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Beef Prices Going Up?

by David Kuharski

On a warm summer evening, you can catch the scent of grilled hamburgers and steak wafting through neighborhoods from coast to coast--Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.  It's a rite of the season!  But buying those tasty, juicy hamburgers (with that recipe you learned from a buddy of yours at work) or that tender, just-seasoned-right sirloin (from that seemingly secret meat market that your friends don't know about) could put a ding in your wallet.

Maybe we should've seen this coming.  It's amazing how we see the after-effects of a story, like the massive and sweltering drought that's gripped the nation's mid-section.  At first glimpse, we saw baked landscapes, yellow lawns, and water bans.  Now as the drought has shrunk out of the upper Mississippi River valley, and our grass is green--and there's plenty of water to wash our cars--expensive meat appears to be on the way...