itself. Good luck figuring this thing out: