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Choosing a Compact Tractor: Words of advice from Swiderski Equipment

by Tom Boodle

Choosing a Compact Tractor. Words of advice from Swiderski Equipment

By: Swiderski Equipment

Farm Technology Days is not just about large farms. In fact you dont need to be a farmer at all to benefit from a visit to Farm Technology Days. Many rural families in Wisconsin have hobby farms and ranches or large land parcels that need specialized tools and machines. In addition, there are businesses such as snow removal, landscaping, and construction that share machinery types with agriculture.

Even though you may not be a professional farmer, exhibitors such as Swiderski Equipment Inc. have equipment that can make your small business, hobby farm or ranch more enjoyable and productive. One of the more common machines used in all these is the compact tractor.

Compact tractors can serve multiple purposes such as digging, pulling, lifting, pushing, hauling, tilling and hundreds of other difficult tasks that most folks would not or could not do by hand. Once you have decided that a compact tractor is needed, the next step is to decide which one is right for you. This can seem like a daunting task. Making the right decision starts with knowing the right questions to ask and understanding how you will be using the tractor now and in the future.

Think of each season of the year and imagine how a compact tractor would be helpful. From hauling hay in the summer to plowing snow in the winter, from cleaning stalls to helping clear land, the list can be endless.Understanding how you will use your compact tractor will help you ask the right questions about the power and attachments or accessories that must be available to meet your work goals.

Look for a tractor that has a variety of attachments, implements and accessories that can be used in your business or hobby farm and make sure they are easy to attach and detach.Four wheel drive may be important, as well as one or two power take off (PTO) points to power accessories. Ask the experts about the need for PTO power as well as engine power for your individual needs. Compact tractors also come with different types of transmissions. A trusted dealer cal help you decide what would be best for the work your tractor will be doing.

You want your tractor to be fuel efficient and easy to maintain. Find out if parts are readily available and if the general maintenance parts are easy to access. Discover if specialized tools are needed for common maintenance and repairs. You may not be able to do all the work that might be needed over the years on your tractor, but like a car, you should be able to do the general maintenance if you choose.

Comfort is also important. You will be spending a lot of time on your tractor over the years. Comfort and ease of operation will make it seem less like work and more like fun. Check out the ergonomic designs of various models and take a test drive to see if the controls are comfortable and easy to use.

Some dealers are experts at helping the professional farmer, others, like Swiderski Equipment have experts that also understand the needs of construction and landscaping businesses, land owners, hobby farmers and ranchers and many other businesses. These are the folks that know how to ask the right questions to make sure you do not over spend or under spend while getting the machine that will serve you current and future needs.

One last thing that is vitally important: you are not just buying a tractor from a showroom. You are buying a sophisticated piece of hard working machinery that you expect to last for many years under tough conditions. Find an expert that you can trust and rely upon for years to come. Buying the tractor should not be the end of the process; it should the beginning of a relationship with an expert partner. Visit Swiderski Equipment Inc. at Farm Technology Days in lots 156-164/225-233.

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