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  • Grand Rapids Man Intentionally Spreads AIDS

    Posted by Span

    David Smith, a man from the area around Grand Rapids, has been charged with failing to inform his sex partner that he had the AIDS virus. Why did that matter? Because he was having unprotected sex with that partner.

    I didn't know they had a charge like that. How about we simplify it and charge him with attempted murder?

    More 'good' news? He had MULTIPLE sexual partners, each of which he had unprotected sex with.

    This man should be locked in a 5' by 5' room, alone, for the rest of his life. That should give him plenty of time to contemplate the darkness of what he's done.


  • Verizon Adds Fee For Paying Bill

    Posted by Span

    If you pay your bills on an individual basis with a credit card get ready to pay for that priviledge.

    Yup, I said priviledge.

    The credit card companies charge Verizon a fee to process (read: press a button on a computer...if that much) that exchange. Verizon is now going to pass that fee on to the customer at a charge of $2 per interaction.

    There are ways around this, but it's still kinda...discouraging.


  • Airborne Toxic Event's 'All I Ever Wanted' Lyrics

    Posted by Span

    Just read 'em doggonit! They're awesome!


    I can only say these things to you while you're sleeping.
    I hear the hum from the wires and the
    Sounds of the morning creeping.
    I lie awake and pretend, you can hear me.

    And you tell me that your scared that you're
    Turning into your mother.
    I feel myself, turning into my father.
    As we lie to each other like they do,
    And say we're so happy.
    It's easy when you're young and you still want it
    So badly.

    I turn over in bed and I feel my heart beating Faster,
    I stare out the window and think I might Scream.

    And I could tell you that you're all I ever Wanted,
    Dear I could utter every word you'd ever
    Hope to hear.
    I shudder when I think that I might
    Not be here forever, forever, forever.

    The time we were alone together at the station.
    You were so quiet like a child and you told me
    You wanted to be taken.
    I just never though of you as the kind of girl
    Who would do that.
    And you suddenly seem like
    Some faceless thing in my grasp.

    And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't find it
    Exciting, your eyes so lit, your face so warm and

    And I could tell you that you're all I ever
    Wanted, dear I could utter every word you'd ever
    Hope you'd hear.
    I shudder when I think that I
    Might not be here forever, forever, forever.

    I could tell you that I'm always going to love
    You like the virgin bride you were that night, but
    I'd be lying.
    Love is defying.

    All I can think is that it must a kind of Rebellion,
    To arm these fields like soldiers and Slay them.

    I can tell you that you're all I ever wanted dear,
    Through the din of your breathin while you're
    Sleepin here, and you wake and you ask me if I'm
    Gonna to be here forever, forever, forever.

    Your face so twisted and your eyes alight,
    I want to tell you I can save you when you cry at night.
    But I'll be trying.
    Love is defying.
    Won't you stop crying?
  • Marietta's Blog: Missing Days/Boys & Bear

    Posted by Span

    Courtesy of WVIC

    I FINALLY got to go in to the station. FINALLY. I feel like everything imaginable has been keeping me from going to my internship. It started off simple, first week I couldn’t go because I worked the AWOLNATION/Middle Class Rut show. Fair enough, that’s how hours work.

    The second week I didn’t wind up going because my mom had torn her rotator cuff (ouch!!) and I had to drive her to an appointment. I had to be a good daughter! The following week, I start on my way to Lansing and about a third of the way there Span calls me and tells me to turn around. Apparently there was going to be some sort of snow storm and he wasn’t going to have me driving in it. Hope College didn’t get any snow, but apparently the rest of the state got plenty of it. The week after that, Span was on vacation. Then the week after that was the dreaded Finals week.

    I was still determined to go. I somehow had it in my head that I would obviously be able to juggle everything and go to my internship, nevermind the ridiculously long papers and the exams to study for. WRONG. In the end I knew I needed to stay and take care of my grades. I was really quite bummed about not being able to go… again.

    But this week I got to come in! Yay! And since I don’t have classes for the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to spend more time writing. Writing about things like… music.

    I like music. I especially like this Australian band, Boy & Bear. They won five ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards with their first full length, Moonfire. Essentially what the Grammys are to us. I’m trying to convince Span to like these guys… they’re like Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Son, and The Head and the Heart got together and had a music child. And this is Boy & Bear, ladies and gentlemen:


  • Taylor Lautner Comes Out In People Magazine?

    Posted by Span

    Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

    Whether or not Taylor Lautner is gay or not is his business to decide whenever he decides to. But he did not, in fact, out himself in People Magazine.

    People Magazine has come out and said that the cover pictured above is fake, a skilled, yet unfortunate internet prank.


  • Dad Records The Kids Every Christmas Morning For 25 Years

    Posted by Span

    Watching the kids come down the stairs for Christmas morning is quite the thrill for parents...so I hear. Imagine recording that. And then imagine recording that every Christmas for 25 years.

    This diligent dad made it happen. And it's every bit as tender and innocent you'd expect.


  • Foster The People On Jay Leno!

    Posted by Span

    The year has been good to Foster The People! Album's selling everywhere, shows are selling out, and the bands just got to announce a headline tour to larger venues than ever!

    Here they are performing on Jay Leno to cap off a stellar year!